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  • Study in Honolulu and learn in English in America's tropical paradise

    在美國的熱帶天堂—— 檀香山市學習英語。

  • where the first word youll need to learn isaloha

    你首先需要學習的 詞語就是“aloha”

  • Hawaiian forwelcome’.


  • Hawaii, of course is the best vacation destination,

    當然夏威夷是最佳 的度假勝地,

  • its warm, its sunny, everybody seems relaxed,

    這裏氣候溫和、陽光明媚。 在這兒,每個人似乎都很放鬆,

  • So, Hawaii is the perfect destination for,

    因此夏威夷成了絕佳的 休閒目的地,

  • relaxing, for enjoying your life, so thats why I chose Honolulu.

    在此可以享受生活, 這就是我選擇檀香山的原因。

  • Just steps from the white sands of Waikiki Beach

    距潔白的威基基海灘僅 幾步之遙,

  • is the EF International Language Center,

    便來到英孚國際 語言中心。

  • so close to the shore that many of our classrooms

    這裏距海灘如此之近, 從眾多的英孚教室眺望出去

  • have ocean views.


  • The Honolulu School opened in June of 2008,

    自 2008 年 6, 開辦檀香山市校區以來,

  • and has since grown dramatically and we are still growing,

    這裏有引人注目地發展著, 現在我們仍然

  • with students from all over the world.

    要同來自世界各地的莘莘學子們 一同成長、一同進步。

  • I have met a lot of kind of teachers, but I think,

    我遇到過各種各樣的老師, 但我認為

  • EF tries to choose the best teacher for the people.

    英孚一直以來都在盡力為我們 挑選最好的教師隊伍。

  • More than just English lessons,


  • our special interest classes in Hawaiian Society and Culture

    我們有關夏威夷社會和文化的 特別興趣課程

  • will help you transition to the unique island lifestyle

    將助你融入 夏威夷首付

  • of Hawaii’s capital city.


  • At first, I didn’t know truly how to work with iLab,

    剛開始我不知道如何 真正使用 iLab 工作,

  • but after I realised that its a really good thing because

    但之後我意識到 iLab 確是一個好東西

  • you can go the internet and is a good way to learn English.

    有了它,你既可以上網 又可以更好地學習英語。

  • My English level was really low when I arrived,

    初來英孚,我的英語水準 相當不盡人意,

  • and then after I took the Cambridge test,

    當我完成 劍橋測試時,

  • my English improved a lot.


  • Its not just about learning, its about

    在這裏,不僅僅是學習 還包括了

  • how you grow, how you get to know yourself better,

    個人成長歷程、 加深自我瞭解、

  • you get independent, you get a lot of friends around the world,

    變得獨立自主、 結交國際友人

  • you learn about all the cultures, you learn English of course

    學習各地文化等。 當你遠離家鄉,來到異土

  • but just the whole experience is so amazing,

    雖然學的是英語, 但這整個經歷

  • being away from home in other country,


  • I'm going to recommend it to everybody I see.

    我想我會向每個人 推薦英孚。

  • With EF’s Homestay option

    英孚提供家庭寄宿(EF’s Homestay option),

  • youll have the opportunity to live with a local family.

    因此你有機會 和當地家庭一同生活。

  • I just love people from other countries, I think its interesting

    我就是喜歡來自不同國家的人們, 一想到要和他們

  • getting to to know about other cultures,

    一起就餐, 同坐一桌,

  • we have fun at meal time,


  • we sit around the table and watch T.V after dinner

    瞭解他們的文化 共用美好時光

  • and have a really nice time together.

    就令我感到 非常有趣。

  • There’s no better way to feel at home while youre abroad.

    在異國他鄉 沒有比這更能讓你感到家的溫暖的了。

  • Life in Honolulu is all about adventure, Hawaiian culture

    在檀香山市生活就像是一場探險, 這裏有獨特的夏威夷文化

  • and, of course, the world’s best beaches.

    當然還有 世界上最美麗的海灘。

  • The best thing in Honolulu is surfing for me.

    對我來說 衝浪是檀香山市最佳的活動。

  • I was only in Waikiki Beach, Surfing, and I think its a good place.

    我只在威基基海灘衝浪, 在我看來,那是個好地方。

  • The best thing about Hawaii, is the nature,

    夏威夷的自然環境、 休閒娛樂、和輕鬆氛圍都很棒,

  • the relaxation, the vibes,


  • you have a lot of people who are really chilled here, and its relaxed

    閒散舒適、 非常放鬆。

  • and its a kind of vacation so you can really enjoy

    這裏有一種假日的氛圍, 因此,你可以真真切切

  • the weather and being outside with friends.

    地體味一下這裏的氣候, 與友人一道外出遊玩。

  • And if you want to visit other islands,

    如果你想 參觀其他島嶼

  • I could really recommend Maui, its so beautiful.

    我特別想向你推薦 毛伊島,那裏的風光無限好。

  • I was in Maui, snorkeling and I saw Turtles its really cool

    在毛伊島浮潛, 我看到了成群的海龜,那感覺太棒了

  • you can swim with Turtles and see all the fishes

    你可以同海龜一同 攜游,看各色魚兒在周圍游來遊去,

  • yes, its really cool snorkeling here.

    是的,在這裏浮潛 這的確很棒。

  • I think its a really good experience to do,

    我認為這真是 一次不錯的經歷,

  • not only to learn English but to learn something else about life

    我不僅學會了英語, 還學會了生活,

  • and to discover new places. So I think everybody should do it.

    探索了全新的天地。 我想每個人都應該去試試。

  • You don’t have to dream of being stranded

    不要再 擱淺去

  • on a tropical island any longer.


  • At EF Honolulu, life in paradise is a reality.

    英孚檀香山分校, 生活如天堂般美好。

Study in Honolulu and learn in English in America's tropical paradise

在美國的熱帶天堂—— 檀香山市學習英語。

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