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Are we both in?
I think we're both in.
It's the shoulder equivalent of footsies.
We are making this video today because
almost exactly ten years ago today, like to the moment,
Marc and I met for the first time.
We met outside the airport in Keflavik in Iceland
and we met about,
just after seven in the morning probably.

And so we just thought it would be really fun
to do a video where we ask each other
some travel couple-related questions.

So anyway, it's been ten years, which is crazy so…
Let's get to it!
Where is the most romantic place we've been together?
Right here, right now!
No just kidding.
K well this is corny but if we're together,
I feel like everywhere can be romantic.

That's true.
But if like someone were to ask me
where's a really romantic place for a honeymoon

or just a trip to…you know, bippity boppity…
Bippity bop!
Whatever that means.
I mean I think Italy and France
are very romantic places.

Especially Tuscany and Provence in France.
But I…there's lots of places.
What about what countries we've been in…
My favourites?
Yeah. Is there one that stands out to you?
Actually, two just popped into my head.
One was Japan, one was Greece.
We did a big, like two-month trip
through Europe about five years ago

and going to Greece felt like a holiday on our holiday.
We went to Mykonos…
Actually I should have said that for romantic places.
Oh, that's true!
Because actually that would be like the top three.
Tuscany, Provence and Mykonos,
if someone were like 'where should I go?'

And the food and just views, it's incredible!
The weather was perfect.
And then Japan...
Japan is one of my favourite countries.
I think I could make an infinite number
of trips to Japan…

Me too.
…and always love it and never ever feel
that I'd seen enough.

I think a lot of people feel that
when they go to Japan though.

I…I was going to say one really special place
that we went to was Ecuador.

Oh my god, yes!
We went to the Galapagos Islands.
I'll never forget this memory of New Year's Eve…
They were like 'we don't have any fireworks
but we do have flares'.

And so, as we're firing off flares,
all these sea lions…

And it was lighting up the sky...
They were just like 'err err err err err…
what is going on?!'

Like thousands of them.
Thousands of them.
Just covered in them.
Lousy with sea lions.
It was lousy with them!
It was so lousy with them!
And I burned my hand on a flare.
Which was no bueno.
Like literally my hand smelled like
it had been lit on fire because it had.

All of the animals of Ecuador
got to enjoy our new years with us.

Yeah celebrate…ring in the new year!
Name a time the other person did something
that surprised you while travelling.

Good, bad, ugly…
I remember this time that we were in Mexico,
well it was the first trip that we had done to Mexico.
We were at a cenote and I was just like,
it would be kind of fun to jump off, like the side.

And you were like 'YES!
And you were just like right there with me
and we were hand-in-hand jumping off into this...

basically doing cliff jumping into this cenote.
I was like 'this girl's cool'.
'This girl is bad a$$'.
What was your favourite road trip
we've done together and, this is a two-parter,

what's one you would still like to do together?
'Cuz we love road trips.
I think my favourite road trip was 2013,
we went to California.

Growing up on the west coast of Canada,
I had been to California a bunch of times

and really wanted to give Eileen
the true California experience.

So we rented a car and we drove and drove
and drove for three weeks and saw everything.

And I grew up listening to the Beach Boys –
they're, like, one of my favourite bands of all time so,

I had a very Beach Boys idea of California
and it delivered and it was everything
I hoped it would be and more.

And then as far as like another road trip,
we have rented a car and driven around Italy before

but I think it would be fun to go to the Amalfi Coast
and drive around in that kind of area.
That would be amazing.
That was really funny when we got to Italy
because neither of us can drive a stick shift.

So when we arrived at this rental car place,
we had asked for an automatic

and the only automatic that they had was a Smart Car
and we had these two, you know, pretty big suitcases
and we tried to put them in the back
and the door wouldn't close.

And so then we had the brilliant idea
of pushing the seats all the way forward

and we could juuuust get the back door shut.
and we could juuuust get the back door shut.
-We were like this…

So, Marc's driving through Italy like Mr. Magoo
like 'where should we go now?'

It was just like…
But we did it.
I'm not going to pick the same one
but I loved the California road trip as well.

I'm going to say New Zealand.
And then a place I'd still like to do a road trip…
oh, that's really hard.

I think another USA road trip
would be really fun actually.

New Mexico, Texas…
I think Route 66 all the way.
East coast of Canada is a really good road trip too.
Oh my god, this is taking so long!
We'll never make it.
What is one of the strangest foods
you've ever eaten on your travels?

I remember when we were in Iceland
and we were at like a…it was like a family dinner

and someone put reindeer down on the table.
And I was just like…Rudolph!
And uh…
Santa was not coming that year.
No and I was…I was worried about jeopardizing my…
Being on the naughty list.
…my visit from Santa that year.
That's an interesting answer.
But it was good.
Don't get me wrong!
It was really good.
Oh boy.
This might be a weird answer
but I'm going to say pigeon.

Which we ate in Edinburgh, Scotland.
And, here's the thing.
I don't…I don't really like pigeons.
Like I…the word I would use
to describe pigeons is suspicious.

Like I…there's just something
about the way they walk and their…

[cooing sound]
Like I dunno…there's just something
about pigeons that makes me feel…

They're unpredictable.
But anyway, I don't have like a
favourable view necessarily of pigeons.

I didn't like the taste, I didn't like the thought.
Where do you just get a pigeon?
I don't know.
You just go to the city and grab one off the street.
I regret eating it.
This is a schmoopy question.
What is the best thing about
travelling with the other person?

Or just something that's…
Okay well before I met you and I did a lot…
Not that I'm asking.
Sounds like I'm asking…tell me.
Pour it on!
I more want to tell you.
I remember before I met you…
-You know what I mean.

…I did a lot of solo travels.
I remember having this incredible experience
where I went to the Amazon.

I remember just sitting there thinking like
this would be so much better

if I had someone to share the experience with.
And so I just love that all of these things
that we're going through,

we have each other and
we can remember them like right now.

I call them 'porch stories'.
So we always talk about having porch stories
and like the idea being that when…

should we be lucky enough to be old and grey
and decrepit someday that…

that you know, we can sit on our porch
in our rocking chairs during a thunderstorm and say,

'remember that time we did that thing?'
Good porch stories.
Good porch stories.
-Good porch stories.

I've had the same thoughts
where you think 'this is incredible'

and I wish I had someone to take this in with
so that we could talk about it later and I…

I think maybe it stems from the fact that
it imprints the memory more

or it somehow draws the memory out
and keeps it more vivid when you have someone
to toss it back and forth with over time.

Keeps the colour bright
if you know what I mean of the memory.

So I think that's…
I love this one!
What is a childhood vacation you had
that you'd like to recreate?

That's a cool question.
Thank you!
It was a stroke of brilliance!
I have a wonderful memory as a kid
that my parents actually bought a motorhome.

We were going to Disneyland.
My sister and I…we each got our own drawer.
And when we opened the drawer,
it was just full of toys.

Little action figures, dinky cars…
I just remember opening the drawer
and being like 'oh my god!'

We have awesome parents 'cuz I…I would say…
When my brother and I were little –
my sister was a teenager when we were little –

we would get these backpacks full of goodies
so we went to Florida, this is sort of like the…

The reverse.
Ontario equivalent of going south in the States is,
you go to California, I go to Florida.

We were flying and it was early in the morning
and I remember very similar…

My mom handed me a Sesame Street backpack.
I love Sesame Street and it was full of, like,
silly puddy, colouring books and pencils and

it was amazing.
And so to go on a…I think that might've
been my first time on an airplane…

That I remember anyway.
That was an amazing memory and I think it's really fun
to give kids that positive attachment to…to travel.

To travel, yeah.
I think our parents went to
the same school of parenting.

Awesome one.
Name a time you've been scared
while travelling together.

There's different ways to interpret this question.
We were in Boston and…
I don't know what you're going to say.
I was typing out notes on my phone
of things we could do in Boston

and fell asleep and the phone,
like fell onto my chest.

He does this a lot.
He's like…
And, um, when I woke up…
so I had all my notes, things to do in Boston
and then at the very bottom it said
'hope you have a great time'.

And I leaned over to Eileen and I was like,
'why are…why did you write that in my phone?'

'That's weird' and she was like,
'what are you talking about?'

And it turns out that my phone was hacked
and someone got into my notes

and wrote me this…left me this little message.
And then Eileen's immediate reaction was,
'maybe it's ghosts!'

I've read too many Victorian novels probably.
But then we realized you had been
on a lot of open networks, getting wifi

and so that's a way that people
can get access to your phone and…

I mean at least it was a benevolent hacker.
That's right!
I would say a time we've been scared
travelling together was scuba diving in Thailand.

We did our…our PADI open water
certification in Koh Tao in Thailand

and it was a birthday present from Marc,
which is great.

It's like a five-day course or something.
It's a long story but basically when I went down
to do some of my mask skills,

things went wrong and I…I couldn't get any air.
I swallowed a lot of…a lot of sea water
and I couldn't breathe and I…

I thought I was going to die to be honest
and I think you thought I was going to die too.

That's probably my top scariest…
one of the top scariest moments travelling.

What's a memorable meal we've had
while travelling together?

Okay I think my favourite meal that we had
was at the top of the mountain in Cortona, Italy…

[cricket sound]
I actually was going to say the same thing…
Oh! Amazing!
The pasta was just prepared so perfectly.
It was hands down the best Italian food I've ever had.
I couldn't tell you where it was.
Just like a little hole-in-the-wall amazing Italian…
Yeah, and I feel like some things
are special looking back

but some things are special in the moment and
you know that they're special when they're happening

and those are the most special and we just knew
this was something we would never forget.

My question is which city do you have
the best memory of travelling to together?

I'm going to say Beijing because…
You said most memorable, right?
We were in Beijing for my 30th birthday.
I had really wanted to spend it
on the Great Wall of China

so the day of my 30th birthday we got up
and we had a…a driver take us to the Great Wall and…

I'm going to cry…
Give me a second.
Why did I do this to myself?
Anyway I just remember sitting there
early in the morning on the Great Wall of China

on my birthday
and I just remember sitting there
thinking 'I am so lucky!'

Like in every way.
That's why I'm feeling emotional 'cuz…
So that was amazing.
And then they have a cool slide that you can go down…
…to get down from the Great Wall.

That was fun.
You take like a chairlift to go up and then
on the way down you can take a slide.

So much fun!
So Beijing.
Okay, this is my last question.
In the next ten years, where else do you hope
we visit together to create more memories?

Okay well I should preface this by saying
there's so…so many places I want to go.

In no particular order…
Antarctica 'cuz that's the only continent
we haven't been to.

South Africa.
Oh my god…Russia.
And…this is hard.
Waaa! What an exciting ten years!
Beat that!
K, I might have some crossover here.
Faroe Islands.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Where you've been but I haven't.
South Africa.
Ohh I could go on.
There's so many!
Oh, I didn't say India!
That one's huge.
I meant to put that in my ten.
K, just…
Can you pull one out of your ten?
No…we don't want to do that.
You get a bonus one!
Then I'd say India.

I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as we did.
I'm sorry that we did go on at times.
If you like this video then give it a like
and if we talked about anything that you
would like to see more on in a separate video,

this is really fun so we'd be happy to do that
and make sure you subscribe
to our channel if you haven't already

because there's lots more travel adventures
to come as you can tell.

Here's to another ten years.
What…do we high five to that?
Do we high five?
You have to high ten!
High ten!
Here's to more porch stories.



一起旅行長達10年的情侶問答 (10 Years of World Travel: Couple Q & A)

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