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Neil: Welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Neil.
Feifei: And I'm Feifei.
Neil: Actually, Feifei, can you help me with something?
Feifei: Go on.
Neil: There's this girl I like. I want to ask her for coffee.
But I don't want to seem too serious or creepy
or anything. Just friendly.
Feifei: And you're writing her a message? OK.
Neil: I just can't find the words.
Feifei: Easy. Stick a couple of emojis on there.
Much less formal!
Neil: You mean, like, a smiley face?
Feifei: Yeah, but those are so last year.
Neil: Maybe a love heart?
Feifei: Seriously? That's a bit too much.
You need to up your emoji game!
Neil: My emoji game... like an emoji
of a video game... or a football?
Feifei: No. The phrase 'to raise your game',
or 'to up your game', means to improve.
Neil: Yes, it's a good phrase.
Feifei, you're not working hard enough,
you need to up your game!
Feifei: That's not true... but good use of up your game.
The phrase has now developed a bit.
We often add what we're trying to improve
before the word 'game'.
Neil: Like this:
Examples: I never finish novels.
I need to up my reading game.
I badly need to work on my interview game
before my big interview next week.
You could do with a bit more exercise, mate.
You should raise your running game!
Feifei: Great. Hope those examples help.
Any progress with that text message?
Neil: Here goes: "Lucy. Please have a coffee with me
tomorrow." And then some coffee emojis.
Feifei: Well, it's direct! But I still think we need to up your
emoji game. Actually, and your texting game.
Oh, and your dating game...
We've got a lot of work to do!
Neil: Oh, ok. Well I already sent the message.
Let's hope it works!
And she's replied already.
Feifei: No way, what did she say?
Neil: "Neil. I thought you'd never ask!
I'd love to have coffee. 3pm?"
And then a couple of big smiley emojis.
Feifei: Wow, congratulations.
Maybe it's me who needs to up my game.
Neil: Looks like it!
Neil and Feifei: Bye.


up your game 是什麼意思?(Up your game: The English We Speak)

435 分類 收藏
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