B2 中高級 美國腔 79 分類 收藏
This is Mag, a force to be reckoned with.
She is a master of all things magnetic and can tip the scales of battle in almost any situation.
Mag operates in extremes, and her polarizing nature is reflected in her abilities.
Pull allows Mag to bring her enemies closer and in range to be taken out.
With Shield Polarize, Mag can deplete the shields of enemies within range,
or restore an allies, quickly turning the battle in her favor.
When up against a greater foe, Bullet Attractor will magnetize the target
causing any bullet that passes nearby to immediately strike.
If your target dies while still magnetized, the attractor becomes volatile
and causes damage to anything in range of it.
When the battlefield gets crowded, Tenno, Crush will magnetize the bones of your enemy
causing them to collapse upon themselves in a fantastic display of force.
Employing mods will help to increase Mag's already great influence on the battlefield.
Utilizing range-extending mods will allow you to pull an enemy within melee range
from a much greater distance.
Utilizing extended duration and ranged mods will increase the length of time and distance
from which bullets will be attracted to your enemies.
Focusing the power of your Warframe, as well as utilizing range-extending mods, will allow you
to decimate enemies from further than ever before.
Mag is a team player, Tenno, and a worthy addition to any squad.


梅格 (Warframe Profile | Mag (Update 8.3))

79 分類 收藏
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