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Rouge is the colour of Dior
Since the dawn of time, rouge has been the symbol for feminine empowerment, and the art of seduction.
Inspired by timeless archetypes of beauty, Christian Dior created, in 1953, a revolutionary couture Lipstick: Rouge Dior
Sparking a parisian spring that takes the fashion world by storm.
At last women could pick and choose colours to match their clothes, their moods, and their desire for expression.
Rouge is the Colour of Power
Historically red was worn as a sign of social statute and vitality.
Christian Dior revives the tradition, understanding that a single touch of colour can change your appearance.
Red become his fetish, splashed across cannonball pieces known as his trafalgar dresses
with evocative names like rouge "scream" or rouge "satan"
with each daring Dior collection, the master unveils a new palette of timeless master pieces
the designer calls for women to "dress their smiles in rouge".
his cutting-edge imagery saturates the minds of magazine readers worldwide.
four, seven, nine, ninety nine
the first shades of Dior rouge were given, in lieu of name superstitiously coded numbers.
over generations, Dior has created more than one thousand five hundred shades.
Rouge is the colour of revolution
I wanted to be an architect, Christian Dior says
breaking moulds, He imagines unprecedented designs, each object reflecting a sign of the times
he decides that a woman should never leave home without her rouge
and dreams up a secret weapon: a small twisting lipsticks for the purse.
Rouge is the colour of passion
Monsieur Dior finally believed in the woman's right to raise hell. And they did. His women were more than icons
Marlene Dietrich's commanding presence could stop men in their footsteps.
Grace Kelly crossed the Atlantic to reinvent royalty on her own terms.
Josephine Baker's eye-opening performances triumphantly celebrated the forbidden.
Natalie Portman fearlessly embodies the couture house's pursuit for the perfect balance of beauty and spirit,
the symbol of one man's lifelong quest to allow women to inspire and create desire
rouge is the colour of life
rouge is the colour of Dior


迪奧經典藍星唇膏 Rouge Dior - 60 years of attitude

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