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  • Bristol has been one of the most important cities in England,

  • for nearly a thousand years.

  • But the gorgeous medieval city has morphed into one of the hippest

  • university cities in the U.K.

  • With a million people in the area, Bristol is a great centre for culture and learning.

  • It's home to art, fashion, creative media and an ultra hip music scene.

  • In the centre of the city is the beautiful Queen Square which was built in 1699.

  • The Northern side of the square is dominated by the historicCustom House”.

  • Today this well-known heritage building is home to a very modern language centre,

  • EF Bristol.

  • The EF school building, was designed by Sydney Smirke,

  • the same architect who created the Royal Academy.

  • Modern day architects have given the EF centre a contemporary look inside.

  • When you arrive, you will be greeted at the reception

  • and shown around.

  • Apart from the classrooms, there are spacious lounges

  • where students meet to study or just to hang out.

  • Many have lunch at the school cafeteria,

  • serving British and international food as well as smaller snacks.

  • The outdoor courtyard is lovely in the summer months.

  • There’s free Wi-Fi internet

  • -so bring your iPad or laptop if you have one!

  • The EF centre is also equipped with iLab computer labs,

  • used both for classes and for students to browse the web.

  • The accommodations office is there,

  • to make sure you feel comfortable in your home away from home.

  • EF Bristol offers student residences very near the school,

  • as well as accommodation with local host families.

  • As a world leader in language education, at EF we develop our own teaching materials,

  • including books, computer language labs and mobile learning applications.

  • It's all part of EF's Efekta System,

  • for faster language learning.

  • But most important are our teachers,

  • who know how to encourage communication in the classroom.

  • This way, students quickly become confident speaking English.

  • For me English is really important because I’m going to study English in Germany.

  • So I have to improve my English

  • and I definitely have to improve my speaking skills

  • and be more confident in speaking and writing and reading

  • and I think that has really happened.

  • And I’m going to study veterinary science and all my books are in English,

  • so that’s the reason why I need to improve my English.

  • What I like the most is the progress students make.

  • They come in on their first day, a bit shy and afraid to speak.

  • But you see them grow become more confident and fluent in English.

  • You also see them making friends for life.

  • When I came here I didn’t speak any word in English,

  • just normal words likeyesorno”.

  • But the first month here I really did improve my English

  • and I can speak with all the people, like you, now.

  • Getting around and meeting people is a fantastic way to practice your English,

  • plus it's fun!

  • The staff at the EF Activities Office will help you discover Bristol,

  • both the historic and the hip.

  • Hang out with your new friends in the many cafes and parks around the city.

  • Browse some funky shops for the latest music.

  • In Bristol, the creativity is everywhere.

  • Check out the world famous graffiti by street artistBanksy”.

  • On the weekends, EF organizes longer trips.

  • London in less than two hours away by train.

  • Other favourite excursions go to Oxford, Cambridge, and Stonehenge.

  • History lovers will enjoy the historic spa town of Bath.

  • With two prestigious universities,

  • Bristol is famous for some of the best student life in the U.K.

  • Bristol buzzes with life year round

  • and there are many great festivals.

  • In August, there’s the, Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

  • There’s so much to experience in Bristol.

  • Youll meet new people and grow in so many ways.

  • The sky is the limit!

Bristol has been one of the most important cities in England,


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