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Nomophobia is a new word that's being coined
to describe no mobile phobia
and it's the idea that a lot of us,
in thinking about not having our phones,
experience something like a phobia and this is supposed to
describe hundreds of millions of people today
and I'm sure that number is growing at the moment.
What that means is that when you think about,
for example, your phone falling out of your pocket,
tumbling to the ground and shattering into a million pieces,
you should experience anxiety symptom
and it's especially true among young people.
I ran a study at one point where I asked young people,
a whole lot of teenagers, a very simple question.
I said to them,
"Imagine you have this very unpleasant choice.
So, you can either watch your phone tumble to the ground
and shatter into a million pieces
or you can have a small bone in your hand broken."
Now, that seems to people of a certain age and older
like a fairly straightforward question
with a straightforward answer.
It seems ridiculous.
Of course you choose to save the integrity of your hand
and let your phone break.
You can always replace a phone, but for young people
this is actually a very difficult question.
In my experience, about 40% - 50% of them will say,
"Ultimately, I think it probably makes more sense
to have a bone in my hand broken
than it does to have my phone broken."
And, you can understand why that is, apart from the fact
that it is expensive to have a phone repaired
and there's some time where you're without your phone,
that is their portal to a social world
that is very important to them.
Being without that social world for a while
is probably not as detrimental in some aspects
as being without a particular bone in your hand.
Most of the time, you can get by and you can see this
in the way they ask follow-up questions.
So, a lot of these teens will say to me things like,
"Is it my left hand or my right hand?"
and the most important question,
"Once I break that bone in my hand,
can I still use my phone?
Is it a bone that I need to be able to scroll on the phone,
because if it is, then that's no deal,
but if it's not a bone that I need to use my screen
at least I can continue to use my phone
during the time I'm healing."
If people are willing to endure physical harm
to keep their phones that obviously suggests
that this is a major issue.
The definition that I like for behavioral addiction
that makes the most sense to me is an experience
that we return to compulsively over and over again
because it feels good in a short run but in the long run,
it ultimately undermines our well-being in some respect.
So, it can be someone who notices that over time
their social relationships are degrading
because they don't have a consistent, face-to-face contact
with people and that's especially problematic for kids
who need time in that real face-to-face social world
because that's where they develop
all the competencies of being a social creature.
The way to work out what other people are thinking,
to share your feelings in a way
that you want them to be shared
for other people to understand you
for you to make just the right facial expressions at just the right times.
Those seem like obvious and easy-to-do things
for most adults but for kids it's very difficult to do that.
They take time to hone those skills
and so you need face-to-face time to do that
and if you don't have that, if you're spending all your time
on screens because it's really fun to crush one more candy
on Candy Crush or do whatever it is that you might be doing,
you're not developing those long-term competencies
and therefore your long-term well-being is degraded.
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寧願骨折也要滑手機? (Would You Rather Break a Bone or Lose Your Phone?)

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HsiangLanLee 發佈於 2018 年 8 月 15 日    HsiangLanLee 翻譯    審核


隨著科技的日漸發達及智慧型手機的問世,人們對於手機的依賴性也越來越高。現代人可以說是「機不離手」;不論是聚餐、過馬路、蹲馬桶或甚至是洗澡時,都不願放下手機,連小 V 也是智慧型手機重度成癮者! 讓我們一起來看這部影片,探討這怪異現象背後的原因吧!

phobia 有「恐慌;恐慌症」的意思,是一個名詞。這個字通常不會單獨出現,前面會加上另外一個字,形成一個更完整的名詞。像是 acrophobia 就是常見的「懼高症」。另外,再補充一個比較特別的 arachnophobia, 是懼怕蜘蛛或是蠍子類生物的「蜘蛛恐懼症」。
I have a phobia about clowns.

symptom 是疾病類的「症狀;徵兆」的意思,詞性為名詞;英文常常會用  show symptoms of ... 來表示 「有...症狀」。
Are you showing any symptoms of dizziness?

If the symptoms get worse, consult your doctor.

straightforward 是一個形容詞,若用來形容事、物的話有「簡單的;易理解的」的意思;若用來形容人的話則有「直率的」的意思。
The instructions are fairly straightforward.

【TED-Ed】珍貴的水資源: 認識我們所面臨的問題 - (Fresh water scarcity: An introduction to the problem - Christiana Z. Peppard)

integrity 這個名詞有兩種常見用法,在本片中的意思是「完整」,所以中文才會譯作「你當然會選擇保護你的手完好無缺」;而另外一個意思若從英文直翻就是「正直;誠實」,白話就是某人的「為人」的意思。
A modern extension on the historical building would ruin its architectural integrity.

Everyone believes that Chad is a man of the highest integrity.
每個人都相信 Chad 是一個光明磊落的人。

endure 是「忍受;忍耐」的意思,是一個動詞。補充一下,我們在跑步的時候常會說某人的「耐力」很好,而耐力這個字的英文就是 endurance,詞性為名詞。
We had to endure the crying baby throught the entire conference.

隱形的歧視:非裔孩子最深沉的告白 (A Conversation About Growing Up Black | Op-Docs | The New York Times)

小 V 鼓勵大家嘗試適時地放下手機,吃飯時或旅行時,除了用手機紀錄,也用眼睛好好的享受美好的當下。

文/ Winnie Liao




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