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    如果你準備要架設一個網站,現在可以到 試試看

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    他們的 premium 方案

  • Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, are the generational group who follow Generation

    千禧世代,有時也稱作 Y 世代,是緊接 X 世代的族群

  • X and are typically categorized as people born between 1980 to the mid-1990s.

    通常只出生於 1980 年到 1990 年代中旬的一群人

  • Millennials are also sometimes referred to as echo boomers due to a major surge in birth

    千禧世代有時也稱作回聲潮世代,因為 1980 和 1990 年代之間的

  • rates in the 1980s and 90s.


  • Generation Z or Gen Z is the generational group that came after the Millennials, born

    Z 世代則是千禧世代的晚輩,

  • between the mid-1990s up to the mid 2000's.

    他們出生於 1990 年代中旬和 2000 年代中旬之間

  • Generation Z is also referred to as the iGeneration, iGen, or Post-Millennials.

    Z 世代也稱作 i 世代或後千禧世代

  • How do these generations compare?


  • That's what we'll be looking at today, in this episode of The Infographics Show:

    這是這集 Infographics Show 會探討的主題

  • Millennials vs Generation Z.

    千禧世代 vs Z 世代

  • Though these two groups sit side by side on the generation ladder, the expansion of the


  • Internet and the leaps that have been made with the digital revolution has seen them


  • exposed to a host of different experiences.


  • Add to that the influence of parents from different generations, and we have plenty


  • of scope for differences in attitude and behavior.


  • We've reviewed what researchers have said, so we can bring you our list of 10 ways these


  • generations compare and differ.


  • Let's take a look.


  • 1.


  • Attention Span - Generation Z processes information faster than any other generation, including

    專注力:Z 世代消化資訊的速度比任何其他世代還快,也比千禧世代

  • Millennials.


  • They live in a high tech world of constant updates, and having grown up with access to


  • apps such as Vine and Snapchat, their attention span is likely to be lower than that of Millennials.

    Vine 和 Snapchat 等 app,因此他們的專注力可能要比千禧世代還低

  • A study showed that while only 4% of Millennials and older generations believe 13 is an ok

    有份研究顯示,只有 4% 的千禧世代和其他更年長世代的人們認為十三歲是

  • age for owning a smartphone, as high as 18% of Generation Z members think it is an ok

    可以擁有智慧型手機的年齡,卻有高達 18% 的 Z 世代確認為這個年紀

  • age.


  • 2.


  • Multi-Tasking - A short attention span is not always a drawback, and what Generation

    一心多用:低專注力不見得是個缺點,Z 世代可能容易分心,

  • Z lack in focus, they make up for in their multi-tasking capabilities.


  • Generation Z can work on a school assignment on their computer, and do research on their

    Z 世代可以邊在電腦上做作業、邊在平板上查資料,

  • tablet, all while taking notes.


  • And in the evening, they will often sit in front of the TV watching a movie, at the same


  • time chatting with a friend on Facebook from their phone or laptop.


  • It's head spinning stuff!


  • 3.


  • Independent vs Collaborative - 71% of Generation Z say they live by the phrase "if you want

    獨行 vs 合作:71% 的 Z 世代都認為:「如果你想

  • it done right, then do it yourself."


  • Generation Z tend to be more competitive and will adopt a 'do it yourself' mindset

    Z 世代的競爭性較強,也會在個人事務或事業上

  • in personal or professional activities.

    採取 DIY 的態度

  • And when it comes to workspaces, 69% of Generation Z would rather have their own workspace than

    至於工作環境,69% 的 Z 世代會比較希望有自己的辦公空間

  • share it with others, whereas Millennials would opt for a collaborative working environment


  • where they can team up with their colleagues.


  • 4.


  • The Digital Pioneers - 40% of Generation Z say that reliable Wi-Fi is more important

    數位先驅:40% 的 Z 世代認為可靠的 Wifi 比可靠的浴室

  • than reliable bathrooms.


  • And according to Pew Research, only 14% of U.S. adults had access to the Internet in

    而且根據皮尤研究中心,1995 年只有 14% 的美國成年人能夠使用網路,

  • 1995 but by 2014, 87% had access.

    然而到了 2014 年,這個數字增加到 87%

  • Millennials saw first hand how social media revolutionized the way in which we communicate.


  • They were pioneers in the digital age, witnessing the birth of smartphones, instant messaging,


  • and Internet searching capability.


  • Generation Z were born into this tech immersed society and so have a very different perspective.

    Z 世代一出生就生長在這個環境中,所以對科技也有不同的看法

  • 5.


  • Face to Face or Digital ChatAll this technology has also had an effect on how these


  • generations differ with communication habits, and 74% of Generation Z say they prefer to

    溝通習慣上的差異。有 74% 的 Z 世代表示,他們在工作場所中比較喜歡

  • communicate face to face with colleagues in the workplace...As we just mentioned, Millennials


  • pioneered many of the digital communication tools, which revolutionized how we do business,


  • but with Generation Z preferring a more personal approach, maybe they are the ideal generation

    但由於 Z 世代比較喜歡更為親密的途徑,或許他們是真正能夠

  • to strike the right balance between online and offline workplace communications.


  • 6.


  • Optimistic Vision- A 2016 survey conducted by Lincoln Financial Group tells us that Generation

    樂觀:根據 Lincoln Financial Group 於 2016 年進行的問卷調查,Z 世代

  • Z are far more optimistic than the Millennials.


  • 50% of Generation Z says America is heading in the right direction, versus 42% of Millennials...64%

    50% 的 Z 世代認為美國正往正確的方向發展,但只有 42% 的千禧世代這麼認為

  • of Gen Z have started researching or talking to others about their financial futures by

    64% 的 Z 世代從 13 歲開始就開始關心他們的

  • age 13.


  • And after they've started having those conversations, 95% of those making financial plans feel optimistic

    當他們和其他人交流後,95% 的那些已經開始規劃個人理財的人對他們的未來

  • about their future in general.


  • 7.


  • Convenience over brands.


  • - Accenture research tells us that Generation Z love tech driven, fast shopping experiences

    埃森哲顧問公司的研究顯示,Z 世代喜歡快速、高科技的購物經驗

  • like 1-hour delivery, activated shopping and in-store kiosks.

    例如 1 小時快速運送、聲控輔助購物,和店內自助購物系統

  • Brands are less important and they'll happily switch retailers who are better at providing


  • these services.


  • And they see shopping as a social experience.


  • They like to consult friends and get opinions on products.


  • They can be unforgiving when leaving reviews for retailers and are also twice as likely


  • to consult YouTube as Millennials, before making a purchase.

    購物前到 YouTube 搜尋評價的機率也高兩倍

  • 8.


  • Different ways of learning - 75% of Generation Z say there are other ways of getting a good

    不同的學習方式:根據 Sparks & Honey 的研究,75% 的 Z 世代認為,

  • education other than the traditional route of going to college, according to Sparks & Honey


  • research.


  • And Generation Z has the beauty of hindsight on their side to see how things panned out

    Z 世代相較於千禧世代,也更幸運,因為他們可以借鏡

  • for their counterparts.


  • Many Millennials now have large student debts and have been left questioning whether it


  • was worth it, with 44% of recent college grads employed in jobs that do not require a degree.

    是否值得,因為有 44% 的新鮮人做的工作不需要學士學位

  • 9.


  • Tolerance - Millennials tend to be more tolerant than Generation Z, as they have generally

    容忍度:千禧世代的容忍度比 Z 世代還高,因為在他們的生命歷程中

  • encountered more situations in life where things have the potential to go wrong.


  • For Generation Z, it's all about getting the job done and problems for them to look

    對 Z 世代來說,把事辦好是最重要的,如果有出錯,就代表,把事辦好是最重要的,如果有出錯,就代表他們必須

  • elsewhere.


  • As an example, if Generation Z experience a technical hitch when making an online purchase,

    例如,如果 Z 世代在線上購物時系統出錯,

  • it's unlikely they'll visit the store again, whereas Millennials will be more lenient


  • and likely give the store a second chance.


  • And finally number 10...Social influencers are today's celebrities.


  • - Generation Z are more likely to be browsing YouTube than sitting in a movie theatre.

    相較於到戲院看電影,Z 世代更可能在家瀏覽 YouTube

  • 63% of them say they prefer to see real people than celebs in their ads.

    63% 的 Z 世代更喜歡廣告找素人而非明星代言

  • So it's pretty obvious we've probably got a large percentage of Generation Z viewers,


  • here at The Infographics Show.

    Z 世代觀眾

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  • Well, that's our list of 10!


  • Do you fall into either of these two generations?


  • If so, how do you compare to what we've described?


  • Let us know in the comments!


  • Also, be sure to check out our other video called What are the weirdest unsolved internet

    此外,也看看我們的另一支影片,叫做 What are the weirdest unsolved internet

  • mysteries?!


  • Thanks for watching, and, as always, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe.


  • See you next time!


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千禧世代 vs Z 世代

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