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  • Hi guys, it's Joel & Lia and we're here at Borough Market for the pancake day race of the year.

    大家好,我們是 Joel 和 Lia,我們現在在波羅市集的鬆餅節比賽。

  • It's Pancake Day today, which is a celebration we have in the UK every single year, so we're gonna tell you five things about pancake day that you didn't know... hopefully.


  • So what is pancake day?


  • Pancake day is traditionally known as Shrove Tuesday, which is the day before Ash Wednesday and that marks the start of Lent.


  • The reason people make pancakes is because way back in the day people used to get rid of all of their fatty things, so their milk, their eggs, their butter,


  • and then what better thing to make with all those ingredients than pancakes?!


  • Perfect!


  • So when is pancake day?


  • Well, pancake day varies every year, it's usually between February and March and it always depends upon the date of Easter.


  • So why are pancakes flat?


  • It's because we don't actually put baking soda in our pancakes, so I think they're also known as "crepes" or "crêpes" depending on how you pronounce them.

    因為我們通常不會放蘇打粉在裡面,所以他們也被稱為可麗餅(英文發音為:crepe 法文發音為:crêpes),看你怎麼唸啦。

  • But I know they are very different to American fluffy pancakes and that's why we don't put baking soda in.


  • So our pancakes are completely flat and they can be rolled or folded and I love having lemon and sugar inside my pancakes.


  • Yep, but you can have savoury pancakes as well, you put some cheese or ham in there. You can have it with anything.


  • - But pancake day is certainly not something we do every day, it's just today. - No.

    - 但不是每天都是鬆餅節,只有今天才是。- 沒錯。

  • It's such a treat.


  • But today is fairly unique, do people around the UK do pancake day races?


  • I don't know! I've never actually heard of it before.


  • I've not heard of anyone like running up and down doing a relay race with a pancake in a pan.


  • It reminds me a sports day at school with the egg and spoon.


  • Oh my gosh, I used to love the relay race, but I love that it's not entirely on you, it's like a team effort to get it right.

    我的天,我超愛接力賽,因為那不只靠你一個人 而是靠團隊合作一起努力。

  • But no, this is certainly not a strictly British tradition.


  • I think it's just a fun little thing that people tend to do here in Borough Market.


  • So thanks Borough Market for hosting this, this has been a lot of fun.


  • Yeah, it has. We're gonna get ourselves a pancake now.


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  • Thanks guys, bye!


Hi guys, it's Joel & Lia and we're here at Borough Market for the pancake day race of the year.

大家好,我們是 Joel 和 Lia,我們現在在波羅市集的鬆餅節比賽。

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5 件英國鬆餅節必知的事 (5 Things You Need To Know About PANCAKE DAY In The UK)

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