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Feifei: Hello, I'm Feifei and
welcome to The English We Speak.
Neil: ...and hello, it's Neil here.
Are you feeling OK Feifei - you don't look very happy?
Feifei: Oh Neil, it's been a stressful week
- I've been working late, I'm so tired
- and I've had no time to do any housework
- my house is a mess!
Neil: Isn't your house always a mess?!
Feifei: Ha ha, very funny!
Neil: Seriously, you need a break. Take some time off.
Feifei: Easier said than done - but how will that help?
Neil: Well, having a break from work
will help blow away the cobwebs.
Feifei: Excuse me? Are you saying I should take time off
so I can do my housework - and
get rid of all the cobwebs in my house -
do you think my house is haunted Neil?
Neil: I never said you said had cobwebs in your house -
what I meant was, get some fresh air -
do some exercise, get rid of that tired feeling
- that's 'blowing away the cobwebs'!
Feifei: Got it! So no spiders involved?
Neil: Absolutely not. Let's hear some examples
of this phrase in action.
Examples:Do you want to go hillwalking this weekend?
It might help you blow the cobwebs away.
I've been stuck indoors for days,
I need to blow the cobwebs away and go for a run.
I know studying is hard, why don't you go for a walk
in the park to blow the cobwebs away?
It might help you think more clearly.
Feifei: 'To blow the cobwebs away' is the same
as 'to blow away the cobwebs'.
It means to get some fresh air and exercise
so that you feel refreshed and can think more clearly.
So it's about feeling more lively and alert?
Neil: Yes.
Feifei: Now how about blowing the cobwebs away
with me and going for a run?
Neil: Running? Oh I don't know...
I'm feeling a little tired actually.
Feifei: Don't be so lazy Neil! Come on,
it's time to blow away your cobwebs too!
Neil: Maybe I could do your housework instead?
Both: Bye.


【BBC学英文】 (Blow the cobwebs away: The English We Speak)

383 分類 收藏
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