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  • Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER The video series which gives you the best

  • ideas to use for your important IELTS Writing Essay

  • Here is today's challenge Some think that cultural traditions may be

  • destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions

  • aimed at tourists. Others say it is the only way to save these

  • traditions. Discuss both ideas & give your opinion

  • Your challenge here is to decide if tourism destroy or save cultures

  • It is undeniable that a trip to an unfamiliar land

  • far away from your everyday life is a fantastic experience,

  • but we cannot ignore its negative impact on the local cultures.

  • First, let's talk about cultures- why are they destroyed?

  • Firstly, as cultural traditions are commercialized, some dishonest business practices appear.

  • For example, souvenirs, handicrafts, and local specialties are often fake & overpriced

  • Besides, in the peak tourist seasons, the quiet, peaceful land becomes an overcrowded

  • and noisy market because there are too many visitors.

  • Traveling to a remote area means escaping from the busy city.

  • What's the meaning of the trip if you see the same hustle and bustle?

  • In addition, tourists, (unintentionally, though) pose a threat

  • to the local cultures b/c the youngsters are easily attracted to Western styles.

  • For example, they might want to wear baggy clothes

  • Instead of their traditional ones.

  • However, surprisingly, tourism does save cultures as well.

  • Why do I say that? First thing, MONEY .

  • Oh my God. Who doesn't like money? Tourists bring an incredible and stable income

  • to the host country. Thanks to this financial resource,

  • historical buildings are renovated, traditional festivals are kept and held every

  • year, beautiful nature is preserved in good condition.

  • Artist & artisans also benefit from this great income

  • which enables them to continue their art work. In other words,

  • without financial support, they would lose inspiration

  • and the traditional arts would die off Finally, Tourism is an awesome way to promote

  • the host country. When travelers get home, they share their

  • unforgettable experience. Therefore the unique traditions and cultures

  • are spread to the whole world.

  • So, to ensure that cultural traditions are only saved. Here is the suggestion

  • The authorities should find the right balance between tourism development & cultural preservation.

  • Specifically, they should build effective strategies

  • to strengthen tourism as well as protect distinct traditions & cultures

  • I must say, the authorities really play an important role here.

  • Thanks for watching this video. For more incredible IELTS Writing ideas

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  • Good luck with your IELTS Exam

Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER The video series which gives you the best


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