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Welcome ‘Down Under’  to Australia’s most sophisticated city, Sydney.
It’s an important centre for business and a thriving cultural hub.
Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world,
with lovely parks, endless sandy beaches and a gorgeous harbour.
I like Sydney a lot, it’s like a multinational city.
There are so many people who want to go to Sydney – it’s Australia!
You’ve got a combination of surfing and just being in a multinational city.
It’s great to meet new people, not just Australians, but people from all over the world.
There are so many things to do here. I’ve been here a month
but I think I could stay another year or so.
The hub of Sydney is Circular Quay 
near the Opera House,
where all the island ferries come in.
Just one block up the street, in the centre of the action
is the historic building of EF Sydney.
The school is located in a heritage listed building which used to be a woollen mill.
Next door we have a recently renovated library in the Customs House.
The old woollen mill was constructed in the 1860’s
and parts of the historic brick walls are still visible.
Now the building has been completely modernized
into a bright and spacious language centre.
Lounges and classrooms are furnished in a contemporary style
and equipped with the latest in language learning technology.
Students can use the school’s free 
Wi-Fi Internet connection
or just hang out in the student lounge with students from all over the world.
EF Sydney offers a wide array of courses, from two week intensive stays
to longer programmes such as the EF Academic Year Abroad.
For the full Sydney experience, you can choose to live
with an Aussie host family.
Sharing meals together and chatting a bit with your hosts
is a great way to learn about the culture and customs of Australia.
I live in a host family and my family is so good.
I think that’s the best choice you 
can make, because you can practice your English
with your host mother or with your host sister.
Students who want more independence can stay at one of EF’s student residences.
The residence is an easy going and really international place to stay.
The EF Activity Organizers are there to make sure there is always something fun to do.
Right near the school you can check out the Museum of Sydney
or visit the historic Rocks district.
Then climb The Harbour Bridge and get a great view of the harbour
and the Sydney Opera House.
Check out Darling Harbour and the Sydney Aquarium.
Catch a ferry and head over to Taronga Zoo or travel to Featherdale to befriend the koalas,
the giant birds called emus and all the different kinds of kangaroos.
If you are in a beach mood, Sydney has over 30 surfing beaches,
like the famous Manly Beach and Bondi with its golden sand.
Enjoy the buzzing atmosphere and the sunshine
Or sign up for a surf course and learn to ride the waves!
Sydney is a water sport heaven with great opportunities for surfing,
scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing.
After a long day on the beach, how about some shopping?
Browse the small shops in trendy Paddington or head for the classy Strand Arcade,
a 120 year old shopping mall with the latest in fashion.
Join our excursions to see more of Australia and its ‘Outback’.
Popular trips go to the Hunter Valley Wine Country and the Blue Mountains National Park.
I think Sydney is an amazing city, you can do all the things you want.
You can surf, you can go to the shops and you can go to the pubs.
A cool school right at the centre of the action
in trendy Sydney, Australia.
It will be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.


[旅遊] 歌劇院海港城市 雪梨 Sydney, Australia

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