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Aya, dear one, thank you for coming.
All is well with great Caesar.
Good my queen. Soon you will be on your throne.
Yes, yes.
I must ask you a favor though; the tomb...
I fear Lord Caesar should have the honor to bear witness to the author of our kingdom, Alexander the Great.
You want to impress your new lover, I see.
I see. The tomb is sealed, no?
It is but by an act of Gaia, not a royal decree.
An earthquake in the early days of my father's reign has blocked the door.
Do you know our metropolis well enough to suggest an alternate means of entry?
The underground.
You would enter from below?
Well, I would find a way into the cisterns and canals below.
Work backwards and find a way to clear passage into the tomb.
That would solve our problem but it seems idealistic.
Fortune favors those who ignore her.
I'll examine the area around the tomb and figure this out.
Excellent. Rejoice.
It is a dead end, my lady.
I will double check, ensure it is.
Really? You insult our efforts. We tried everything.
I doubt it.
Broken spear. These Romans really did try everything.
They got it right, this way is completely blocked.
That earthquake must have altered this structure.
Strange. This wall is not as solid as it looks.
Must be a way beneath. Around.
This is a tighter squeeze than the caves west of Siwa.
We were smaller in those days.
Where to now my love?
It must be through the sewers.
No one had the courage to plunge into Hades' rivers.
We are the ones.
After you, Aya.
That was one big crocodile.
Made soul rest in peace
About time you showed up.
I was guarding your rear.
My rear is fine.
The tomb.
I hope you will provide me with a similar sarcophagus.
Whatever you want my love.
It is said that his sarcophagus is full of honey.
Helps preserve the ka.
Promise me you will bury me with my blade.
So I can protect myself in the Field of Reeds.
These markings along the bottom. They speak of Siwa...
The vault... And a scepter that Alexander holds.
Amun stands in a field of trees.
Where a marked sphere meets its scepter.
Man to king, King to God.
A marked sphere?
What did you do with the orb I gave you?
I gave it to Apollodorus, he loves those things--
We should let the others in.
I'm going to keep looking around.
These paintings on the wall...
The Staff he is holding. The markings.
Ever since I was a boy I've idolized this man.
He is similar to you.
I wept at the base of his statue in Rome.
At thirty he was a god with an empire stretching across the known world.
What have I done with my five long decades here on earth?
Together we can do more than Alexander did.
How long before the Queen stops impressing Caesar and starts impressing us?
Our needs are hers as well. She will deliver.
My Caesar.
Our emissaries have been captured at the southern garrison of Alexandria.
Soldiers have reported a hostile environment.
Captured? Is this Ptolemy's diplomacy?
I will send my guard.
Greek soldiers will pass more freely through the city than Romans.
Let us settle this matter, my queen.
Flavius, come. Look, we found the great king.
Taking on the entire garrison will not be easy.
I may not have to take on the entire garrison.
A calculated kill and a shadowy presence will fair better.
If you take on the armies of Ptolemy.
I would like to be at your side.
I will distract the garrison with a brawl.
A fine idea. I will procure the emissaries.
You... Want can't anything.
Oh, shut it!
Is it starting to smell in here?
Don't look at me. I cleaned up the bodies last time.
Somebody just kill me finish the damn job.
I come to save you.
We need to alert Caesar.
What happened to you?
They're preparing a siege of the harbor.
They want to take the palace.
I will not betray Caesar.
How many more heads must I chop off before Caesar understand?
This is futile.
A change of plans.
The lion says we must march on the Pharos, and trap the queen.
Then they said... They left for...
Where? Where!
This guy may have more valuable information.
I need to bring him back to Caesar.
You have loyal men Caesar.
Septimius plans on trapping you in the palace. You have no time.
As I foresaw, war.
Flavius, they want fire, let us burn the whole damn harbor.
And if we change the barrels light the rest of the fleet will know what to do.
We will join them by chariot.
Salve, lord Caesar I will make the order.
My queen. You should accompany me into battle.
As these soldiers rip each other apart I shall stay on my throne.
I am queen until a sword plunges through my heart.
And even then my blood will stay on my throne.
Good then, I stay. My life is yours to do with as you will.
Now, the most crucial part of the plan.
Put this into the brazier of the Pharos.
She will accompany me through the city.
Now, let havoc reign.
Aya, if you find my brother.
I smell war.
We will put our queen on the throne.
You are the only queen worthy throne!
Give me the powder. Caesar thinks a woman cannot do this job.
Prove Caesar wrong my love.
I thought I heard scarab crawling up my tower.
You remind me of the Alexandrian whores I am gifted by the Order of Ancients.
Perhaps I will keep you around.
Now you've offended even my vulgar heart.
This Pharos is Ptolemy's! Be gone!
This pharos will only burn for Cleopatra.
How in Zeus' name did you kill my captains!
Ptolemy's men are breaking through our line!
No, we wait until I see the signal.
I can't believe you trusted a woman to do something of such importance.
How are the fleet to receive their orders?
Patience Caesar.
The die is cast. Come, we go to the battlefield!
Medjay, cover the retreat.
Many have doubted Aya.
All have found themselves dead by her blade.
Out of the way!
Brace yourself! Hard left.
You better be as fast with your bow they claim or we will be dead.
You focus on driving. I will keep these fools at bay.
Odd way to speak of your countrymen.
Any who would give up on our people is no countryman of Mine.
Behind, man!
We're surrounded!
I am working on it.
Work more quickly!
Behind us! The chariot gains!
I hear more gaining on us!
I'm shooting as fast as I can, Roman.
That is not good.
What is it?
Hope we don't find out, Caesar. Faster! Perhaps we can outrun it!
We will face it. Ready yourself, Caesar.
This is worse than any battle you've yet had.
It can't be that bad!
It is Osiris himself.
The arrows are only making him angrier!
Hold the chariot steady!
My focus is on not being trampled, Egyptian.
I have an idea.
Just get rid of the damned thing!
The lighthouse approaches quickly. We'll run out of land soon.
Throw harder!
There! It's the fleet!
I have nothing left to throw!
Anytime Bayek!
There will be songs of us Bayek.
Now we must join the ships...
We will be heroes sword and mind!
Subtitles by the Amara.org community


《刺客教條:起源》Assassin's Creed® Origins 第13集【Silent Simon玩遊戲學英文】 (Assassin's Creed Origins-Episode13)

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