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Hey guys and welcome back to
Think Tank.
Hannah and Nick Ferroni here,
who is a history teacher,
he's also an LGBT activist.
He's also been voted one of
the most influential teachers
in America.
He's also one of,
this is really hard.
Do you know, if you could
just have fewer achievements,
it would be a lot easier for
me to remember them all and
go through them in every video.
>> You don't have to name them,
I'm proud being teacher.
>> Could you not be like
the sexiest teacher,
the fittest man alive?
It's just, it's stressful for
me, okay?
>> Being a teacher is my best
>> That is beautiful, we're super
excited to have you on Think Tank.
And we're gonna be talking about
some of the worst student
excuses ever.
And I'm sure that you have a bunch
from your experience as a teacher.
And I will also be sharing some of
the excuses that I used in
retrospect that were very awful to
my teachers.
>> Yes. >> So, you start it off,
tell me some of the worst student
excuses you've heard.
>> Well, I mean, it goes back,
I still, in all due honesty,
I still hear the my dog ate my
homework on occasion.
>> No you do not.
>> Yes I do.
>> Come on. >> The more
contemporary excuses are getting
more technologically advanced.
Mr. Ferroni, I couldn't do it,
we had shady WiFi.
>> Shady WiFi.
>> Shady WiFi.
>> So that's not no WiFi, it's just
shady [CROSSTALK] >> Shady,
it's just shady WiFi.
My printer wasn't working.
>> Okay, fair enough.
>> My parents took away my phone,
so I couldn't do my work or
email you anything.
>> Okay, okay.
>> All right, let's see, I was,
the best worst excuses?
>> Yes, tell me.
>> The best worst excuses were, Mr.
Ferroni, I like you way too much to
give you extra work to grade,
extra work to do.
>> Aww, that is so thoughtful.
>> I've had students tell me,
completely honestly, I couldn't do
my work cuz I was in line at 12 am
last night trying to wait for
the new video game or Xbox,
whatever it may be.
>> What do you say to that?
I can't get mad at them, because
I remember doing something similar.
>> You are an awesome
teacher I wish I had you.
>> No, but
I said you were sitting in line for
six hours,
you couldn't bring a book?
You couldn't bring your notebook?
>> Multitask.
>> Multitask yeah.
I can't get mad at them for
doing stuff that I did as a kid.
>> Okay, fair enough.
>> I have, and this is the one
thing which I always think is
funny, being a male teacher.
And this is something,
girls walk in, and whether it's, if
you come in and we have work due,
where's your homework?
Can I use the bathroom?
I say no, it's a girl thing.
>> Snap.
>> The minute they use that,
I can't say anything
because I'm a guy.
>> Yeah. >> So apparently,
there's no,
any girl can say it's a girl thing.
I don't know what that is,
I don't wanna know what that is.
So right then and there, that's
your hallpass to whatever you want.
Which is why I tell my male
students, whenever you walk into a
female teacher, can I go somewhere,
and say it's a guy thing.
She can't know what that is.
>> But that's I mean- >> No, no,
how do you know we don't have
things that we deal with that we
have to do- >> I took biology.
>> I know, it's,
[LAUGH] >> That's how I know.
So I have to tell you one of
the worst excuses that I ever used.
At my school, we weren't allowed to
chew gum in class.
And I was chewing gum, and
I got in trouble.
My teacher's like, Hannah,
are you chewing gum?
And I do not like to get in
trouble, so I swallowed it really
quick and said this in the middle
of class, dead straight.
I was like, no, I'm actually
chewing my cheek, it's an anxiety
thing that I have, but thanks for
bringing attention to it.
>> That's evil, but
intelligent and brilliant.
>> I know, it was so evil,
it was- >> That is so- >> He was
like, I'm so sorry.
Now I feel really bad about that,
I'm sorry, Mr. Dunlinger.
>> So why don't you reach out
on Facebook, message him, and
tell him you're sorry?
>> I apologize for
that, he probably doesn't remember.
And then the other
one I used in college.
As I said, I went to the teacher
after I got a B on the test.
And that, to me, is devastating.
And I went in and I had bubbled,
I said that I bubbled the wrong one
in by accident.
[LAUGH] I was like, I meant to
bubble in D- >> That happens.
>> But I bubbled in B.
She was like, okay,
that makes sense, and I got that.
>> I mean, I had a kid whose
grandmother passed away several
times in one year.
And he's like,
well, did my aunt die yet?
And I'm like, no,
your aunt hasn't died.
He's like my aunts dead.
>> [LAUGH] >> I mean, he went
through his family.
>> That is so awful!
>> Yeah, Yeah.
>> That is like the worst
bad JuJu in the world.
>> Absolutely, yes he's like,
I have a real big family.
Yeah, he was
very emotionless at that point.
>> Yeah. >> He was
like which relative?
I'm like next time,
keep a checklist >> Yeah.
>> Dog, grandma, and- >> Come
up with a family tree and we can
cross them out in class together.
>> And when I meet them all at
the end of the year,
then it'll be a little suspicious,
but by that time it's too late.
>> You know reincarnation,
you never know.
>> True, true, true. >> You never
know, and then one that I always
used was that's the just
the presets on my computer.
When I had really thick margins to
hit a page limit.
I don't know if students use
that today.
>> Well being left handed, I used
a lot of the left handed excuses.
Meaning, I couldn't write because I
had a hand situation, or
I had carpal tunnel,
or- >> A hand situation?
>> I used scissors that were made
for right handed,
and yeah, it's tough being left
handed in this world.
>> How do you cope,
how do you deal?
>> A lot of psychiatric help, yeah.
>> [LAUGH] All right guys,
those are some of the worst excuses
that Mr. Ferroni here has seen in
his time being a teacher.
Those are some of the worst excuses
that I used as a student.
Guys, let us know some of the worst
slash best excuses you've used to
get out of something in school in
the comments down below and
we'll see you soon.


一個學生學生最差的藉口 (7 Worst Student Excuses EVER)

691 分類 收藏
Pedroli Li 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 2 日
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