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I think you have to define what you mean by robot, exactly.
It really depends what industry it's in.
You have a lot of robotics in car manufacturing, for example.
You still need a person loading the robot.
In terms of the clothing industry, then I think labourers are mainly used instead of robots, because they are cheaper.
Certain jobs are more adequate for robots, but I don't think the human is going to be removed from the process.
I just think that humans need to adapt.
Being up in Edinburgh, lots of the whisky production can't be automated.
The coopers still have to make all the barrels.
More people will be trained to service the robots as well.
Percentage-wise though, I'm going to say something really low.
- I think I'm going to go for 10%. - Overall, 20% of the workers are robots.
- 30%? - I think the percentage is about 20%. You were closer.
The answer: 0.7%.
Demand for industrial robots is accelerating due to the trend towards automation.
But sales are dominated by just two industries. Automotive industry: 38% of total sales. Electronics industry (including computers): 25% of total sales.
The sector least at risk of automation is education.
-You were closer -Closer, but that's magnitude, that's still really small.
Obviously, this will grow in the future.



機器人在未來會取代勞工嗎? (Will robots replace human workers? | The Economist)

360 分類 收藏
Cyndi 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 20 日    Cyndi 翻譯    Samuel 審核
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