B1 中級 美國腔 1849 分類 收藏
taipei 101 located in the capital of
Taiwan the 101 tower is renowned as the
icon of modern Taiwan it's design is
reached with symbolism and tradition dot
and this awe-inspiring landmark is a
standing monument to both the ancient
science of feng shui and to modern
design soaring to a height of five
hundred and eight meters the 101 floors
represent a number that is considered
perfect and auspicious in Chinese
culture there are eight sections of the
tower because the number eight is also
considered as auspicious for it
represents abundance and good fortune
according to the designers the tower can
withstand winds of up to 215 km/h and
the strongest earthquakes which is an
important feature because Taiwan
frequently experiences both when it
opened in 2004 the taipei 101 tower beat
the petronas twin towers of malaysia by
a height of 56 meters for the title of
the tallest building in the world
however in 2010 it was surpassed by the
Burj Khalifa apart from all these taipei
101 holds records for first record
ground to structural top five hundred
and nine meters the record was formerly
held by the petronas twin towers at 450
two meters second record ground to roof
449 meters the record was formerly held
by the sears tower and 442 metres third
record ground to highest occupied floor
439 metres the record was formerly held
by the sears tower fourth record fastest
elevator speed 16.8 three meter per
second or 60.4 kilo meter per hour fifth
record largest countdown clock on New
Year's Eve


台北101是獨一無二的 (Why Taipei 101 Tower is unique ? - Tallest Building of Taiwan)

1849 分類 收藏
Charlie Brown 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 8 日
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