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It seems I'm not the first visitor today.
Hotephres! Nek, He's not here. I need to find out where my informant is.
Who would done such a thing!
What were you protecting, boy?
A lot of damage, but no blood or signs of a fight, Maybe he fled before this happened?
Hmm... These scrolls tell me nothing useful, I should check upstairs.
A child's doll. I'm gonna to kill this neket iadet Crocodile.
Scrolls and ink. Nothing that tells me where Hotephres has gone.
Wait... feathers, from a messenger pigeon?
A letter left behind by my informant.
It looks like he fled, but the soldiers caught his servant.
If the servant is still alive. he'll know where Hotephres is.
They'll be holding him at the nearby military camp.
Please... I've told you everything I know.
Who are you?
A friend. Hold still and stay quiet. I will get you out of here.
Gods, Thank you. Did Hotephres send you?
No, but I must find him.
I need his help to find the crocodile. Will you help me?
Hotephres took a trade's ship to Lake Moeris.
It has a large statue on board, and is marked by a symbol.
The crocodile has hired mercenaries to find him.
Then I must hurry. Get somewhere safe, be well.
So, now they send the son of Egypt against me?
It has been a long time since I spilled so much blood.
I was sent by Apollodorus. We share a common interest.
Who are you and what do you want, eh?
I'm Bayek of Siwa. And I seek information on the crocodile.
The phantom that has brought Faiyum to its knees? What could you want with him?
He belongs to a group that is destroying Egypt.
I intend to hunt every last one of them down.
Bayek of Siwa, You don't know what you are up against.
The crocodile has transformed not only the land, but the people.
Those who do not cower in fear, are made to work for him.
And you have no idea who the crocodile is.
I stole a ledger from a Greek magistrate I suspect of corruption.
It should reveal the identity of this "Crocodile".
And if we get it to Apollodorus, we may be able to bring down the whole organization.
Where's the ledger now?
I gave it to my wife Khenut to hide.
As long as the Ptolemies think it's with me, my family is safe.
That is why I have to stay on the move.
Here, this will tell Khenut you are a friend to be trusted.
It is for my daughter Shadya.
Once you're the ledger, find me at the docks south of you Euhemeria.
Bayek, take a look around my ship before you go.
I keep records of local problems which may have the Crocodile at their root.
They may interest you as a Medjay.
Prosperity for all? there is no grain.
They have burned our farms and driven us out.
They have burned our farms and driven us out. Where will we get our food?
We need to clean this place up and get it running again.
Don't worry I won't let them close down this kitchen.
Hotephres sent me, I am here to help. And I have your daughter's doll.
Great I was awaiting word from my man.
Thank you, come, eat and we can talk.
Oh, I love my new doll, Bayek!
I will name her... Iset, and she will be the protector of all Faiyum.
Ever since Hotephres got ahold of that ledger, Faiyum has been on edge.
Soldiers with torches patrol every night.
And this Alms kitchen was practically raised to the ground.
They have left Shadya and me alone, at least.
Hotephres has made sure of that.
Where's the ledger now?
I instructed our most loyal servant to hide it in our villa.
They can search the place as many times as they want. They will never find it.
Can you take me there?
I have been summoned to the lighthouse for another of their "routine investigations"
That may not be safe. The Ptolemaic authorities seem to be working with the Crocodile.
It happens every few days.
They wouldn't dare touch someone in an official position.
Shadya, show Bayek the way to our home.
Come on, uncle Bayek! You can see my house from that roof. Follow me!
You are not afraid of heights, are you?
Lead on, little one. I will follow.
Haha! Where did you learn to climb like that? That looks like fun!
I come up here a lot. Everything looks so beautiful.
The people should be happy, but they are not.
Don't worry. Your mother and father will look after them. Where is your house?
On the hill there! See it?
Yes, and soldiers.
Thank You, Shadya.
You should go back to your mother now. It might get dangerous.
Nothing bad will ever happen to me! Iset can fight you know! She will protect me.
Bye Shadya! You and Iset enjoy your life!
Did we find the ledger?
Not yet, but it won't be long. the captain is upstairs questioning the servant.
Stupid Egyptians vlakos.
Khenut is a marked woman. Loyalty to her will get them killed.
Gods! Shadya wrote this.
She has the ledger! And I sent her back to her mother!
I have to find Khenut before the soldiers get to her!
Oh, Shadya. What have you done little one?
You cannot play games with the Crocodile.
Have you seen Khenut? Is she here?
The soldiers just came and took her to the lighthouse, Young Shadya too.
Khenut argued with them but they would not listen.
something is wrong isn't it? This has never happened before.
Get word to Hotephres. Hurry!
Damn all this! Khenut and Shadya are at the lighthouse! I need to get there now!
It is over, the Crocodile has won.
The ledger, lost. My daughter Shadya... He has taken everything from us.
He will pay for this. And all those who serve Him.
None of that will bring Shadya back.
But at least you'll have the comfort of revenge. We both will.
I hope so, I will do anything I can to help you, brother.
Has Khenut been able to tell you anything?
Only that there were other men with the soldiers,
Large, imposing warriors. One red-haired,
Bandits? Soldiers
I believe they were gladiators, from the arena in Krokodilopolis.
It seems this... this monster uses fighters to do his bidding.
I will find this monster, friend. He will die.
Subtitles by the Amara.org community


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