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For most of the world,
getting a long-term visa into the United States can take as long as 10 years,
and involves countless roadblocks and hurdles to overcome.
But for some wealthy foreign nationals
the path to citizenship can be as easy as cutting a million-dollar check,
and the process is perfectly legal—even encouraged.
So how exactly can somebody buy their way to U.S. citizenship?
Well, the current system for investment-based visas is known as the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program
In 2014 nearly 11,000 investors from around the world have taken advantage of this program—
roughly 85% of them Chinese nationals.
This has sparked outcry in recent years
that entry into the United States has become more of a commodity than an equal opportunity.
But in fact EB-5 is nothing new.
This visa category was established as part of the Immigration Act of 1990.
The act was a major overhaul of a long outdated immigration policy,
and increased the number of yearly immigrants from 500,000 to 700,000,
as well as providing allocations for immediate family members of existing nationals.
It also removed restrictions on homosexuality, English language requirements,
and introduced a series of new visa categories.
Among them was a priority on significant investors in the US economy known as the EB-5.
As part of this new category, not only would applicants have to invest 1 million dollars,
or $500,000 if in an economically struggling area,
they would also have to guarantee employment for at least 10 American workers.
Thereby promoting a foreign influx of capital and economic growth for the United States.
In exchange, these financiers would receive green card status,
and most of the time, they'd make back their money within a few years.
After five years, these green card holders are eligible for full US citizenship.
But in spite of this lucrative opportunity,
golden visas have only become popular within the last decade.
Between 1990 and 2007,
the program never came anywhere close to its yearly 10,000 applicant quota.
According to Fortune, in 2003, the government only issued 65 EB-5 visas to foreign investors.
So why such an influx today?
Well, two factors dramatically increased the number of applicants.
The first was the global economic crisis in 2008.
Banks in the United States suddenly tightened up both the criteria
necessary to lend money to businesses as well as the amount of money available to lend.
This made the EB-5 program an attractive venue for businesses to raise capital.
Additionally, in the last decade, China's economy has skyrocketed with
the number of Chinese millionaires jumping by nearly 900 percent when compared to 2006.
But while this system has generated a significant amount of economic growth and American jobs,
the controversies surrounding the program's preference for the wealthy remains.
In February 2017, senators Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein
introduced legislation to end the EB-5 visa system,
calling it inherently flawed and pointing to fraud abuse and threats to security.
But the United States isn't the only country to implement such a golden visa program.
To learn where else it's possible to buy citizenship outright, check out this video.
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要如何買到美國公民身份? (How To Buy US Citizenship | NowThis World)

12660 分類 收藏
HsiangLanLee 發佈於 2018 年 7 月 15 日    HsiangLanLee 翻譯    Samuel 審核



這個字是「商品;日用品」的意思,或是有價值、有用的東西。「商品」還有其他的單字可以說,像是 merchandise, product, goods 等等。
With the rise of Spotify and Apple Music, music can almost be considered a commodity.
隨著 Spotify 和 Apple Music 的興起,音樂幾乎成了一種日常商品。

【TEDx】咖啡成癮症?關於咖啡,你不知道的事 (What you didn’t know about coffee: Asher Yaron at TEDxUbud)

overhaul 是「改革;全面檢修」的意思。通常指的是對於機器、軟體或是法令、政策等等的改革,並且是大規模、全方面的檢查、修正。這個字是動詞,但也能當作名詞使用。
The department just had an overhaul last month. Lots of employees were dismissed.

川普對抗逃稅指控 | 財經時報世界版 (Trump battles tax affair claims | FT World)

outdated 是 out 加上 date 組合而成的單字,date 有日期、時期的意思,而 out 是「...之外」,所以這個字就引申成當代之外,也就是「落伍的、過時的、舊式的」的意思。
We should reform outdated, irrational rules and regulations.

為何核能完美的三個原因 (3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Awesome! 3/3)

influx 是「流入、湧入;匯集」的意思,作為名詞使用,這個字的字根是動詞 flux,有「漲潮;變成流體;流出」的意思,而 in 有「進入...;內部」的概念,因而衍伸成為這個字的意思。
After the news broke out, there was an influx of emails from the reporters.

LEMMiNO 10 大真相 2015 (LEMMiNO Top 10 memes 2015)

這個字也許很多人看了覺得陌生,但其實很多人都在生活中講過這個單字,大家一定聽過「扣打」吧?每個月買衣服的扣打、吃零食的扣打...,沒錯!就是來自於 quota 這個英文單字!意思是「配額、定額」,但是要注意 quota 的 a 發音應該為 [ə] 而不是 [a] 喔!
I have to finish the quota of work before going home.

【職場的進擊】向賈伯斯學習高超的簡報技巧 (Present Like Steve Jobs)

看完影片後小 V 發現,這個眾人搶破頭的美國公民身分還真是不便宜啊...看來我們這些市井小民還是乖乖努力工作存錢好了,投資當大老闆的事,就留到下輩子投胎後再說吧!

文 / Stephanie Hsu




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