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Neil: Hello, I'm Neil...
Feifei: ...and hello, I'm Feifei and welcome
to The English We Speak.
Neil: Now Feifei, here's a question for you.
If you had some news what would do?
Feifei: Hmm, I would tell someone of course.
Neil: Yes but some good news, some amazing,
incredible news about yourself -
like for example, I'm having a baby.
Feifei: Are you really?
Neil: Of course not - but if you had exciting news
like that, how would you tell people?
Feifei: I'd use social media... tell all my friends...
tell everyone in the office...
I would shout about it - but not literally.
Neil: Exactly! Which is why, in English, we say
we would 'shout it from the rooftops'
which means we would share some information
publicly so everyone knows.
Feifei: I guess this is how people shared important news
before TV, radio and the internet had been invented.
Neil: Exactly. They would climb up somewhere high
and shout it out! Let's hear some examples...
Examples: Congratulations for getting a first in your
degree, you should go and shout it from the rooftops!
I know you won the lottery but don't shout it from the
rooftops; otherwise everyone will be after your money!
We all know Ming is in love with JiYuen,
he's been shouting it from the rooftops!
Feifei: So to shout something from the rooftops
means to tell everyone your good news.
Hold on a minute Neil, I do have some good news...
I am getting a pay rise!
Neil: Sorry, what did you say?
Feifei: I am getting a pay rise!
Neil: OK, no need to shout. Feifei, be careful,
there are some things you don't want to shout
from the rooftops - that news will just upset people.
Feifei: Like who?
Neil: Like me. I didn't get one.
But congratulations anyway.
Both: Bye.


【BBC学英语】 (Shout it from the rooftops: The English We Speak)

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