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I'm absolutely positive that you're gonna love this video!
I'm not too sure about this but I think you might probably like this video!
Alright, there are many different ways to give your opinion in English
and in this video I'm gonna give you 10 expressions to introduce your opinion.
I'm gonna give you some strong ways, some normal ways and some weak ways.
I'm not too sure but I think you should keep watching...
Alright, this is a really useful lesson for speaking exams
where you have to give your opinion on a particular topic.
It's also a great lesson if you use English at work
and you need English in business meetings.
I'm Greg from OnlineLanguageAcademy.com and that's what we do,
we help students like you with their spoken English
so that they can speak it more confidently and more fluently in professional circumstances, in their work life.
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OK, let's begin then with some strong ways
to introduce your point of view, your opinion in English.
So as I said in the introduction of this video, number one:
"I'm absolutely positive... "
Alright? Positive, is like certain, convinced, 100% sure,
"I'm absolutely positive that we're going to make this sale."
"I'm absolutely positive that this year will be a successful year."
Alright, another extremely strong way of introducing your opinion
is by saying, "I have no doubt whatsoever that..."
OK, "I have no doubt...","I have no doubt whatsoever...", like, no doubt at all, no doubt whatsoever...
For example, "I have no doubt whatsoever that she is the best person for the job."
"I have no doubt whatsoever that she is the best person for the job."
Next we have "There's no question...", "There's no question that..."
OK, for example, "There's no question that this is a better company than this one, but it's more expensive."
OK, "There's no question that this is a better company than this one,
but yeah, the prices are higher." And finally, if you want to introduce a strong opinion in English
you can say "I really think...". Not just "I think..." but "I really think..."
"I really think we should outsource this work to an external company."
"I really think we should outsource this job to an external company."
OK, now we have your normal opinion,
they're strong opinions but if you just want to express your opinion in a normal way,
not very strong and not very weak, there are plenty of ways to do this
and I'm sure you know some of them already. "I think that..." or "I feel that..."
So, "I think that we made the wrong decision.", or "I feel that we made the wrong decision."
Or "In my opinion...", OK? "In my opinion." "In my opinion, their customer service is rubbish!"
Another couple of ways is "I'd say that...", " I'd say..."
"I'd say that we should use some of the budget for internal training."
"I'd say that we should use some of the budget for internal training."
And finally, "What I think...", yeah? "What I think is that..."
Alright, "What I think is that more time should be spent on social media marketing."
Right now, for some weak opinions, and this is where you want to give your opinion
but, you know, you're not 100% sure that your opinion is correct.
Maybe you... maybe you don't want to be too strong
so that you don't offend the person you're talking to,
you don't want to be too direct...
this is very common for British people
who I think naturally we try not to be so direct,
and depending on who you're talking to
it's sometimes a good idea to use these weak introductions to put your opinion forward.
OK, so the first one of these weak opinions is,
"I'm no expert on this, but..."
"Hey! I'm no expert on this, but I think the product would look better in green."
OK, you can also say that "I'm not too sure, but..."
Yeah, "I'm not too sure, boss. But I think that working on a Saturday morning isn't a great idea."
And finally, "I would probably say that..."
Alright, so when we use this expression it's like hypothetically,
if I gave you my direct opinion I would probably say that...
Alright, but obviously we don't say the rest,
we just say "I would probably say that..." For example, "I would probably say that
opening a new branch in the same town was a bad idea." OK, to summarize,
I really think you should give this video a thumbs up.
In my opinion, you should also subscribe and click the bell notification.
And, I'm no expert on this,
but I think your friends would probably like this too, so share it with your friends!
Alright, I'm Greg from OnlineLanguageAcademy.com – thank you so much
for being here, and... watch that video next! Bye for now!



十種用英文表達意見的方法 (10 Ways to Give Your Opinion in English | Business English Lesson)

2064 分類 收藏
Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 6 月 12 日    Arissa Wang 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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