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  • Welcome back to BBC Learning English!

    歡迎回到 BBC 英文!

  • I'm Sam and today we're looking at the difference between come back and go back.

    我是 Sam今天我們要來研究 come back 和 go back 的不同之處

  • They both mean to return, but we use them differently.


  • We use come back when we return here.

    如果我們用come back 表示,我們會回到這裡

  • So, for example: I am in the BBC building now.

    所以,舉例來說,我現在在 BBC 大樓裡

  • Tonight I will go home, and tomorrow I will come back here - like a full circle.


  • We use go back to mean that we return there.

    我們用 go back 來表示我們回到那裡

  • For example: I am at work now, and tonight I will go back home.


  • I am not at home now, but tonight I will go backhalf the circle.


  • So, please come back to BBC Learning English for more videos!

    所以,要回來 BBC 英文收看更多影片喔!

Welcome back to BBC Learning English!

歡迎回到 BBC 英文!

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【BBC 英語】一分鐘學會 come back 和 go back 的差別 (EIAM: Come back vs Go back)

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