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The gladiatorial arena. So the Crocodile recruits from this place for his personal army.
I need to find out more about it.
Excuse me. What can you tell me about this place?
Can't you see? It's an arena for roman bloodsport.
Barbaric if you ask me.
But it's found favor with those desperate to forget their troubles.
It used to be a temple. It should have been left that way.
"Diovicos. The living embodiment of War. His fists are deadlier than any weapon."
Neb, what can you tell me about the men who fight here?
Men? These are not men, they're gods!
You've never seen such savage warriors.
They could break you in half with one strike.
Do any of them have red hair?
Gods among gods, have you never heard of the brother from Gaul?
Can't you feel their eyes on you? Their statues are beside me!
"Veridovix, the loyal servant of death. His scythe will ever reap the unworthy."
Sir, we need more fighters. They're dying at an alarming rate.
Then find me fighters who can actually fight
Are you the owner here?
Yes, I am the owner. Felix Martialus.
Who are you? Another rough knuckle on no-name seeking fame?
I only want entry to the arena.
I heard you have got a fighter worth watching, with red hair.
You mean the Gallic brothers.
You heard right. But let me save you some time, camel boy.
You cannot afford it. Now pissed off before you scare away someone who can.
Sir, this man wears a Medjay badge!
A med what? I do not even care. Can you fight?
You look the part, like a vicious... Mangy dog.
Nah, nah I have already got an Egyptian.
A huntress from Siwa who's worth three of you.
She frequents the obelisk in the east end if you want an impromptu beating.
It is the only way inside this arena, fight in the streets and the gladiator can bring you in.
So the Garlic brothers are involved in Shadya's murder.
But why they doing the Crocodiles bidding?
I need to get inside and learn more.
The arena owner mentioned a Siwa gladiator to the east at an obelisk.
I wonder if I know her. Siwa is a small place. I should go and see.
There's the Siwan. Wait. That looks like...
Bayek? My friend! My brother! Oh!
Shit, it's good to see you. What are you doing in Faiyum?
I heard this was a good place to... To prosper.
But I never expected to find you here, Kensa.
What can I say? I heard the call of the arena.
Can you believe it? I am a gladiator now!
But come, come. Let us talk... And drink! Ha ha ha!
I'm telling you, Bayek, I am so close to my dream.
If only I was given the chance, I know I could become champion.
I mean, wealth, luxury, fame! What more could a woman want?
That's why I came to Faiyum. To make a new life for myself and bury the past.
But I was turned away from the arena doors.
So you have finally given up trying to put the well to rights?
Good. Such things are impossible.
Felix is slow to trust outsiders. But do not worry.
With my backing. We'll soon be fighting side by side.
First, we drink. And in the morning we can go to the arena for the proper introductions.
It's good to have you here old friend.
I want this man to be my partner.
As it happens, the Iberian was torn apart by lions yesterday.
I may have an opening. And if Kensa vouches for you...
You will need a title if you're going to team up, though.
How about the Siwa warriors?
I think the guardians of Siwa would be more fitting.
Is that memorable enough for you?
I have heard worse. Come inside.
Combatants wait their turn on the sand.
What you smell is sweat, blood, and not a little offal.
If you are predisposed to shit in your armor, this is where to do it.
There is no pharaoh or god in the arena to protect you, Medjay.
This is where you will probably die.
Try to do it with drama, it pleases the crowd.
On the off-chance you live, you will be rewarded with glory and fame and another chance to die.
Such is the short but luminous life of a gladiator.
All right... Who do we have? Ah, there is Kallistos.
Kallistos, a former soldier of Ptolemy who claims to know how to handle a sword.
Horus. He was my best fighter once, but age ruins us all.
He is not much more than a bedpan now. He trains the novices.
Is that armor from Ptolemy's army?
Most of the fighters cannot afford their own armor. In any case it is soon ruined.
The army does not miss a few suits here. And there and it adds to the authenticity.
Speaking of authenticity, in the arena you use the weapons I give you. There are no exceptions.
You already know Kensa, whose is glowing but suspect recommendation brought you here.
Bayek! Krokodilopolis welcomes another champion.
Or another bag of blood and shit.
I want to see if he can fight. And who better to test him than the one who recommended him?
What do you say? Ready to draw swords old Medjay
Let's see if you have improved.
Not bad! Old man.
You need more style and flash.
But you have got a pleasing vicious streak for a sand dog.
Okay, Kensa. You have got a new partner.
We open the door soon. Be ready.
These are the scraps that Felix wants to throw our way?
Ha ha ha! They make a poor meal, my brother!
I'm going to slice off your balls... And feed them to you.
Our main obstacle to glory. The Gallic brothers.
I know who they are.
We are ready.
Are you? Everyone thinks they are ready till they get a fist in the face.
I am starting you against a few novices. If you survive we will talk about more.
Two warriors against the odds! The crowd loved unfair fights.
Do not disappoint them or me.
Are they screaming for our blood or for theirs?
Any blood will do! No such thing as innocent here.
Do not stay your blade, brother.
They certainly will not! Everyone man here knows the risks!
You are taken to this new life easily.
Can you see the look on their faces? They adore me, Bayek!
The men. The woman. I have everything I could want.
There are off a good start! These two sand-bandits are tougher than you look!
Keep fighting like this, old friend, and we'll catch the eye of a wealthy patron!
And what then?
Then a whole new world of opportunity my friend.
The best gladiators are sent on special mission, and earn more coin you can imagine.
Then let us make sure they notice us!
Victory for the guardians of the Siwa! The new darlings of arena!
Who knows how far they can go?
Pairing you two toe stubers was one of my best ideas. The crowd loves you!
I told you we were destined for greatness, Felix.
Greatness? Easy easy, damsel dust mite. You have a long way to go.
It is a good start but you are not contenders.
You do not get to the Gallic brothers by beating a few shit stain novices.
Though to be honest I hope you make it. I am weary of you nagging me.
What do we need to do to face them?
God's and piss, not you too! You to just concentrate on the next round.
For annoying me, I am adding a lion to this time.
They have not eaten for days. You are their dinner.
Find me when you are ready.
If what Kensa says is true, any of the gladiators could be working for the Crocodile.
They might be evidence here of jobs the Garlic brothers did.
Maybe even the identity of their patron.
We are on our way, old friend!
After all this time! I might finally get my shot at the Gallic brothers. And it's thanks to you.
I would like nothing more.
What about these other contracts you mentioned earlier?
Oh, the righteous Bayek, is willing to dirty his hands?
Times have changed, seni, I suppose it is hard to be a Medjay, all the time.
You will have to ask Felix about those... Quietly.
The best way to reach the Crocodile is to beat the Garlic brothers.
As if I needed more reason to slit the throats of Shadya's killers.
Felix, i've heard some gladiators are chosen for... Extra work.
You heard wrong.
And if there was an arrangement, you would have much more to do to earn your way in.
Your job, you upstart dog nobble, is to fight. That is it.
You earn your gold in the pit, or you do not earn it.
Then that is what I will do. We are ready.
Finally. They are asking about you two at the arena Cyrene.
Put on a good show and we all profit.
How often do you fight lions?
Only when Felix can get them!
They are much more expensive than men volunteering for a beating!
There seems little honor in killing animals.
Kill or be eaten, Bayek! Besides, its caged.
We will be fine as long as we don't free it.
The Medjay and the slave girl are unstoppable!
More ferocious than wild beasts!
I thought the lions were caged?
They are no rules in the arena, seni!
The guardians of Siwa are victorious once again!
Could the Garlic brothers be next?
Where's Kensa?
Her talents were required elsewhere today.
You are going to have to win this one alone. You will be fine.
Another errand for the unknown patron?
Fighters who ask too many questions do not survive.
It is a dangerous job. Accidents happen.
I'm only keen to prove myself.
Then win this match. You will get your chance against the brothers.
Beat them, and you will be noticed.
Is Kensa okay? Holy anubis. I have to win this!
The Medjay is not missing his partner! What a warrior!
Are you watching, krokodilopolis? Is this the rise of a new challenger?
Will the Garlic brothers keep their crown?
I am sorry I left you to fight alone, but I hear you did me proud?
Felix sent a job? Who was it for?
I'll tell you everything in good time, brother.
Just know that our future has never looked brighter!
This is the moment we've longed for.
Our chance to seize the mantle of champions. Felix awaits.
You have done well for a country corn rat.
Your time has come.
The crowd is bored with Viridovix and Diovicos destroying opponents with ease.
I am counting on you to make this entertaining,
One more thing. Do not kill anyone!
I want my top four fighters alive for rematches.
I have given the Gauls the same order.
All right. We will not kill them. But no promises about pain and humiliation.
This is it, Bayek! Our big moment.
They will build monuments and scroll our names across temples after this.
We will be adored! Rich! And champions.
Here are the contenders to the crown. The guardians of Siwa!
Undefeated! Unmatched! It's the Garlic brother!
The Gallic brothers are defeated!
You killed a child called Shadya. Death is the least you deserve.
The gril by the lighthouse? We didn't kill her, I swear!
We have done many terrible things, Siwan.
But the murder of the child is not one of them.
We were there, it's true.
We saw the soldiers captured the girl and take her to Berenike. To... To the Crocodiles.
It was she who drown the child.
Took a book from her, ordered a stone tied to her ankles and pushed her in the water.
There was nothing we could do.
This is the real reason you came to me, isn't it?
To uncover this patron, this "Crocodile".
Bayek, why didn't you confide me, huh? I would have helped you.
You're a mercenary, just like them. I couldn't take the chance!
What fate await the fallen?
No, Bayek. You know me better than...
Bayek, you have to know!
So it was Berenike. She is the Crocodile.
She is the one who killed Shadya.
She is the one who has brought ruin to so many.
She calls herself the sponsor of Faiyum's prosperity and culture.
And her influence is felt throughout the region.
Her wealth comes from her estate north of the city.
Kerkesoucha granary, the largest in all of Egypt.
She's arranged a symposium with others of influence in Faiyum.
Every night she retires to her villa.
Where she courts their favor with bribes and silvered words.
Then that is where I will find her.
Thank you for everything, my friend. What will you do now?
I will retire to our family villa.
I need a drink. Khenut and I must mourn in peace.
Farewell, Bayek. Once you have done what you must, we would be glad to see you again.
Are you enjoying your new station, my champion?
Yes, my lady. It is everything I hoped it would be.
You will want for nothing as long as you stay by my side.
As long as you are loyal . As long as you never fail me.
Yes, my lady.
Kensa? Is this the luxurious sought? To be a slave to an enemy of Egypt.
I knew you'd come old friends perhaps I was always meant to die at your hand.
I do not want to kill you, Kensa. But look who you serve now.
I'm Sorry it had to end this way.
May you find peace in Ma'at's embrace.
Murdered... By one of you...
She was a child you drowned.
Like all of your kind, you failed to see what greatness lies in store for Egypt.
Is that what you tell yourself?
You do not remember those who killed.
She was a child of khenut and hotephres.
Khenut was a stubborn rock. That ledger would have meant the end to all our hopes.
You destroyed families.
I did what had to be done.
I will destroying you stand for, Berenike.
And I will destroy all others like you.
But for now, all that matters is that you killed Shadya.
And the last word you will remember is her name.
Wake up.
Layla, now! I need you!
There's van in the alleyway, oh god...
A van? Aya, what are you trying to---
Forget about Aya. Abstergo's here.
They must have found out-- oh, shit! Fuck!
Shit! They're here, too!
Okay, Layla, listen. I know you. And I know you'll find a way out of this.
Picked up that blade I found.
How's it going?
I have to do this. It's them or me.
No, don't, please-- no!
No, dee, no, no, no...
Fuck you, Abstergo. I'm seeing this through.
If you're listening to this, you work for Abstergo, and I'm dead.
Do me a favor and make sure sofia rikkin hears it.
My dream was to work on the animus project.
I waited twelve years. Waiting got me nowhere.
So I built an animus that lets me access anyone's memories
Even ancestors not my own.
I even witnessed the origins of the assassins.
Artifacts, tombs that were supposed to be stuff of legends... I found them.
By killing me, you've lost all this knowledge.
I understand why you thought I had to die.
But did you have to kill my best friend? Why did she...
Oh, (sweetheart)... I should have listened to you.
I wonder how hotephres and khenut are. I should visit them.
I've killed all this nekt iadet.
Apollodorus must be told. To Heraklion.
Subtitles by the Amara.org community


《刺客教條:起源》第9集【Silent Simon玩遊戲學英文】 (Assassin's Creed Origins-Episode9)

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