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"And now, let's turn to a young woman who has chosen to lend her voice...
...to this very important solidarity movement. She's a leading British actor, an advocate for gender equality in
her own right, she's been involved with the promotion of girls' education for several years. Ladies and gentlemen,
please join me in welcoming to this stage our co-host and the UN women's global goodwill ambassador,
Emma Watson."
"Oh... Emma, don't worry about it. You look great."
"Mwah. Good morning."
"I'm Regis and she's Kelly, and welcome to our show."
"Jump up here, Emma; let's talk."
"This is Emma's first time in New York-- first time in America!"
"So what happened when you learned you got the part? That must've been the thrill of your life, right?"
- "Yeah... yeah, it was-- I couldn't believe it."
- "And what did the other kids say at school?"

Emma Watson is in her mid-20s.
She's in the public eye because she's made some films,
but what she has to offer us is an example of positive character traits
that have nothing really to do with the cinema.
We may benefit from having her example selectively in mind in relation to many apparently distant matters.
First and foremost, Emma Watson is an example of the virtue of dignity.
"... it's an honor to be joined by Malala Yousufzai. Hello Malala."
It's quite hard to pin down what we might mean by dignity.
Probably everyone wants more of this quality, but it feels odd to say so.
That's because we easily confuse dignity with a couple of other things that we tend to be very suspicious of:
coldness and standoffish pride.
There's a worry that if someone has dignity, they're not going to be very nice to be around,
but really dignity has to do with being confident of one's own decency and fundamental soundness...
... in situations where there's pressure to lose this confidence and act otherwise.
When participating in a TV chat show, Emma mixes easily with people...
... who are at times rather clownish or crass.
"I remember, um, being devastated coming into the studio and seeing another little girl who ah...
had actually been in films before, and I was like, 'Oh, I'm never, never gonna get it. She's had previous acting
experience, she's--
- "And that dang Judi Dench is a bitch."

"She can play young as well. You know she..."
But she doesn't become like them, and so she can be a good sport and join in without losing her natural honor.
She's not cold, and hence is a good example to have in mind of how to pull off, without strain, a crucial everyday
diplomatic move: how to get on well with all sorts of people, and yet still be yourself.
- "I don't quite understand what you're saying."
- "Well, I'll tell you what..."

We might tend to think that the great lessons we need to learn from others are complicated,
but a lesson is great because it's basic-- because we need it a lot, and so it will by definition
look quite simple when stated.
"Ahh, other than just to say thank you so much for all of your support and..."
Emma is also good at gratitude.
It would be understandable if a person got sick of being labeled just one thing-- Potter Girl--
and therefore turned against being in the limelight,
becoming a bit hollow or mechanical in acknowledging the thing that had given them so much.
But Emma Watson seems to be genuinely understanding of the role that she has to play for other people.
She will always be, especially for younger girls, Hermione.
She has to be Hermione just as Elizabeth Windsor has to be the queen for people,
even if she has moments of inward frustration at having to be this character.
In this way, Emma is like a good parent.
She knows the character is bigger than her, just as being Mummy, someone loving, kind and understanding,
is more important than being recognized by your children for being the fuller, more complex,
more ambivalent person you really are.
"How many journals and diaries do you have goin'?"
"I think I have 30."
Emma is good, too, at generosity.
She's clever, but doesn't humiliate people with the fact.
She doesn't go on chat shows and talk about post-structuralism or the early novels of George Eliot...
... to her academics specialisms--
not because she couldn't do that very well, but because it would be unkind.
In fact, her generosity is such that it seems strange even to note these possibilities.
"I don't... I don't believe for a second that it's both of your birthday."
She beautifully evades, even a hint, that she might have loves and needs and insights...
... that would leave others bereft and feeling abandoned by their old friend from Hogwarts.
"Promise you'll write in summer. Both of you."
In a similar way, Emma is casual in the way she dresses, where she shops and how she lives.
What does it mean when she dresses down?
Is she a strange kind of fake, a fake ordinary?
She could afford a chauffeur, she could have bodyguards, she could always look a million dollars.
Is she just playing at being like us?
More likely, she's making a point about how good it is to have an ordinary life.
She wants something that we already have.
In the Christian tradition, Jesus, the Son of God and the Prince of Heaven, becomes a man.
He is born to very ordinary parents. He does all the ordinary things: he works, gets tired, feels lonely...
and this is imagined as the consequence of love.
To love is to want to share in the ordinary existence of another person.
Watson looks at people who are not glamorous, not famous, never invited onto the Red Carpet, and she says
implicitly, "I like how you do things."
That's very helpful indeed. It's important for us to have people in mind who have the option of opting out,
who don't have to live ordinary lives, but who actually freely choose everyday things.
By so doing, these people teach us to appreciate a little more the things which we love less than we should.
"I am inviting you to step forward, to be seen, and to ask yourself:
'If not me, who? If not now, when?'
Thank you very, very much."


流行文化:艾瑪·華森 (POP CULTURE: Emma Watson)

394 分類 收藏
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