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- The underlying current when people write about you.
- Yeah.
- Is who the (beep) is this guy?
- Yeah.
- I mean, you get that, right?
- [Gary] Of course.
- Who the (beep) are you?
(ambient music)
- This is a word that is rarely talked about in our space
that I wanna start building more attention for.
I wanna deliver on this message so much.
I would create a test or a drug
that allowed people to become self-aware.
One potion inject, not hustle, not smart.
I don't fear being self-aware.
I know I suck at a lot of stuff.
I think everybody lies to themselves.
Some people are meant to be B and C players.
And I'm pissed that the narrative now
is that you need to be a number one
and have your company.
Because a lot of people are gonna lose
or leave money on the table,
because that's just the narrative.
'Cause I'm such a positive guy,
I struggle to think about the things I'm bad at,
but self-awareness requires understanding both
and then choosing which path you wanna go through.
I'm a big fan of going all in on your strengths.
And don't give a fuck about what you suck at.
Self-awareness isn't only just betting on your strengths,
it's accepting all your shortcomings.
Let me tell you one thing.
What works for me does not necessarily work for you.
I think being at peace with yourself and your skill set
is such an important part of this.
Too many people try to be like me,
because it's sizzly and it's sexy,
and people wanna be charismatic and on stage.
So many of you do so many things better than I do.
You can look at how people roll,
and it's great to admire and things of that nature,
but it's so damn important to stick to your DNA.
Try to get to a place where you understand yourself
and understand what your strengths are.
You've gotta find your self-awareness.
All your shortcomings are there for a reason.
They're there to also allow you to be great.
Deep in your brain, deep in your heart,
you actually accept all those shortcomings,
is the second your life goes on the offense.
I worry that people don't tap into their strengths.
You have to audit who you actually are,
because then you're not gonna bullshit yourself.
You're gonna story-tell yourself,
you're gonna motivate yourself,
but you're not gonna bullshit yourself.
And once you believe that,
either for yourself or someone else told you,
go directly all chips, all in to that.
And we've all got something,
and you just need to accept what's yours
and go in on that.
Then you've got a starting point to success.
And so self-awareness at its finest
is accepting your shortcomings
and accentuating your strengths.
- Who the (beep) are you?
- I'm an entrepreneur.



自我覺察:認識你自己 - 蓋瑞‧范納洽 (Self-Awareness: Know Yourself: Gary Vaynerchuk)

16754 分類 收藏
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