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Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak.
I'm Feifei...
Rob: ...and hello, I'm Rob. Hey Feifei, listen
to this...
Feifei: ...ok, interesting. Has your ready meal
finished cooking in the microwave?
Rob: Yes actually - but I wanted you to
name that sound.
Feifei: Errr well, it's a 'ping' sound - obvs.
So what's that got to do with today's piece
of authentic English?
Rob: Well, we can use the word 'ping' to
describe something else.
Feifei: I know that, Rob. 'Ping' is a short
sharp sound - like a microwave makes to
alert you that the food in it is cooked.
But the word 'ping' is also an informal way
of describing sending an email or
a text message. So if I ping you an
email, I basically send you an email.
Rob: Exactly and [TEXT ALERT SOUND]...
Oh, someone's pinged me a text
message. It says
"Let's have some examples, Rob!"
Feifei: That was me, Rob. Come on then...
I need to know the details of the contract.
Could you ping them over to me as soon
as possible, please.
My friend's just pinged me to say she
can't go out tonight so I suppose I'll have
to stay in and watch TV.
I'll ping you over the address of the party
and hopefully I'll see you there later.
Feifei: This is The English We Speak from
the BBC and we're finding out about the
word 'ping' which is an informal
way to describe sending an email or a text
message. And Rob,
I'm going to ping you something.
Rob: Oh yes, what's that?
Feifei: I'm going to ping you an email
containing a recipe.
Rob: A recipe? What would I need that for?
Feifei: You need to start cooking some
real food - you can't live on unhealthy
microwave dinners!
Rob: Oh right. And I'm pinging you a
message right now... Send!
Feifei: [TEXT ALERT SOUND] ... "If you'd
invited me for dinner, I wouldn't have to
eat microwave dinners."
OK Rob, I get the hint. How about tonight?
Rob: Great! But can you remind me where
you live?
Feifei: I'll ping you my address. See ya.
Rob: Don't forget. Bye!


【BBC学英文】 (Ping - The English We Speak)

1597 分類 收藏
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