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  • 2012 Sportskids of the Year

    2012 年度兒童運動員

  • Conner and Cayden are brothers.

    Conner 和 Cayden 是兄弟。

  • Cayden can't walk or talk, so some people laugh at him.

    Cayden 不能行走或說話,所以有些人嘲笑他。

  • Conner feels sad about this because he loves Cayden.

    Conner 為此感到難過,因為他疼愛 Cayden。

  • He has a hope:


  • People can change their ideas about his brother.


  • In 2011, Conner had an idea after he learned about a triathlon for kids.

    在 2011 年,Conner 得知有兒童三項全能賽後,他有一個想法。

  • He teamed up with Cayden for the race.

    他與 Cayden 組隊參加了此項比賽。

  • During the race, Conner pulled Cayden in a boat when he swam.

    比賽中,當 Conner 游泳時,他拉著坐在船上的 Cayden 向前游。

  • He pulled Cayden in a cart when he rode a bike.

    當他騎自行車時,他拉著坐在推車裡的 Cayden 向前進。

  • He pushed Cayden's cart along the way when he ran.

    當他跑步時,他推著推車裡的 Cayden 一路向前跑。

  • It was hard for Conner, but nothing stopped him.

    這對 Conner 來說很難,但沒有任何事可以阻止他。

  • Conner and Cayden became 2012 Sportskids of the Year.

    Conner 和 Cayden 成為 2012 年度兒童運動員。

  • They didn't win the race,


  • but they were still winners in many people's eyes.


2012 Sportskids of the Year

2012 年度兒童運動員


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