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  • Part-time Jobs in Summer


  • Maggie and her friends joined a street dance club at school last semester.

    Maggie 與她的朋友們上學期參加了學校的街舞社。

  • They learned a lot of dance skills in the club.


  • This summer, the club needed a new CD player and new outfits for a talent show.

    今年夏天,為了才藝表演,社團需要一臺新的 CD 播放器與新的表演服裝。

  • For the money, Maggie and her friends worked different jobs.

    為了這筆錢,Maggie 與她的朋友們做了不同的工作。

  • Maggie worked part-time at her dad's car wash.

    Maggie 在她爸爸的洗車場打工。

  • Tim and Ivy walked dogs for their neighbors.

    Tim 與 Ivy 幫他們的鄰居們遛狗。

  • Simon painted pictures for people.

    Simon 幫人畫畫。

  • Finally, they raised enough money for the club.


  • They were all tired but happy.


  • Now the club has a very nice CD player and cool outfits.

    現在,社團有臺非常棒的 CD 播放器和酷炫的(表演)服裝。

  • All the students in the club are ready for the show.


Part-time Jobs in Summer



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