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  • I got my sister here to drop me off.


  • I'm on my way to meet the homies from college.

    00:00:07,560 --> 00:00:08,940 搞什麼...Jae!!!

  • Good morning ya'll


  • So basically what we're looking for today is


  • sleep , cos sleep is for the weak. Huh .


  • You know what mom just said? Mom just said you need that American swag. You need that America swag.

    睡覺! 因為睡覺是弱咖做的事,哈!

  • Ladies and gentlemen Mr. Y mun are you still doing mun? I am still doing mun. Tell them what a talented kid I was.

    你知道剛媽說什麼嗎? 媽剛說你需要些美國Swag

  • So tole everyone of my students that he wrote the worst paper ever.


  • I think I saved it.


  • Worst paper ever.

    MUN 人生 快告訴大家我小時候多有才華

  • What's good, how does it feel to see Jae after so long? That's all right. You like James Harden used to be so cute


  • What happened to him what happened to you bro? I'm cuter now.


  • Prints on the way.


  • So where are we going?


  • Meanwhile I lost my wallet


  • Here with my homie James

    還好啊 你看起來像James Harden

  • Lost my wallet. It's a bad day, but we're gonna go and eat what? Lobster ! I set up a poll for you


  • 898 people voted. The options were American food, Asian food, seafood aka Lobster or the extra option of starver dat boi.


  • Hold up, what was the fourth option? starve that boy.

    我現在很可愛啊 誇張...

  • Why? I don't know I wanted to see how many people cared about your well-being

    朋友們!! 要去...

  • I want to know the percentage of the fourth one. All right so first place one lobster one with 69% .


  • Second place was starve dat boi at 15%


  • Ya'll just trippin


  • Anyway, we want to get that we're gonna get Vietnamese fried lobster right, which is my favorite kind of lobster, so let's get it.


  • So we just got here. We're about to go. We couldn't find parking right James. It's like a one minute , it's fine.


  • It's too far for me. I'm a k-pop star !


  • It's good seeing you James. I mean it's all right


  • It's too early to tell I'm not in a good mood. You're not in a good mood


  • It's not a great way to start a reunion. Why aren't you in a good mood? I didn't get Seventeen tickets


  • Really. You wanna see Seventeen, which one's your favorite? Jeonghan. So what's k-pop then? I mean for us

    選項分別是: 「美式食物、亞洲食物、海鮮(=龍蝦)」

  • It's just music. Who's your kpop inspirations? Well like DJ Doc.


  • How do you know all these like old-school k-pop heads? huh I've been listening to kpop since I was literally a kid.

    等等,第四個選項是什麼? 讓你餓扁!

  • How'd you even get into kpop? Seven. I was born into kpop. I'm Korean, my parents are Korean.

    甚麼! 我也不知道,只是想看有多少人管你死活

  • So for me I know like old-school Psy, I know like old-school JYP.


  • I actually listened to JYP not the label but actual Park Jinyoung you know.


  • Yeah, your pronunciation there was so bad.


  • Yeah, see it's like really, but that's also my favorite JYP song.


  • My pronunciation was bad pish-posh bro. Come to Papa!


  • Oh god, you're beautiful


  • It's beautiful though ~

    我們剛到這,正走過去, 剛找不到車位,對吧,James?

  • We're trying to go to where? They don't have boba. They have boba, they have boba the milk tea has boba.


  • The problem is Jae is apparently allergic to everything! I am a diva, what can you do about it.


  • Why is your phone pink? Rose gold dog. What's wrong with this kid XD




  • This is like that is like high fashion right now. My phone is high fashion.


  • Right we're gonna try to go back to the lobster place. Apparently Jae knows a boba place over there. I know a boba place.


  • What are you gonna get over there? A slushie. They do have slush, that's no boba. If you don't have slush


  • Ok listen, he's such a diva. If he wasn't such a diva


  • I would probably just like tell this place to sell me the boba bubbles and then we would go to like 7-eleven and


  • Get the slushies from 7-eleven


  • That actually sound's like a good idea


  • It was supposed to sound like a punishment you're not supposed to enjoy that.

    你最喜歡誰? 淨漢

  • I just to get all the pho at late nights.


  • I like Korean pho not like Korea pho. Koreans that makes pho here.


  • Korea Number 1 !


  • So um pretty much that was a fail.

    像是DJ Doc

  • It's not my fault, you didn't tell me you were lactose intolerant !


  • The freaking place was a


  • cake shop. You don't go to cake shop for boba. Homie, we are gonna go to my joint now. Tasty ~


  • I asked him if he had any allergies. He only said he was allergic to fruit, that's it. I thought you were my real homie. I thought you knew I was lactose

    我是為了Kpop而生的~ 我是韓裔,我父母都是韓國人

  • Is lactose really a thing? Is lactose really a thing ?!


  • You trippin bro. lactose is the real thing, it's a raging epidemic.


  • It just means that you have to poo really fast. No, ok lactose in my world means I get headaches

    什麼!? "我有女人了~"

  • I start throwing up and all that stuff. Anyway. I've never heard of that.

    對~ 但你的發音實在太糟了

  • It is the start of another beautiful day, Southern, California


  • We got miss skinny bones over here, but yeah today the plan is first up


  • we're gonna go to do UCLA to try to film something sneak peek with my friend from Form of Therapy, James. And then we are gonna see some of the homies

    我發音太糟?! 最好是老兄!!

  • who is gonna, I guess kicking in LA. We'll see what happens, better get it !


  • We're back out here today with the brother James, Form of Therapy. We're about to get some work in. What we try to do today James?

    喔,天啊! 你太美了!

  • We're trying to film some sort of street reactions/therapy videos.


  • We're gonna do some street reactions to Day6. In the studio, getting to work. We got Toby over there.


  • The arts and crafts massy. Oh, we got mr. Yin.


  • I saw Toby today. Hopefully it works out. Yeah, honestly. We if we can get done in two hours. That'd be great.

    他們有賣珍珠 沒!

  • That'd be awsome, and what do you think? Production never goes that way so...

    他們有賣珍珠 沒!

  • That's life kids. All right so basically, we just got our day started

    他們奶茶裡有珍珠 沒!

  • we just met up with my Form of Therapy, also Toby the homie. We're gonna try to get some stuff done

    00:03:36,960 --> 00:03:40,360 問題是,Jae大概對所有的東西都過敏

  • We're gonna hopefully get this YouTube video rolling and hopefully we get the reactions that we want, but we shall see


  • So yeah, we're gonna head over Los Cerritos mall right now.

    為啥你的手機是粉紅色?! 是玫瑰金

  • We're gonna do a do you know Day6? Do you know kpop?


  • Who's the best looking member of the group after we show them the music video and obviously everyone's going to point out Jae.


  • So we just finished up filming. We had a very slight problem

    這是最近的時尚好嗎? 那我手機也最時尚

  • He broke the equipment, take a professional was no better. It's a good day. But anyway we're off to Cerritos mall.


  • We're gonna say goodbye to James, it was a successful day. I gotta go be some other homies though


  • oh, we're gonna catch up with Mary and Lara at Chipotle. Let's go ~


  • So we just finished up eating Chipotle.


  • We're gonna head out to this amazing boba place cos I've literally you guys know I've had Bobo about four times today.

    你要去那裡買什麼? 一杯冰沙 一杯冰沙

  • So it better be... wow the camera doesn't even get you so short.

    剛那家沒有賣冰沙,那不算飲料店 如果你沒賣冰沙的話...

I got my sister here to drop me off.



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