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Hi, I'm gonna smile an abnormal amount.
Honestly, I forgot this was happening today.
I'm so nervous I might throw up.
Well, I've already judged you based on how you look.
I tried not to, but I did.
Should I start lying now, or did you wanna small talk about the weather first?
You can just like, go ahead and say everything you wrote on there.
Sure, well as you can see here, I made up six years of experience.
Head of marketing for Mr. Jones. Nice.
Correct. That's my dad.
I told him you might call, and he has talking points already.
So tell me about this management position at this company I've never heard of.
Technically I was an assistant but I feel like I could've figured it out.
Mmhmm, let's see what other interview questions I've Googled here.
Ah, yes, why did you leave your last job?
I just feel like I needed a bigger challenge, you know?
And also I was fired.
Mmhmm, mmhmm.
Tell me about one of your many weaknesses, and don't say perfectionist, ok? You liar.
Honestly, I don't really work that hard.
So why do you want this job?
I like money.
Says here you're proficient in Photoshop.
Oh yeah, I face tune all the time, it's one and the same.
Potato, potato, am I right?
Fluent in French, very nice lie.
I know exactly three words, that was one of them.
Mmm, trustworthy, I'm not really sure that's a skill.
Fair, it also depends how many drinks I've had.
I know it seems like I'm taking informative notes but really I'm just writing, "Don't hire."
literally, look, "Don't hire."
stupid answer, dumb dumb, you're not getting the job.
You know, I'm sensing this isn't going well so I'm gonna say a bunch of buzz words.
Go for it.
Reliable, a team player, self starter.
Mmm, maybe something about efficiency?
Time management.
There it is.
Problem solver, eh?
I'm really enjoying feeling like I'm in power right now.
Oh, fast learner.
Listen, shut up.
You're talking a little too much so I'm gonna tell you about our company now.
Oh, I'm squinting my eyes and nodding as if I'm very interested.
Same, yeah, no, I could care less about this god damn company.
Well I'm going to overthink everything I said as soon as I walk out.
We might settle for you.
That's what I'm hoping for.
Absolutely tragic, so sorry.
Aye, you alright there, mate?
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every Monday and Thursday, mate,
you know I want you to be there.
One love superwoman that is a wrap, and zoop!



【Superwoman】求職過的都懂──面試真心話全紀錄! (If Job Interviews Were Honest)

6511 分類 收藏
Charo Wen 發佈於 2018 年 5 月 24 日
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