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Taiwan has been on my travel list for a very
long time now.
Before I had even stepped foot into this country,
Taiwan always had a special place in my heart.
It all started over 10 years ago
When a friend introduced me to Taiwanese dramas.
Those dramas opened a new world for me.
I learnt more about the culture
And I unknowingly learnt a new language.
Since then I have always planned to visit Taiwan one day.
And after many years, I was finally able to visit this little gem
of an island.
My friends tagged along
And together we travelled round the island
in 18 days.
Our journey started in
To Taichung
To Nantou
To Tainan
To Taitung
To Hualien
And back to Taipei again.
During those 18 days,
We ate a lot of food,
Drank a lot of bubble tea
And met countless of kind people ,
Who made our stay even more memorable.
The warmth and friendliness from the locals
Made us feel like we had stayed in Taiwan forever
Yet we also felt that time had gone by so quickly.
Our most memorable experiences was when:
We danced in the sunset at Gaomei Wetlands
Spent the evening at the local police station
Rode an electric bike alongside the paddy fields
And spent the day like a local Taiwanese person
Many people are unfamiliar with Taiwan
But this island is Asia's best kept secret
Eighteen days was not enough to do everything I wanted
But it was enough to convince me I want to come back.
Until that day comes, I will miss:
The sound of the musical bin lorry
The sound of several languages on the train
KFC's Portuguese egg tarts
The food
The fooooood
And most importantly
I will miss the generosity and the hospitality
of the Taiwanese people
Taiwan has beautiful scenery
And amazing food
But it's the people here that make this
place so beautifully special.
Thank you for having me, Taiwan.
Until we meet again next time.


[Taiwan Travels ep. 0/7] Our First Time in Taiwan

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TT 發佈於 2018 年 8 月 31 日
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