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You put my tony's Travel, oh yeah I'm
Gonna Go Back man Really Gets in There Sure yeah yeah can, We get a check Please hope you Enjoyed everything here's the Check yeah
What are you doing Guys no no I
Got it I got it I got it you're Visiting [Bateman] I got it that's Exactly why
I wanted it hey I'm Never in Town Let Me Pay you'll Pay next Time Excuse Me don't take his Card
He Pay Today yeah Look I know yes You're being Silly you're right Shit she Can be
[Sooner] Please hi I'm gonna Pay for this with my friends
No, no, you're not going about a man [hold] on man to man I need [the] [Papers] hey
It's all good Bro the next one You get you deserve Me Know Exactly I'm Talking about
Can i [please] [Pay] I'm Gonna have to Pay for it what is it was it Something I?
Gotta Pay for This Watch Is how it goes Let me Just, don't be Silly sir you know
Me doing you crying you're Crying because I'm
Good hey hey, hey -
You become poor, no
You Think I'm Broke not something to do with that [I] just Courtesy I'm Just Trying to
Does that Make you feel Better about you Say all right Let me Feel Better
All Right no Problem you Pay [use] your car
Now you listen to me okay, do you know who I am
My Cousin you know my father's
and my uncle
Bro nice Guy [a] nice Guy, Yeah you know Where I got this sweater
um Gap Maybe
Abercrombie you know, One of Those Didn't want to eat this Morning and then We'll meal Banana any What kind of car I drive
yes Smart Car the Yellow smart Cards
Parked Outside Funny More
so, were you uh are you going With all this I'm Paying the Damn Bill okay so put your Card away and Comply
Waiter I'm so sorry about Think I'm sorry
Guys Sorry Cash only no Cards, oh
my Gosh
No no I got I got it right here it's right I got it Bro
There's The next [One] You get the next I got it right I already got it's okay, okay, well I got it's, okay?


爆笑!別跟我搶付帳 (Paying for the Bill | Anwar Jibawi & Rudy Mancuso)

346 分類 收藏
60308 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 26 日
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