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  • Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER The video series which gives you the best

  • ideas to use in your important IELTS Writing Essay

  • Let's look at today's topic Some people think computers & the Internet

  • are important in children's study But others think students can learn more effectively

  • in schools & with teachers Discuss both views & give your opinion

  • So which side are you on? The computer & Internet

  • Or teachers? The real ones

  • Well, there is no denying that computers & the Internet are popularly used

  • in the field of education as they have lots of benefits to offer

  • Particularly, with audio, videos & images, the vivid way that they present knowledge

  • motivates & excites children. Besides, they enable students to memorize

  • basic facts quickly & effortlessly.

  • However, technology does not come without problems

  • First, the information that the computer can show has to be pre-programmed and needs constant

  • updating. Second, contrary to popular belief,

  • the Internet may be an unreliable source of knowledge,

  • since there is often conflicting information available when taken from different sources.

  • Teachers, in contrast, are the professionals who know how to best

  • utilize the right information sources. Furthermore, they can orchestrate students'

  • development stage stage by stage, step by step

  • as well as guide & back up their acquisition of knowledge in a systematic way.

  • However, these are just about academic teaching.

  • Remember, children not only receive knowledge at school

  • but also learn to become useful members in the society

  • In terms of social skills, teachers act like role models who instill

  • good manners & moral values They monitor every slight change in students'

  • attitude. they respond & encourage children whenever

  • they show signs of frustration & impatience.

  • In conclusion, teachers are still of great importance.

  • The Computer& the Internet are like fantastic assistants for teachers

  • In other words, modern technologies can complement traditional teaching & learning methods,

  • not be a replacement for these traditions.

Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER The video series which gives you the best


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