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All right what's good everybody it's your boy Jae
Six! And once again we are back with
another YouTube video we're doing

Street reactions to DAY6 and most importantly
who is the best looking member

Let's get it.
Hi, my name is Brian nice to meet you
I'm about to do an interview I'm gonna
ask you guys couple questions

First question is a very basic question:
Do you listen to K-pop at all?

I do not listen to K-pop
I'm familiar with Gangnam Style yeah,
but I don't really listen to K-pop
Yeah, I know like the usual groups like the big ones
I don't listen to it, but I know about it.
Uh I know like the groups like BTS, yeah, AOA, Twice
You said Twice oOOOooOOohHHHh

I had a Big Bang phase, and then that's it.
What was your favorite Big Bang song?
We Belong Together
Do you listen or do you know what K-pop is?
Uh yeah
Who is your favorite group in K-pop?
Don't even lie
DAY6 and BTS, those two
Uhhh I guess Big Bang?
Who's your favorite K-pop group?
I like DAY6
Okay, so I'm gonna introduce you to a group called DAY6. They are a South Korean band, a rock band
They are under a label called JYP
Do you know Twice?
I've heard of it.
But you don't know DAY6?
I don't
It's okay. My feelings aren't hurt.
So is it okay if we show you guys
about a minute of the music video?

Yeah of course
That is a nice video
This is actually one of my favorite songs
Oh really?
And like, I showed it to her yesterday, I think
Oh really?
Yeah I've been recently introduced
Now he's good looking, huh?
That kid, that kid's crazy
I'm kinda disappointed it's not a girl group
Oh that guy looks chill, that guy looks chill
Right? // Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I love you
You heard that?
It wasn't gonna be like the super
hard rock that I had in thought.

No, but I could definitely rock with that
You like that? // Yeah
Oh I'm getting you into DAY6 it's good
Yes // It's good!
See that head motion
He's feeling it
Yo, I like that drop.
Like that guitar riff?
Heck yeah
Started feeling a bit more ..? // Yeah// Yeah
How many guys are in this?
Uh five
Girls //Like five of them?
00:02:49,180 --> 00:02:51,180
It's all good it's all good it's all good!

It's a lot better than some of the punk rock here actually
Yeah, actually I agree with you
So what did you guys think about the music video? About the music?
Would you mess with it?
It was pretty good
I like it better than K-pop
The music video was on point
The visuals were good the shots were good
The music is definitely rock
It's not outside of the genre, it
definitely can pass for rock

And the instruments were all
on point

The guitaring, the drumming
Were all very good, yeah
I like the chorus like when it starts getting all--// Yeah
It sounded pretty nice and very
eloquent for some apparent reason

Some apparent reason?
What was your favourite part?
In the beginning. When you go like "ah wae"
Ah wae~
So basically the reason that we
showed you the music video

Come down to two very important questions
Basic number one
What did you think of the members?
I think I just like all of them! I don't--
Your eyes are looking at Young K.
I mean... Yeah
I'm done
That dude reminds me of like Harry Styles or something
That's what I would expect the pop
culture in Korea to look like yeah

Young K, Young K, kinda looks like a girl in that one
Everyone here looks young except Young K
Wonpil and Jae
Just the presence is just kind of strong
Wonpil's presence is strong..?
All right homies
The final most important question is:
Who is the best looking member?
Can I abstain from this question?
You may what are you talking
about why would you abstain?!

Because I think he's the cutest
I have to be honest right here, I have to pick that guy
So y'all pick Bob the Builder
Wonpil // I say Wonpil
So I know that Korea is really big into like the feminine and kind of like a cute look
He does that but still looks like an
actual like masculine type of person

Young K
Oh so Jae!
So they pick Jae.
Just just just point and keep them there
So so you mean
Uh yeah sure
There you go have it
I think all of them are pretty good-looking.
There''s gotta be one
You pick Young K
Not Wonpil.
Not Jae.
Can you just hold this real quick?
I go with... Jae
What about you?
I think so, me too
You're my number one, my bias, so
Yes, honestly
So who is the best-looking member?
That's the end of the interview, thank you


街頭反應(I Wait-Day6 Edition) (The Reaction of The Streets (I Wait-Day6 Edition))

468 分類 收藏
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