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Welcome to New York City.
At 10 Hudson Yards is where we welcome 1,400 L'Oréal USA employees to our New York City headquarters every single day.
Come on, let's take a look.
We heard what our employees were looking for which is collaborative meeting space.
We've got 12,000 square feet of meeting space, here in this incredible building, where employees can meet, get together for casual conversation or tackle the big projects and think about what that next consumer needs for the future.
Here is our flagship company store, located right here in the middle of our New York corporate headquarters.
It's where employees, friends and family can come and choose to shop from across any of our 30 plus brands.
Welcome to the beauty lab by L'Oréal, where virtual reality is used to envision the store and the product placement of the future.
So, here is where all our merchandisers and marketers can get together to define that future consumer experience.
So, here we have our in-house nail salon, where employees can come to get a quick mani-pedi, and today we've got some real-life consumer testing going on, for our Essie products.
Have a look.
So, now we're here at our consumer beauty center, where we invite consumers and beyond to come in and try out our new products before they hit the market.
We get to test out those new products before - Zumba!
Patty, how are you?
It's good, everything's great.
And yes, I also happen to be passionate about Zumba.
So I found a way to teach classes at work.
The health and wellness of our L'Oréal employees is very important to us, and so we've been able to design designated spaces for mindfulness, meditation, mother's rooms and wellness, more than half a dozen rooms, specifically for this purpose.
So, one of my favorite amenities here at Hudson Yards is our fantastic cafe.
And this very special juice bar, where employees and visitors are here every single day to get anything they need.
And you can't beat these views either.
It's a perfect time for our employees to take advantage of this 4,000 square foot terrace.
It's a great spot to take a meeting, take a quick break, get some sun and enjoy the views of the West Side.



令人羨慕!巴黎萊雅的紐約辦公室 (L'Oréal's New York office | Office Envy)

18406 分類 收藏
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