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From Salzburg we took a 2 hour train journey to our last stop: Vienna.
[Speaking Austrian German]
Allo! We have just arrived in Vienna!
And we just checked into our airbnb
and we're all loving it because it's really pretty, isn't it?
Let's start from the beginning!
Open sesame!
The way you did that though
It was like an automatic door
Close door!
We're swapping rooms!
Come on!
We loved our airbnb home so much
We didn't leave the house the first night
The airbnb is so nice...
no one wants to move!
Allo! Today is our final day
in Vienna
We have 24 hours in Vienna and we leave tomorrow
I didn't make any plans on what to do today
So we're just going to chill
Eat a lot of food
Walk around (although it's quite cold)
I think it's about -9℃ today
So let's go!
We explored the city
And we reenacted scenes from the film “Before Sunrise”
We are reenacting from what?
Before Sunrise
Never seen this film before
Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy
I feel like this is some dream world we're in, you know?
Yeah, it's so weird
It's like our time together is just ours
Put your leg up!
We visited the original Sachertorte cafe
Which we thought was very expensive and very overrated.
We were not impressed.
We went to the Austrian National Library
But stood outside to take a picture because
[whispers] We're really stingy lol
We were not going to pay 8 euros (each) just to go inside
I didn't buy a ticket, yeah!
-You can't cross!
-I can't cross line? Alright lol

We visited St Stephen's Cathedral
(German) Your backpack is open
And then we realised...
My mum's passport was missing...
Hello guys..
My mum's passport has been stolen
So we're just running around getting things sorted
OK, let's update you all...
What day is it today? Today is Friday
My mum's passport got stolen
It was in her bag
And it's like in a wallet
So whoever stole it probably thought there was money in it
We found her backpack unzipped and open
And her passport was gone!
So...there was no money in it
Because I'm the one who had all the money (don't start stealing from me lol)
I called the British Embassy in Vienna
And they said we had to apply for an emergency travel document
And we also had to go to the police to file a report
So we did all of those things
But the thing is our flight was the next morning on Wednesday
So talking on the phone with the people from the Embassy
They said it would take 2 days at least-
It would take within 2 days to process this emergency travel document
So my mum would have to miss her flight on the Wednesday morning
So then we had to decide amongst ourselves
Amongst my siblings
Which one of us was going to stay and help my mum to sort things out
Because my parents don't really speak English
They can't navigate themselves around
So someone is going to have to stay
And as always it's me
The oldest one who organises and sorts everyone out
So the rest of my family went back home Wednesday morning
My mum and I checked out
And I quickly booked to stay in a random airbnb room
airbnb tour
And we stayed there for 2 nights
During those 2 days I ate Austria’s McDonald’s poppyseed plum pie
Which tasted really good by the way!
Went to Jesuit church which was an absolute hidden gem
Visited the famous Cafe Central
And visited more cafes...
Trolled my sister by reenacting scenes from "Before Sunrise"
Took photos of Hundertwasserhaus
And pretended I was back in the UK.
Look! We're in London!
And we stayed there for 2 nights
And we were expected to fly on Friday morning
Which is today
We were expected to fly this morning
But it's been snowing in the UK for the past couple of days
And my flights have been cancelled
I can't fly back to the UK
And the next flight is not until Sunday...evening
So I've got to stay in Vienna for another 48 hours
Luckily the (airline) book an overnight accommodation
And we've been booked into this hotel here
So basically I've got another 3 days in Vienna
I've got another 3 days in Vienna!
I don't know what I'm supposed to do!
I don't want to say I hate Vienna
But I am so bored of Vienna
I feel like I've done everything that I like
I feel like in Vienna, unless you like museums
Museums, and more museums
A bit of art, coffee houses- there's loads of classical coffee houses here
And if you like architecture because
the buildings here are really amazing.
But apart from that, there really is nothing to do here.
I should enjoy my time here but I just honestly want to go home now
So we should give- let's give a hotel room tour, shall we?
Hotel room tour:
We've got the bathroom here
It's a bathtub
We've got a safe in here
I've got a fridge in here but obviously they're going to charge me
if I use any of this stuff
So I'm just going to leave this alone
This is not for me to use
And then...
this is my room
Standard hotel room, I guess
We have a table here, a desk
And the view outside
Luckily the airline covered for hotel and food
And during the additional 48 hours that I was stuck in Vienna
Your girl didn't do much
Because I was so moody that day lol
I'm just tired
I'm just so tired of everything, everyone, Vienna
I just want to go home!
Hopefully I should get home tonight
Anyway, I have deliberately woken up early this morning
So I can eat as much as I want for the breakfast buffet downstairs
This lift is so fancy~
People at breakfast (the staff) are really nice
Meal number 1
You bet! I ate my heart out during that breakfast buffet!
Round 1...
Round 2...
Round 3...
Round 4...
And Round 5...
I ate my heart away because I was so annoyed
And because I was so grumpy I didn't film anything else
And that's the end of my Vienna trip.


travel diary ep. 3/3 | 144 Hours in Vienna

153 分類 收藏
TT 發佈於 2018 年 8 月 10 日
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