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Crop circles, it is done by the UFO people.
It is to mark where there is some underground water
in case they need it. Okay?
Then they use the water underground to convert,
make a combo into energy and also for fuel
and also to make tools –
if we can call that fuel or tools –
but they do not need lots of water.
See, they use underground water
because it has different property than open waters.
Not seawater in any case, for this.
You turned me into a science fiction writer!
You see, water is very precious to life on other planets as well as on ours.
It is used not only as a delicious, pleasant beverage,
but it's also one of the components to make instruments,
such as for UFO to use.
And a crop circle is a signal for other teams,
or for themselves when they come back,
to know that there water can be found
and used under such and such place, okay?
And how much and how large the water body under there.
The crop circles is a special code
of geographic description as well, okay? (Yes.)
Like, as to more water underground or not, okay?
They use an ultra-light beam to write,
like you use ballpoint pen to do it.
They would normally describe like quality of water
or how much water. (Right.)
Yes, they'll mix with some powders
they brought with them to form tools, as I told you,
for different purposes.
And they take water from underground through special suction technique –
it's very fast.
The water underground in some places
is more suitable for their use, you see?
Yes, because as you know,
water is not always pure water.
They always mix with something,
maybe some even plastic components, you know,
microscopic particles of plastic or other kinds of biodegradable stuff
or non-degradable stuff,
or different qualities, different quantity of minerals
mixed in the water, yes?
So every place offers different water quality.
You know that, right?
Yes, Master.
So, if they want to use some water,
they have to choose a special water in some special places.
Yes, Master.
So the field, when they use that writing,
you would call it,
it's just a description for the next team
or for them to remember what is under there,
or nearby there, that they can get.
Okay. (Okay?) Yes.
And also, something here...
Sometimes people see green men and all that –
they are not men, they are just robots, robots, for different use.
Not all underground water even is suitable for their use,
so only those selective sites are used because of their special properties.
They can mix it and make it into different tools
with the powder that they brought with them;
and for laboratories' purpose, to analyze certain data
concerning humans', animals' health, on Earth,
for example, or in that vicinity.
Or check out our dangerous weapon sites,
also our mental states in certain place
or on the planet as a whole
and our level of intelligent development
or coordinative, peaceful development…
Well, I guess humans here
are an interesting race for some planetary people,
yes, other than we are interested of ourselves
between the different genetic orders
like female and males, yes?
The crop circles also describe soil qualities
so that they can adjust their handling of suction intensity.
Yes, like soft soil,
how much volume, and hard soil, etc., accordingly.
The signal sometimes describes also
certain human qualities in the areas, like good,
average, bad, friendly, intelligent, worthy,
how many in each group,
or any extraordinary, worthy humans to take notice
or to show off their presence, you know,
the UFO presence or not show off
or to take notice or to pay attention,
or any noteworthy event that will take place there,
either to pay attention to
or to study or to be careful, etc. Okay?
That's interesting.
Yes, they are interesting.
Yes, they're interesting people,
and they're interested in us.
Can you imagine how proud we should be?
Yes, what next?
Why are most crop circles in elaborate geometric design?
Yes, well, as I have mentioned already,
but I'll check if anything new in my things.
Okay. As I told you already,
they are the signs for their working group
to recognize where is what,
and also for themselves.
And that to know that they have been there
and they've done what research, for example,
and some summary of the region,
like water underground stored, for example.
And you ask me something about the crop bending, right?
Yes, we just did.
Yes, yes, by the way it is here. Okay.
The positive result from the crops are the by-products only –
it's not done on purpose –
as the heat that bends them contains high vibration
which helps them grow better.
Just by the way. Yes.
In those planets, where the UFO came from,
things are done all by energy.
And you know what?
We also have UFO underground.
So, might also be done by them also, yes.
But since they came from far away, you know,
they need to know where they are,
what native material they can use for their purposes. Yes.
They're all done by energy,
not working so hard like us.
Not by labor like us –
and we work so hard and we earn very little.
We're so busy on this planet that
we don't have much time to develop like they do.
Crop circles are made by remote control even,
using – from the UFO –
they're using light energy to convey some SMS,
messages, for their people.


清海無上師問答短片: 揭開麥田圈之謎 (Revealing The Mystery of Crop Circles)

1248 分類 收藏
tryvegan 發佈於 2018 年 8 月 30 日
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