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I'm low key excited for this video.
Don't be so extra.
Wow. I'm shook. Like you're any better.
So salty!
Slang is an important part of any language, and English is no exception!
Today I'm going to teach you ten current American slang words!
Number one is "extra."
If someone says you're extra, they're saying that you're trying too hard or you're being too dramatic.
For example, if someone cried tears of joy after buying the new Yeezys,
you could say, "You're so extra."
People keep saying, "Charlene, why are you so extra?"
But I think about it, and I'm like...
not as extra as the extra large fries I'm eating tonight.
If someone is salty, they're angry or bitter about something.
Often, it's partly because they're embarrassed.
For example, if you win a game against your friend,
and then he says something rude or sarcastic to you,
you could say, "He's just salty because he lost."
You salty?
Low key
Low-key was originally an adjective that meant modest, or relaxed, or not a big deal.
But as a slang word, it's used as an adverb,
and it means kind of or secretly.
You could say something like, "I low key love Justin Bieber."
You look cute today. Low key though, dude! Low key, dude!
Snatched means on point or fashionable.
It can be used to describe anything that you think looks good.
So if you want to compliment someone you could say,
"Your outfit is snatched!"
Is my nose snatched, or nah?
Glow up
Glow up is a combination of "grow up" and "glow."
It's used to describe an amazing transformation,
and it can be used as a noun or a verb.
So, if you think someone has gotten a lot more attractive,
you could say, "You really glowed up."
Or, "What a glow up!"
I've been watching these YouTube videos about how to glow up over the summer.
I think it definitely worked. Can you tell?
Tea, or the tea, means gossip.
So, you could ask someone, "What's the tea?"
As in, "What's the latest gossip?"
Or, "Did you hear the tea about Khloe Kardashian?"
As in, "Did you hear the latest rumor about her?"
The tea is exceptionally good today.
Who made this? Very delicious.
Shook means shocked or amazed.
If you're shook, you can't believe what you're seeing or what has just happened.
For example, if you said, "I just got my exam results back, and I am shook,"
it would mean that you were really surprised,
either because your score was really high or because it was really low.
You see me walkin' by, and you are shook.
Shady means sneaky or suspicious.
You can use it to describe someone that you think isn't trustworthy.
For example, if someone talks behind your back,
you could say, "She's shady."
The teacher's shady, kids are insane.
Throwing staplers.
Pooping everywhere!
Fire is the new way to say hot or awesome.
Online, you might also see people use the fire emoji as a way to say, "This is fire!"
You can say something is fire, like, "This new song is fire!"
or someone is fire, like, "Beyonce is fire!"
Man, it's fire!
How was your trip?
It was fire! Straight up amazing.
If you say something is canceled, it means that you don't want to deal with that thing anymore.
You're saying it's over.
For example, if you've been seeing someone and then you decide not to anymore,
you could say, "That's canceled," as in that relationship is over.
You know what, well, that's over. It's canceled.
We don't need coffee when we have sparkling water.
Leave a comment below using one of the slang words from this video!
I'm low key so excited to see all of your comments!
And if you thought this video was fire, remember to like and subscribe!



VT English | 十大美國最新流行用語 (VT English | 10 Must-Know American Slang Words for 2018)

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