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I'm telling you I love this movie so much.
And it just-- it gets very, very exciting.
And that scene at the end is, like, insane.
But tell everyone what it's about.
I play a prima ballerina.
Don't get me started.
And then I have a career-ending injury,
and I get forced into the Russian version
of the CIA, the SVR.
And I go to a program, that is based on reality--
this book was written by a spy--
where young men and women are trained
in the psychological manipulation and in sex.
And then I prevail by using my mind.
Yes, it's really, really clever.
And my accent.
Yeah, and you kind of-- when it ends, you look back you go, ah.
And it helps you follow that path of how you got there.
Yeah, that's key.
Yes, or else we'd be like what?
So you're naked in this film.
And you've always said that you would not do that.
And tell everyone why you made that choice.
Finally, it just got hot.
You heard that Nelly song and you took off your clothes.
No, it was really an amazing script and story to me.
I loved the character.
I just didn't want to miss out on it because
of my weird insecurities.
So I did it.
And on the day, it was really lovely.
I had been--
It was the first day, right?
No, it wasn't the first day of shooting.
That would have been insane.
I thought it was.
No, I mean, most of the guys I've all
known from "Hunger Games," which I think makes it better.
Everyone on the set, the crew?
Yeah, all of the crew.
They were all from "Hunger Games."
But they were really nice, and they all
went in at 3:00 in the morning to set up heaters.
Because it was a very Hungarian winter, and I
was always complaining about being cold.
And so, I came in, and it was so toasty and warm.
And I was like, what are you doing with this heat?
My nipples are going to be huge!
Everyone's like I don't-- what does she want?
We can't win with her.
Yeah, the crew was like, Jen, you can't diet anymore.
So you did "60 Minutes."
And you live in my old home.
And it was so fun to watch what you've done with my home.
Because I like it.
Oh, you do?
I love it.
Yeah, it looks great.
And your friends surprised you with a self-portrait.
Yeah, my friends are total jerks.
They're the worst.
Why was that so embarrassing to you?
You got--
It was humiliating.
This is why it was embarrassing to me.
So my mom comes over to my house,
and she has this painting.
And I haven't seen it yet.
And she goes "I just have to tell you something about--"
oh my god, please.
Oh my god, that's so embarrassing.
My mom thought this was a masterpiece.
She said it was worth easily $3 million.
And my friend, Justine--
the Italian one-- was there for this, for my mom
saying this is an absolute masterpiece and me being like,
mom, please just throw it in the garbage.
It's not a masterpiece.
How old were you when you painted it?
I was like-- I don't know, 16?
I was way too old to paint.
I'm not an artist.
And so, my friend was there and clocked it.
And I knew that that was bad.
So I hid it in my garage, and she found it the day
that "60 Minutes" was coming.
And "60 Minutes" is coming.
I am so nervous.
I'm like "what are you guys going to talk about?"
What are you going to say?
And they're like, come on.
And then they go and do something like that.
Well, I think it's--
I thought it was really good.
I thought it was really good.
So we have a surprise for you.
So let's show everyone.
Let's go outside.
Oh, no.
That's not real.
That's not real, right?
Is that real?
I don't know, movie magic.
Oh my god, look at the nose.
Look at the lips-- $3 million.
That is a master--
That's a masterpiece.
All right.
It's starting to feel like some sort of pawn.
All right, you're known as one of the most relatable, candid
stars in the world.
And we're going to see how honest you are a little later.
We're going to play Burning Questions.
Oh, boy.
"Red Sparrow" opens in theaters today.
I recommend it highly.
Go see it.


Jennifer Lawrence on ellen 秀 (Jennifer Lawrence on Her 'Liberating' Nude Scene)

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