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Man, white people love protesting.
There's like shit going down here every other day.
Stop cultural appropriation. Stop karaoke night.
You've never felt injustice you had to stand up for?
Uh, even if I did, I can't do anything about it.
The conditions on my student visa
prevent me from participating in political protest.
No, that can't be true. Yeah, it is. Wow.
I had no idea you were living under this oppression.
You're living under this oppression, too.
What do you mean? You're here on a student visa, right?
Yeah, so? That means you're an international student.
Yeah, but I'm American, OK? Our rights travel with us.
No, that's not how it works.
Guys, can I get you to keep walking
because we're just going to shut down this protest.
Yeah, it's fine. We're not protesting.
That doesn't matter.
I just need you to move on so we can clear the area out.
Or else what? You going to beat the shit out of us?
No, I'm just asking you to move on, mate.
Look, it's OK. I'm-- I'm sorry.
He just doesn't like people telling him what to do.
Yo, I will move when I'm goddamn ready to move
and not one second earlier.
No, I reckon you'll start moving right now, champ.
Oh yeah?
You just going to stand here all day now?
Yeah. You can't let people with no authority push you around.
That's how dictatorships happen. OK, Malcolm X, come on.
Let's go before your visa gets canceled.
OK, but I'm only moving right now because I choose to,
not because I'm following your instructions.
Yeah, whatever, asshole.
Oh hey, look.
They opened a bubble tea place right next to where Asher works.
Bubble tea? What the hell is bubble tea?
Bubble tea. You've never had bubble tea before?
No. What's that floating black shit?
RONNY: It's pearls.
What the (bleep), man? Pearls aren't for eating.
They're made of tapioca, you idiot.
Still. God, looks like something from "Fear Factor."
You get that reference?
Yeah. No one's asking you to try it, all right?
No offense, man. It does not look good.
You left America to not experience any other cultures.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Hello? Hi.
Hey. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, no problem.
Oh, do you want some raw almonds?
No, I'm OK.
Is this a shop or where people dump their used food?
Not fancy enough for you? Fancy? It's a hygiene issue.
People are going to eat this, right?
As long as I've been here, we've never had any complaints.
Maybe because everyone died immediately after eating it.
Why is it so grubby? Oh my God, look at the fruit.
Someone took a bite out of this.
And why does everything look like
it's been dragged through the mud?
Because it's farm-to-table. More like shit-to-mouth.
This is where socially conscious people on a budget shop.
Well, why are there no price tags?
How do you know how much anything costs?
It's pay what you feel.
Pay what you feel. Yeah. We have a donation bowl.
OK. So your business model is begging. Got it.
So then why do you even need to be here?
It's just a job, Ronny. Calm down.
[phone beeping] Oh shit. What?
I totally forgot I have a meeting with Professor Dale
right now to discuss my last essay.
So go. I have to tell him I can't make it.
What, because of this? No, no, no.
Your first job is being a student.
You don't work and your parents pay for everything.
I can't do uni work if I'm homeless and starving.
Wait. Wait. Hang on. Hang on.
How about I just cover your shift for the day?
It's harder than you think.
What if you (bleep) something up?
There is an open vat of self-serve yogurt
with animal hair in it.
I'll tell Todd you're covering my shift for me.
Just please don't get me fired.
Trust me. I got this. I'll be back in an hour tops.
Take the whole day if you want. We'll see about that.
Just stand behind the counter and help customers.
What, I can't help customers from the front?
I'm joking. I'm just joking.
See? Behind the counter. Go, go, go. I got it.
What is this? What is grass jelly? Red bean?
And tea? What the (bleep)? Oh. Hey, Wei Jun.
So what's good here? Uh, bubble tea.
CRAIG: What are you having?
WEI JUN: Taro milk tea with taro pudding.
Yeah. I'll get one, too.
First time for everything, right?
Hey, can I get two taro milks? You want pearls? Yeah, sure.
You know what? Extra pearls. Go hard or go home, right?
Put that shit in. Keep the change.
Thank you. Cheers, everyone. To international experiences.
CRAIG (VOICEOVER): Wait. What is this taste?
It's so creamy, but sweet. And the pearls.
Chewy and refreshing. I've never had anything like this before.
It's-- it's-- it's-- Amazing!
What are you doing? Get down. These animals.
Paying for stuff with string? What the (bleep) is this?
Oh, sorry. I don't have any spare change,
but feel free to take whatever rotting fruit you want.
I'm Todd. Asher told me you were taking over her shift.
Oh, Todd. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thanks for letting me take over on such short notice.
No problem. How about you start with the produce over here?
Oh, like stacking it?
No, rubbing dirt on it. People love that organic,
fresh-from-the-ground feel with their produce.
OK. Here's a crazy suggestion.
I-- I think more people would buy the produce
if it looked clean and edible. Just putting it out there.
Are we going to have a problem here?
Because Asher vouched for you.
No-- yeah-- ye-- of course. I'm sorry. You're right.
Whatever you want I'll rub wherever you want onto anything.
You're in charge.
But when you're done with the produce,
if you really want to clean something,
you can deal with the self-serve grain station over here.
Oh, you want me to throw that shit out?
Yeah, no problem.
No, I want you to sort through it.
You want me to-- you want me to organize the grain?
No pain, no grain.
Yo, can I get a passion fruit popping boba with pearls?
Coconut grape jelly with pearls. Coconut jelly popping boba.
Huh! Huh! Huh!
Can you please put your shirt back on?


國際學生如何愛上珍珠奶茶?(Discovering the Joy of Bubble Tea - Ronny Chieng: International Student)

443 分類 收藏
Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 8 月 22 日    ED 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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