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Dating may seem impossible at times especially if you're not used to putting yourself out there
It's scary when you have to worry about putting your heart on the line
Not only that but it's a lot of hard work and time investment
You've discovered that even though you're actively dating you're still on the search for a meaningful connection with someone
Here are five ways to find true love if you're an introvert and hate dating
One, go to events and places that reflect your favorite hobbies and interests
Forget hitting the bar or club to meet people if that's not where you feel like you can be your natural self
Meeting new people that you can potentially get to know over time requires a certain sense of self confidence
By going to events and places that Harbor your hobbies and interests
It'll be easier for you to strike up conversations based on similarities, alleviating some of the stress introverts face when it comes to small talk
Two, be prepared to go through trial-and-error
Love isn't a fairy tale and while you may hate the superficial aspects of dating
you certainly can't go through it without getting your heart broken a few times or breaking someone else's
There's always a lesson to be learned in the world of dating
For instance you might be used to internalizing your thoughts and feelings as an introvert
But while dating you'll learn to get better at communicating with your partner and even though that might be difficult at times it isn't impossible
Three, have honest conversations
Don't be afraid to show who you are right from the beginning
As an introvert you value authenticity and depth anyway
If you want to skip out on (the phase of) trying to impress others. Be honest
Have the difficult conversations
Ask them if they know where the both of you are headed. See if the two of you actually have chemistry
but also communicate that you're willing to make things work
If you're serious about dating you shouldn't have to worry about waiting for a certain amount of time to pass before responding back to text
messages or coming off as desperate or clingy
To like someone is to still choose to be with them even on their worst days
Four, only make time for people you're really interested in
Don't date someone because they seem impressive on paper
or if there's someone your parents and friends will approve of
Ask yourself what you really want in a partner
And only make time to meet up with people who you truly believe you are compatible with
At the end of the day, you're the one dating that person, not anyone else
As an introvert, you most likely don't like creating conflict
and rejecting those you don't think you can have a relationship with, it'll help you be one step closer to finding the right match
Additionally, don't settle just because you're afraid to be alone
Five, keep an open mind
This includes dating extroverts who operate in a different way
Who's to say dating someone who's your opposite can't work out?
the key word is compromise. As long as you and your partner respect each other's boundaries
There's no real reason as to why things can't work out
even if misunderstandings may arise from time to time, that's normal in any relationship
Are you an introvert? What helps you in the realm of dating?
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內向的人適用的 5 個約會技巧 (5 Dating Tips for Introvert)

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1on the line 0:18
on the line 的意思是「處於危險中」,其他相似的片語還有 at stakeon the rocks
He's putting his career on the line by backing that policy.

其他包含 line 的常用片語還有 down the linebetween the lines。前者的意思是「在未來」、「之後」;後的意思是「在字裡行間」。
We'll see each other again down the line

In order to understand poetry, you need to read between the lines.

alleviate 的意思是「舒緩、減輕不適的症狀」,是 relieve 的同義詞,差別在於後者包含的意義較廣,alleviaterelieve 的其中一種意思。
Some essential oils are effective at alleviating headaches.

to relieve oneself 這個片語則是「上廁所」的委婉用法。
It was shocking to see a drunk man relieve himself next to the railway tracks.

久坐的副作用 (Why Sitting is Bad For You? - The Bad Effects of Sitting)

3superficial 1:09
superficial 在這裡的意思是「膚淺的」。除了這層含義之外,superficial 還有「表層的」的意思,通常用於醫療方面。
He accidentally spilt boiling hot water over himself. Luckily, the wounds were only superficial.

另一個很相似的單字是 superfluous 的意思是「多餘的」、「不必要的」,有貶抑的意思,同義字是 excessive
The story was filled with superfluous details.

impressive 是「令人歎為觀止的」的意思。
The hotel room has an impressive view of the city.

impressionable 是「容易受影響的」。
Those who are impressionable are easily manipulated.

【TED-Ed】世界上最高的樹上有什麼?(What's hidden among the tallest trees on Earth? - Wendell Oshiro)

5settle 2:39
settle 除了「安頓」的意思之外,在這裡接近「騎驢但不再找馬」。
Never settle for an unsatisfactory life.

settle down 這個片語是「定下來」的意思,也可以用在描述感情狀態。
She has dated many people throughout her life, but now she says she's ready to settle down.

【TED-Ed】海龜的生存之道 (The survival of the sea turtle - Scott Gass)


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