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  • chapter three practice test listening test

  • in the listening test you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand

  • spoken English the entire listening test will last approximately 45 minutes there

  • are four parts and directions are given for each part you must mark your answers

  • on the separate answer sheets do not write your answers in the test book

  • part one directions

  • question in this part you will hear four statements about a picture in your

  • textbook when you hear the statements you must select the one statement that

  • best describes what you see in the picture then find the number of the

  • question on your answer sheet and mark your answer the statements will not be

  • printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time

  • look at the sample below now listen to the four statements a the woman is using

  • a musical instrument B the woman is typing on a computer see the woman is

  • playing a video game D the woman is sitting behind the table statement B the

  • woman is typing on a computer best describes what you see in the picture

  • therefore you should choose answer B

  • now let us begin part 1 with question number 1

  • number one a

  • woman is watching a movie be the woman is eating at a cafe see the woman is

  • buying something d the woman

  • is in a meeting

  • number two a the woman is listening to music be the woman is filming something

  • see the woman is playing a computer game d the woman is cleaning her glasses

  • number three a the vehicles are parked on the street be the vehicles are parked

  • next to each other see the vehicles are in a garage D the vehicles are all for

  • sale

  • number four a the man is looking in the window

  • be the man is fixing the telephone see the woman is looking at her watch be the

  • people are standing by the wall

  • number five a

  • the bicycle is going fast be the bicycle is near the hospital

  • see the bicycle has two people on it d the

  • bicycle is on the ground

  • number six hey the man is talking on the telephone

  • be the man is relaxing in the park see the man is cleaning the aisle D the man

  • is watering the plants

  • you

  • number seven look at the picture marked number seven in your test book and

  • answer it a the people are trying on jewelry B the people are shopping in the

  • store see the people are waiting in line D the people are outside the building

  • number eight look at the picture mark number eight in your test book and

  • answer it a the picture is on the wall be the picture is in a museum see the

  • picture is not finished be the picture is above the child

  • number nine a the bird is eating seeds be the bird is sitting on the fence see

  • the bird is building a nest D the bird is flying to the tree

  • number ten a the man is typing be the people are making dinner

  • see the woman is painting the wall D the woman is painting a picture

  • you

chapter three practice test listening test


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