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Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English
We Speak. I'm Feifei.
Neil: And I'm Neil.
Feifei: And Neil – you look different.
I just can't tell what it is…
Neil: Oh, you mean my hair? My pink hair?
Feifei: Yes, why on earth did you do that?!
Neil: Ah, you know me Feifei.
I did it for the lolz!
Feifei: Right. Well, it is pretty… funny.
Neil: Thanks. It's my birthday today and
I thought I'd do something fun. If you do something
'for the lolz', it means you do it for fun.
Feifei: And as Neil is demonstrating, it's
often something a bit silly or crazy. Oh,
and happy birthday by the way.
Neil: Younger every year. Now, lolz is
a close relation of another slang term: LOL.
Feifei: LOL stands for 'laughing out loud'.
We use it when texting or on social media
after a joke or something funny. For example,
Neil, your hair looks amazing, LOL.
Neil: Why is that a joke? My hair really does
look great. Anyway. Lolz can be used in the same way.
Feifei: Your hair looks amazing, lolz.
Neil: Thanks. Or we can use it in the phrase
'for the lolz' as I mentioned earlier.
Feifei: Shall we play some examples?
Neil: Or I could play my banjo, for the lolz?
Feifei: Maybe later! Listen to these examples.
A: You're putting so many chillies
on your pizza?! Why?
B: For the lolz. Gonna be hot!
I collect teapots. Everyone tells me it's
pointless but I do it for the lolz.
I'm gonna convince everyone I'm
an astronaut, just for the lolz.
Feifei: So – lots of lolz examples there.
How long will your hair stay pink, Neil?
Neil: It's permanent. Unless I dye it again.
Feifei: Seriously?
Neil: Just kidding. Anyway, Feifei,
I've got an idea.
Feifei: Oh yeah?
Neil: Why don't you… walk through the office
singing Happy Birthday to me?
Feifei: But… Why?
Neil: For the lolz, of course!
Feifei: Of course.
Neil: Goodbye.
Feifei: Bye.


【BBC学英文】 (Lolz: The English We Speak)

598 分類 收藏
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