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白 白 in English, this word means white being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness
为了做到这点,你选择一些文本并将字体的颜色改成白色 To do this, you select some text and change
the font color to white 百 百 it means hundred ten more than ninety
派了一百名士兵在城里驻防 A hundred soldiers were garrisoned in the town
半 半 it means half one of two equal parts of a divisible whole 他每月把工资的一半存入银行
He banked half his salary every month 板 板 it means plate a sheet of metal or
wood or glass or plastic 他正在切割热处理过的钢板 He is cutting the steel plate that the heat
treatment is crossed 棒 棒 in English, this word means stick
stay put in a certain place 他用利刃在棒上刻了一个凹痕 He cut a notch in the stick with a sharp knife
包 包 it means bag a flexible container with a single opening 他把地图整齐地塞进包里
He fitted the map snugly into the bag 包 包 it means pack arrange in a container
他过去经常一天抽一包香烟 He used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day
包 包 this word means package a collection of things wrapped or boxed together 他用棕色的纸把包裹包起来
He wrapped brown paper around the package 包 包 this means packet a small package
or bundle 把这个包放到架子顶格上去 Put the packet up on the top shelf
杯 杯 it means cup a small open container usually used for drinking 渴望喝杯咖啡
crave a cup of coffee 笔 笔 it means pen a writing implement with
a point from which ink flows 你找到昨天丢失的钢笔了吗? Have you found the pen you lost yesterday?
表 表 in English, it means table a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top 一种供颜色查找表用的颜色范围
A range of colors used to support the color look-up table
冰 冰 in English, this word means ice water frozen in the solid state 用冰袋和洒精擦浴有助于降体温,尤其是对儿童
Ice bags and alcohol sponges help to reduce fever, especially in children
波 波 it means wave one of a series of ridges that moves across the surface of a liquid
especially across a large body of water 几乎是在一夜之间,波动力学这个学科就诞生了 Almost overnight, the field of wave mechanics
was born 布 布 in English, this word means cloth
artifact made by weaving or synthetic fibers 浸渍上光剂的新型家具擦布 a new
kind of furniture-cleaning cloth that's impregnated with polish
菜 菜 it means dish a piece of dishware normally used as a container for holding or
serving food 这个菜很对胃口 This dish is quite palatable
餐 餐 it means meal the food served and eaten at one time 我旅行时喜欢吃小吃而不吃正餐
I prefer to snack when I'm travelling rather than have a full meal
藏 藏 it means possession the act of having and controlling property 他因藏有毒品而被拘留
He was run in for being in possession of drugs 草 草 it means grass narrow-leaved green
herbage: grown as lawns 他轻轻地倒在草地上,睡着了 He fell gently over upon the grass and went
to sleep 茶 茶 it means tea a beverage made by steeping
tea leaves in water 我喜欢喝浓茶 I like drinking strong tea
巢 巢 it means nest a structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young
这些鸟在那里筑巢并哺育幼鸟 There the birds nest and bring up their young
潮 潮 this means tide something that may increase or decrease 此刻潮水正向岸边涌涨
The flow of the tide is toward the shore at this time
除 除 it means exception a deliberate act of omission 除一个外其余的全都齐了
All were present with the exception of one member
船 船 this means boat a small vessel for travel on water 起了大风,把我们的船刮到了礁石上
A strong wind arose and blew our boat onto the rock
船 船 it means ship a vessel that carries passengers or freight 那条船连同全体船员都触礁遇难了
That ship and all hands on board were lost on the reef
唇 唇 this word means lip either of the two soft edges at the opening to the mouth
由于老迈,她的嘴唇往下挂了 Her lip grew pendulous as she aged
寸 寸 this means inch a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot 将带电和不带电的电线头上的包皮割去约一英寸
Cut back the covers of the neutral and live wires about one inch
村 村 it means village a community of people smaller than a town 这个村子需要加强教育工作
This village needs more educational work 搭 搭 this word means ride sit and travel
on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions 他让我搭车去市 He gave
me a ride to the plaza 党 党 this word means party an occasion
on which people can assemble for social interaction 他改造党的努力毫无结果 His efforts
to reform the party came to nought 岛 岛 this means island a land mass smaller
than a continent that is surrounded by water 岛上到处长着棕榈树 Palm trees grow
all around the island 刀 刀 it means knife edge tool used as a
cutting instrument 他递给我一把锋利的刀 He handed me a knife with a keen edge
灯 灯 it means lamp an artificial source of visible illumination 在我们的上方悬挂着一盏灯
A lamp hung over us 店 店 it means shop a mercantile establishment
for the retail sale of goods 这家商店出售土特产品 This shop sells native produce
店 店 this means store a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods 我要到商店买些零碎的东西
I'll go to pick up some odds and ends at the store
点 点 it means point a geometric element that has position but no extension 而不是数据中特定的元素,这个之间的位置被称为“插入点”
This in-between place is called the insertion point
调 调 it means tone the quality of a person's voice. 色调取决于出露岩石的类型
The tone depends on the type of exposed rock 调 调 in English, it means tune a succession
of notes forming a distinctive sequence. 她正唱着一个轻快的曲调 She is singing a supple tune
顶 顶 it means top the upper part of anything 高山之顶,雪积留全年 On the top of
very high mountains snow persists throughout the year
钉 钉 in English, this word means nail horny plate covering and protecting part of the
dorsal surface of the digits 你能够在一天内登上山顶吗? Can you get to the top of the mountain in
one day? 豆 豆 this word means bean any of various
leguminous plants grown for their edible seeds and pods 我想在豆腐里加一点辣椒粉
I'd like to add some pepper to the bean curd 度 度 in English, it means degree a position
on a scale of intensity or amount 中心靠近北纬5度,西经二十度 This one's earlist center was at approximately
5 degree north, 20 degree west 肺 肺 this means lung either of two saclike
respiratory organs in the chest of vertebrates 肺癌的高发病率 a high incidence of
lung cancer 风 风 in English, it means wind air moving
from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure 一阵风吹翻了小帆船 A
flurry of wind upset the small sailboat 副 副 in English, this word means deputy
someone authorized to exercise the powers of sheriff in emergencies 代表团由一位副市长率领
The delegation was headed by a deputy mayor 父 父 it means parent a father or mother
父母必须对他的孩子有耐心 A parent must be patient with his children
感 感 in English, this word means sense the meaning of a word or expression 做事要有是非观念和正义感
Be guided by your sense of what is right and just
钢 钢 it means steel an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon 他正在切割热处理过的钢板
He is cutting the steel plate that the heat treatment is crossed
根 根 it means root the usually underground organ that lacks buds or leaves or nodes 要不了几天,它的根就会深深地扎入土中
In just a few days its root will strike deep into earth
狗 狗 it means dog a member of the genus Canis that has been domesticated by man since
prehistoric times 经过训练的狗能担任盲人的向导 A trained dog can act as a guide to a blind
person 骨 骨 in English, it means bone rigid connective
tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates 扭扣可以用骨头、木头、玻璃或塑料制成
A button can be made of bone, wood, glass, or plastic
管 管 in English, this word means tube conduit consisting of a long hollow object 有一股氦的喷泉从小管中喷出
A fountain of helium spurt out of the tube 冠 冠 this means crown the symbol of the
power and authority of a monarchy 这是个金制的皇冠 This is a golden crown
光 光 this word means light electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation.
光线强时瞳孔变小,弱时变大 The pupil becomes smaller in bright light and
larger in dim light 鬼 鬼 this means ghost a mental representation
of some haunting experience 你见到的是实物, 还是鬼魂? Was it something substantial
that you saw, or was it a ghost? 辊 辊 it means roll rotary motion of an
object around its own axis 大粒煤再用对辊压碎机压碎到要求的粒度 The oversize is reduced by roll crushers to
the correct size of coal 锅 锅 in English, it means pot metal or
earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep 把胡萝卜切碎后再放进锅内
Cut up the carrots before you put them into the pot
海 海 it means sea a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed
by land 珊瑚礁之外的大海是一片深蓝色 Beyond the coral reef the open sea was dark
blue 好 好 it means good having desirable or
positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified 好的习惯用法只需学习一次
Good idioms must be learned only once 喝 喝 in English, this word means drink
a single serving of a beverage 走了很长一段路后感到很热,喝杯冷饮可惬意了 A cool drink was welcome after the long,hot
walk 黑 黑 it means black total absence of light
他面黑如煤炭 His face is as black as coal
红 红 in English, this word means red of a color at the end of the color spectrum next
to orange 这个东西是黄色、红色,还是橙色的? Is it yellow, red, or orange?
后 后 it means post the national organization that is responsible for postal services 丹尼正在邮局后面屋子里拣邮件
Danny was in the back of the post office, sorting packages
湖 湖 it means lake a body of usually fresh water surrounded by land 西湖的风景总是比别的湖泊美丽
The landscape of the West Lake is more beautiful than any other lake at all times
花 花 it means flower a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms 壁纸的一种花朵图案
a flower motif in wallpaper 环 环 it means ring a characteristic sound
此线路是一个普通的环形计数器 The circuit is a conventional ring counter
火 火 it means fire the event of something burning 闪电打下来之后,突然引起一场森林大火
A huge forest fire broke out after the lightning struck
极 极 it means pole a long rod of wood or metal 单一的、孤立的磁极从来未找到
A single, isolated magnetic pole has never been found
际 际 in English, it means occasion an event that occurs at a critical time 值此节日之际
on the occasion of the festival 鸡 鸡 in English, it means chicken a large
bird that is often kept for its eggs or meat 喝一碗热鸡汤对你有好处 A bowl of
hot chicken soup is good for you 加 加 it means addition the act of adding
one thing to another 这可以从增效剂上加以改进 This can be improved by the addition of an
adjuvant 剑 剑 this means sword a cutting or thrusting
weapon with a long blade 剑擦过盾牌 The sword glanced off the shield
肩 肩 it means shoulder the part of the body between the neck and the upper arm 足球和曲棍球球员都戴垫肩
Football and hockey players wear shoulder pads
江 江 it means river a large natural stream of water larger than a creek 百里江面,
千帆竞发 A thousand boats set sail on a long stretch of the river
角 角 this means angle the space between two lines or planes that intersect 旭日从这个角度看起来特别美
The rising sun is especially beautiful to look at from this angle
脚 脚 it means foot the foot of a human being 他拼命砍绳子,试图把自己的脚解脱开
He cut desperately at the rope in an attempt to free his foot
结 结 this means junction a point where two or more things are joined 集电结是反向编置
The collector junction biased in the reverse direction
金 金 this means gold a chemical element. made from or covered with gold 这矿石经检验证明含金量高
This ore assays high in gold 晶 晶 it means crystal a solid formed by
the solidification of a chemical and having a highly regular atomic structure 电子显微学已经革新了对晶体不完整性的研究
Electron microscopy has revolutionized the study of crystal imperfections
酒 酒 it means wine an alcoholic drink which is made from grapes 我喜欢喝这种纯正的葡萄酒
I like this honest wine 局 局 it means bureau an administrative
unit of government 它们的上面则是合作社总局 Above them was a central bureau of cooperatives
孔 孔 it means hole an opening into or through something 他用打孔器在皮带上钻了一个孔
He made a small hole in the belt with a leather punch
口 口 it means mouth the opening through which food is taken in and vocalizations emerge
他再也无法克制自己,终于开了口 He could not hold himself back any longer
and opened his mouth 哭 哭 it means cry shed tears because of
sadness, rage 她在他身旁跪下,放声痛哭 She knelt down beside him and began to cry
her heart out 块 块 this means block a solid piece of
something 其长度可由程序员指定的一种数据块 A block with a length that can be established
by a programmer 类 类 it means class people having the same
social or economic status 其精练的名词术语与分类特征常常对工程是有意义的 Its refined terminology and class distinctions
are frequently meaningful for engineering work
泪 泪 this word means tear a drop of the clear salty saline solution secreted by the
lacrimal glands 一颗眼泪由他眼里一直落到了井的深处 A tear rolled from his eye into the depths
of the well 冷 冷 it means cold having a low or inadequate
temperature 寒冷的天气使他们提前离开 The cold weather antedated their departure
力 力 this means force a unit that is part of some military service 需要多大力,就施多大力
Apply as much force as it necessary 链 链 it means chain a series of things
depending on each other as if linked together 许多链环连在一起组成链条 A lot
of links fitted together form a chain 梁 梁 this means beam a signal transmitted
along a narrow path 窗框在大梁的重压下垮掉了 The window frame folded up under the heavy
weight of the beam 量 量 it means amount how much of something
is available 不当的工作量 an indecent amount of work
列 列 it means column a line of units following one after another 列是识别出来了,但行却没有被识别
The column is identified, but not the row 林 林 it means forest the trees and other
plants in a large densely wooded area 他穿过茂密阴暗的森林 He walked through the gloom of the thick forest
流 流 it means flow the motion characteristic of fluids 这种流动属于层流 This flow
was streamline 流 流 it means stream a natural body of
running water flowing on or under the earth 排放标准已代替了流淌标准 Effluent
standards have superseded stream standards 绿 绿 it means green of the color between
blue and yellow in the color spectrum 在交通信号轮换到绿灯以前不要穿过马路 Before the traffic signal turns to green light
don't cross the street 率 率 in English, it means rate amount of
a charge or payment relative to some basis 电子束强度变化将引起计数率的变化
Changes in the beam intensity will produce changes of the count rate
马 马 it means horse a large strong animal that people ride and use for pulling heavy
things 他教我骑马 He teaches me to ride a horse
帽 帽 it means cap a tight-fitting headdress 他戴一顶浆得笔挺的帽子 He wore
a starched cap 猫 猫 it means cat feline mammal usually
having thick soft fur and no ability to roar 你喂喂猫好吗? Can you feed the cat?
门 门 in English, it means door a swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance
to a room or building 当他们想到某个地方时,就打开门坐进车里 They open the door and get in when they want
to go somewhere 门 门 in English, this word means gate a
movable barrier in a fence 我量你不敢双手撒把骑着自行车通过大门 I dare you to ride your bike through the gate
with no hands 谜 谜 it means mystery something that baffles
understanding and cannot be explained 他们为什麽不选择他我觉得是个谜 It' s a mystery to me why they didn' t choose
him 磨 磨 it means mill buildings with facilities
for manufacturing 面粉是在面粉厂用麦子磨成的 Flour is made from wheat in a mill
木 木 it means wood the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees 扭扣可以用骨头、木头、玻璃或塑料制成
A button can be made of bone, wood, glass, or plastic
男 男 in English, this word means male characteristic of a man 凡是本氏族的男性成员都具有同等的被选资格
All the male members of the gens were equally eligible
泥 泥 it means mud water soaked soil 带有厚厚一层泥巴的靴子 boots thickly encrusted with mud
鸟 鸟 it means bird warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and
forelimbs modified as wings 那艘小船象一只鸟儿似的射出了港口 The bark shot out of the harbour like a bird
牛 牛 in English, it means cow a large female animal kept on farms to produce milk or beef
一头母牛每天产几加仑的牛奶 A cow will yield several gallons of milk each
day 片 片 it means piece a separate part of
a whole 那老人戴着单片眼镜, 上面连结着一条丝带 The old man wore an eyeglass attached to a
piece of ribbon 平 平 in English, it means flat having a
surface without slope, tilt in which no part is higher or lower than another 这儿的一切都既平淡又无聊
Everything here has gone flat and unprofitable 破 破 it means break terminate 留神别把它打破了
Take care not to break it 坡 坡 it means slope an elevated geological
formation 一辆汽车沿着山坡疾驰而下 A car clipped down the slope of the mountain
旗 旗 it means flag emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive
design 把旗子挂在竿上 attach a flag to the pole
气 气 it means gas any substance like air that is neither a solid nor a liquid 气体膨胀时冷却,压缩时变热
A gas is cooled by expansion and heated by compression
期 期 it means period an amount of time 运动周期类似前面的研究 The exercise
period was similar to the previous study 前 前 it means front the side that is seen
or that goes first 我们面前是一片广阔的土地 A wide stretch of land spreads in front of
us 钱 钱 in English, this word means money
the most common medium of exchange 节省花钱以维持到下一次发薪 Economize in order to make one's money spin
out until next payday 枪 枪 this word means gun a weapon that
discharges a missile at high velocity 佩戴枪于腰间 carry a gun on one's hip
桥 桥 it means bridge a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such
as a river or railway 应邀参加建造那座桥梁的投标 Bids for building the bridge were invited
切 切 in English, this word means cut make a reduction in 切掉苹果心 Cut out the
core of the apple 球 球 it means ball round object that is
hit or kicked in games 他的球比我的新 His ball is newer than mine
热 热 this means heat a form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature
实际上,传热往往是由床层至周围 Actually, it is always the transfer of heat
from bed to surroundings 肉 肉 this means flesh the soft tissue of
the body of a vertebrate 他做大量运动以防止发胖 He did a great deal of exercise so as not
to put on flesh 肉 肉 it means meat the flesh of animals
including fishes and birds and snails used as food 别给这个孩子肉吃,因为他不消化
Don't give the baby meat to eat,because he cannot digest it
沙 沙 in English, it means sand a loose material consisting of grains of rock or coral
把水泥、沙子和石子掺合在一起 Let's mix concrete, sand and stones
山 山 it means mountain a land mass that projects well above its surroundings 极其秀丽的山景
a rarely beautiful mountain scene 神 神 it means god the supernatural being
conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe
它是人与神的伟大契约的标志 It is the sign of a great covenant between Man
and God 石 石 this means stone a lump or mass of
hard consolidated mineral matter 古代的人制作了石头工具 Ancient men made tools of stone
室 室 it means chamber a natural or artificial enclosed space 分析室由金属块组成,内装一个环
The analysis chamber consists of a metal block which houses an annulus
事 事 this means thing is used to refer to any object, or event when you cannot, or
do not want to refer to it more precisely 这是我明天早上的第一件事 first
thing in the morning 师 师 it means division an army unit large
enough to sustain combat 我们团暂属于第一师 Our regiment is attached to the first division
诗 诗 in English, this word means poem a composition written in metrical feet forming
rhythmical lines 教师帮助揭示这首诗的含义 The teacher helped to draw out the meaning
of the poem 手 手 it means hand the part of the body
at the end of the arm, including the fingers and thumb 工具就放在手边 Keep tools
close at hand 树 树 it means tree a tall perennial woody
plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown 郁郁葱葱的树木沐浴着阳光
A blooming tree absorbs the sun's rays 刷 刷 this means brush rub with a brush,
or as if with a brush 她用硬毛刷清洗水槽 She cleaned the sink with a stiff brush
霜 霜 it means cream a thick yellow-white liquid that rises to the top of milk 她用化妆纸擦去脸上的冷霜
She scrubbed the cold cream off her face with a tissue
税 税 this word means tax charge against a citizen's person or activity for the support
of government 伪造所得税申报表 fiddle an income tax return
水 水 this means water binary compound that occurs at room temperature as a clear colorless
odorless tasteless liquid 一湾培养蠔的水就是蠔饲养 A sheet of water for cultivating oysters is
an oyster farm 酸 酸 it means acid any of various water-soluble
compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a
base to form a salt 当酸溶液里含有很多酸时,它就被浓缩了 An acid solution is concentrated when it has
very much acid in it 锁 锁 it means lock a fastener fitted to
a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed 尽管我们想方设法要把锁弄断, 它却仍纹丝不动
Despite all our attempts to break it open, the lock would not yield
塔 塔 in English, this word means tower a structure taller than its diameter 游客赞美登塔远眺的景色
The tourists admired the view from the tower 碳 碳 it means carbon an abundant nonmetallic
tetravalent element occurring in three allotropic forms 火药是由硫、碳和硝酸钾组成
Gunpowder is composed of sulfur, carbon, and potassium nitrate
糖 糖 it means sugar a white crystalline carbohydrate used as a sweetener and preservative
你认为砂糖可以替代蜂蜜吗? Can you think sugar will substitute for honey?
铁 铁 it means iron a tool with a flat metal base that can be heated and used to make clothes
smooth 他把铁棒象胶一般地弄弯了 He bent the iron bar as if it had been of
rubber 铜 铜 this means copper a ductile malleable
reddish-brown corrosion-resistant diamagnetic metallic element 铁或钢放入硫酸铜中,也会生成疏松的浸镀层
Iron or steel placed in copper sulfate also receives a loose immersion deposit
痛 痛 this means pain a substance used as a coating to protect or decorate a surface
按摩可能会减轻你的背痛 A massage may relieve your back pain
通 通 in English, this word means pass go across or through 我不仅通过了测验,成绩还很突出
Not only did I pass the test, but I got a distinction
图 图 it means diagram a drawing intended to explain how something works 我得修改图表.
我出了点儿错 I'll have to alter the diagram. I've made a mistake
腿 腿 it means leg commonly used to refer to a whole limb but technically only the part
of the limb between the knee and ankle 他折断了腿,不得不总是躺着 He broke his leg and had to lie all the time
碗 碗 it means bowl a round vessel that is open at the top 有些汤溢到碗边上了
Some of the soup slopped over the edge of the bowl
王 王 it means king a male sovereign 国王侵害了我们个人的权利 The king invaded our private rights
胃 胃 it means stomach an enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal 暴饮暴食容易得胃
Eating and drinking too much is likely to give one stomach trouble
尾 尾 it means tail the posterior part of the body of a vertebrate 猴子有能盘卷住东西的尾巴
A monkey has a prehensile tail 闻 闻 it means smell the sensation that
results when olfactory receptors in the nose are stimulated by particular chemicals in
gaseous form 我用鼻子闻东西 I smell with my nose
吻 吻 it means kiss touch with the lips or press the lips as an expression of love
她甚至连他的吻都不肯接受 She refused him even a kiss
握 握 this word means grip the act of grasping 他的手握力很大,手的皮肤象砂纸一样粗糙
His grip was firm and the skin of his hand felt like sandpaper
锡 锡 in English, it means tin a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion
锡焊能够满意地做成加筋构件之间的接头 Joints between reinforcement members can be
made satisfactorily with tin solder 夏 夏 it means summer the warmest season
of the year 我很爱喝冷饮,特别是在夏天 I love cold drinks, especially in summer
县 县 in English, this word means county a region created by territorial division for
the purpose of local government 司库收取税款并支付县债 The treasurer receives tax collections and
pays the county's debts 相 相 in English, this word means phase
a distinct state of matter in a system 每个相角不论是正的还是负的,都是相对于水平轴来说的 Each phase angle, whether positive or negative,
is referenced to the horizontal 笑 笑 it means laugh the sound of laughing
他的笑话使大家都笑了起来 His joke made everybody laugh
鞋 鞋 in English, this word means shoe footwear shaped to fit the foot 皮鞋厂里也该对你另眼相看点了
At the shoe factory they should appreciate you more
信 信 it means letter a written message addressed to a person or organization 我的信尚未见回复
My letter remains unanswered 行 行 it means line a formation of people
or things one beside another 我们的行动方案应该怎样呢? What should be our general line of action?
行 行 it means row an arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line 数数看一行有多少棵树
Count and see how many trees there are in a row
熊 熊 it means bear massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long
shaggy coats and strong claws 一种大白熊栖居于北极附近 A big white bear lives near the North Pole
羞 羞 this means shame a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy
他对过去那件事表示了羞愧 He had expressed shame for a past transaction of
his life 选 选 in English, this word means election
the results of the election will be announced tonight. 选举的详情将贴在市政厅外
Details of the election will be posted outside the town hall
血 血 in English, this word means blood the fluid that is pumped by the heart 饮食和运动都对血压有影响
Both diet and exercise affect blood pressure 雪 雪 it means snow precipitation falling
from clouds in the form of ice crystals 大雪延迟了行程的下一步 Further progress was delayed by deep snow
鸭 鸭 in English, this word means duck small wild or domesticated web-footed broad-billed
swimming bird usually having a depressed body and short legs 鸭子的背部不透水 A
duck's back sheds water 盐 盐 it means salt white crystalline form
of especially sodium chloride used to season and preserve food 在温度标准化中采用盐溶液
Salt solutions are used in humidity standardization 眼 眼 this means eye good discernment 你眼睛的瞳孔是自动调节的
Your eye pupil adjusts automatically 烟 烟 in English, this word means smoke
a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas 烟变得越来越大,越来越浓 The smoke
grew heavier and thicker 羊 羊 it means sheep woolly usually horned
ruminant mammal related to the goat 绵羊有一层卷曲柔软的厚毛 A sheep has a thick woolly coat
氧 氧 this means oxygen a nonmetallic bivalent element that is normally a colorless odorless
tasteless nonflammable diatomic gas 老化现象与氧的吸收密切相关 The aging phenomenon coincided with oxygen
absorption 药 药 it means medicine the branches of
medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques 药房主要出售药品和化妆品
The drugstore mainly carries medicine and cosmetics
翼 翼 it means wing a movable organ for flying 飞机的副翼是用铰链装在机翼上的
The ailerons on an airplane are hinged to the wing
银 银 it means silver a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest
electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal 空气和潮湿使银子失去光泽
Air and moisture tarnish silver 赢 赢 in English, this word means win be
the winner in a contest or competition 竞争心强的人喜欢赢讨厌输 A competitive person loves to win and hates
to lose 油 油 in English, this word means oil a
slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water 一艘巨大的油轮
a monstrous oil tanker 游 游 it means tour a journey or route all
the way around a particular place 我们在导游的陪同下游览了那里的遗址 We have a guided tour of the ruins
忧 忧 it means worry be worried, concerned, anxious 忧虑使他脸上布满了皱纹
His face was lined with worry 鱼 鱼 it means fish any of various mostly
cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills 吃鱼与素食主义有矛盾吗?
Can eating fish be reconciled with vegetarianism? 域 域 it means domain a particular environment
or walk of life 她的每一个亲属主管着自己的领地 Each of her cousins had charge of his own
domain 雨 雨 it means rain water falling in drops
from vapor condensed in the atmosphere 雨水过量造成了严重的水灾 An excess of rain caused severe floods
圆 圆 it means circle ellipse in which the two axes are of equal length 圆的直径与圆周互相关联
The diameter and the circumference of a circle correlate
圆 圆 in English, this word means round having a circular shape 它是圆的? 方的?
Is it round, square, or amoeba-like? 章 章 it means chapter a subdivision of
a written work 在本章中我们将探讨如何消除和为什么要消除它们 In this chapter, we explore how and why
针 针 this word means needle a small thin piece of steel that you use for sewing 他用针挑开水疱
He broke the blister with a needle 值 值 it means value a numerical quantity
measured or assigned or computed 在统计意义上最常出现的值 The most frequent value in the statistical
sense 纸 纸 this word means paper a material made
of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags 画图纸被整齐地划成方格
The drawing paper is neatly squared off 钟 钟 in English, it means bell a hollow
device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck 他当当敲击火警钟
He clanged the fire bell 主 主 this word means lord a person who
has general authority over others 我的男主人公整天显示着他男子汉的力气 My lord is all day making an exhibition of
his manly strength 主 主 it means master an artist of consummate
skill 他是个顽强的世界主人 He is a tenacious world master
猪 猪 it means pig a pig is a pink or black animal with short legs and not much hair on
its skin 猪的营养是种财务上的支出 Pig nutrition is a financial exercise
转 转 it means turn change orientation or direction, also in the abstract sense 沿着这条路走到桥头,再向左转弯
Follow this road until you get to the bridge,then turn left
砖 砖 in English, this word means brick rectangular block of clay baked by the sun
or in a kiln 这个砖房的前面用水泥抹的 The front of the brick house was faced with
cement 字 字 it means word a unit of language that
native speakers can identify 他一字不差地重复她的话 He repeated her statement word for word
总 总 it means total constituting the full quantity or extent 我总共花了一百五十美元
I spent a grand total of $150 左 左 it means left being or located on
or directed toward the side of the body to the west when facing north 在树林的尽头,小路向左拐去
At the end of the wood, the path diverges to the left
This is all for today vocabulary. We'll see you next time. Goodbye!


200 Chinese Words with English Translation and Pronunciation - Basic Mandarin Words for Beginners

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