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Hello Fanny. Your a great teacher.
Hello guys. My name is Fanny.
and in this video I'm gonna tell you about the most common English mistake in the universe.
Now even native speakers make that mistake.
My mother makes that mistake.
And to be honest, sometimes I do.
Its not so much a speaking mistake. It's a writing mistake.
It's actually to write the possessive adjective 'your' instead of
the contraction 'you're' from 'you are'.
This is the most common English mistake
But you need to fix it if you want to speak proper English.
Okay, so let's take a look at a few example sentences together.
"Your daughter is pretty."
So 'your daughter'.
This is the possessive adjective of 'you'.
Whose daughter?
So the daughter belongs to you.
That's a possessive adjective.
So the sentence is correct.
In the second sentence,
"You're a pretty daughter."
See the difference?
Now this is not a possessive adjective.
This is the verb 'to be'.
But it's the contraction, so it's "You are a pretty daughter."
and the contraction is "You're a pretty daughter."
The problem here is that 'your' - possessive adjectives and
'you're' - contraction of the verb 'to be'
have the exact same sound in many English-speaking regions.
Okay it's very similar.
So when we speak, it's the same.
People don't hear the difference.
So the very important thing is to write it properly.
And there are so many spelling mistakes.
If we look at the third sentence:
"Your a nice person."
What do you think?
Is the sentence right or wrong?
Well it's wrong.
"Your a nice person."
"You are a nice person."
So it's the verb 'to be'.
Okay, so it's not 'your'.
This is the possessive adjective
and it should be "you're"- you apostrophe 're'.
I hope you understand the difference between the
possessive adjective 'your' and the verb 'to be' contracted so "you're".
Okay so spelling is key here.
And when you speak English, people don't hear the difference.
so it's fine
but it's important to know how to write it and in fact if you look at Facebook
pages or Twitter accounts, even from native speakers,
you will see this mistake.
Don't hesitate to correct native speakers. Okay?
Everybody should stop making that huge mistake.
I hope you now have a better understanding and you will not make that mistake again.
Thank you very much for watching my video.
Thank you guys for watching my video.
If you want me to keep telling you about common English mistakes.
Please show me your support.
Click 'like', subscribe to the channel,
put your comments below, and share the video.
Thank you very much.
See you.


聽起來一樣,但寫起來差很多:如何分辨 you're 和 your (You're vs Your | Common English Mistakes)

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