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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another moment of Jae Does Stuff
Today, we're gonna be doing something a little different
because I'm gonna teach you the secret to life.
This is how you win every single dance battle
that you ever join
So, a lot of people may be thinking: "Jae, you can't dance. You're not good at dancing."
I would say to those people, are you out of your mind?
Are you crazy?
Jae is the number two freestyler in JYP, you feel me, like right after Sungjin.
When we dance? Earth quakes.
It trembles at our feet.
So we're gonna show you the one dance move to rule them all.
We're in the dance room!
Can you introduce yourself?
Your name, your age, your preference of food,
- how you want your eggs done in the morning.
- My ex? Oh, my eggs.

My name's Alex. I make music.
Today, ladies and gentlemen, imma release the move that we're going to learn.
And the move that we are going to learn is absolute monster.
It's so wavy. It's so- what? *giggles*
That's exactly what it looks like!
Ladies and gentlemen, the move that we are going to learn and teach yall today is
The Worm
The Worm~
The Worm!
I need instructions!
- Ok, we go down.
- Alright, we go down.

- Lay down.
- Ok.

- And keep back.
- Uh huh.

- Push-up position.
- Uh huh.

Uh huh.
- Then you slant your body in front naturally.
- Uh huh.

And then you put that together in one motion.
What the heck!
How do- how do you do it so good?
- I've been doing this since I was like 3rd grade though.
- Yeah?!

I was like "Hey, Ma! Look at this!"
Let's get to work then, I guess.
Bro, you worming, bruh! You worming, bruh!
Raise it, raise your knee a little closer
As high as possible, then, kick back.
Then, kick back
And then, you-
- Push up at the same time
- Ok.

So, one, two, three
- Like you bring- you feel like-
- AHH!

Yo, why is this so tiring.
- Uh..
- This leg's back, like this.

- That's the-
- Yo!

Alright, everybody. Final form of worm.
Eye of the tiger.
There you go. There you go.
There you go. Get up, bro.
Alright! Alright!
Alright, dope.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are out in South Korea.
We are at- where are we at?
- 뱅뱅사거리 (Foursquare)
- 뱅뱅사거리

- And the weather-
- Negative, like, 400.

- Dude, it's negative crazy right now, hold on.
- It's like negative forever.

It's only negative 6. It's alright.
Oh! Cold..
Ok, I can't do this.
- Bend your knee
- Brian!



jae的舞蹈視頻 (THE ONE MOVE TO RULE THEM ALL w/LXX of High420 *Tutorial*)

760 分類 收藏
nattynarwhal 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 10 日
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