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Hello, I am Carl.
Hello, I am Rian.
Welcome to Hot English Classroom.
Rian, have you ever seen the burning of the Wang Yeh boat?
Burning a boat? Why do people burn a boat?
It's not just burning a random boat.
It's the burning of the Wang Yeh boat!
It's an important folk activity in Tainan.
Burning the Wang Yeh boat? A folk activity?
The Taiwanese culture is so special!
Yes! And it's a very popular event.
You have to see it for yourself.
Where does it take place?
The event takes place in Anding District,
and this year the event is even larger!
So don't miss out!
Oh! Anding! What else is special about Anding?
There are three treasures in Anding:
asparagus, soapberry, and sesame oil.
I know asparagus and sesame oil,
But what exactly is soapberry?
Soapberry looks similar to longan,
but it's usually used to make cleaning supplies.
There's a soapberry processing plant in Anding.
Oh! Processing plants are my favorites.
There are usually fun things to try and good food to eat.
Basically, soapberry is inedible,
just like you won't eat soap!
However, there are still lots of good dishes in Anding!
Tell me some of the famous dishes in Anding!
You have to try the local snacks of Anding,
like the nine-layer cake and rice cake.
Sounds like something you'll find in a traditional market.
Exactly. They are sold wholesale to market vendors.
Is there anything else that you recommend?
Mahua ( fried dough twist) and peanut candy are also worth trying!
By the way, it's the growing season of asparagus now!
Wow! I really have to set up my schedule!
OK! Let's review today's key words!
Let's review them!
the burning of the Wang Yeh boat
city-recognized folk activity
local snack
rice cake
fried dough twists
cleaning supplies
Rian,have you remembered them all?
Yes, I've got them all.
See you next time on “Hot English Classroom”!


《哈 臺南》第六集:英語教學 (Hot Tainan EP6.Hot English Classroom)

346 分類 收藏
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 發佈於 2018 年 6 月 12 日
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