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Evernote Business at Evernote
For years now Evernote has been building great apps that help individuals
to remember everything, to communicate effectively, to get things done
and they're looking for really great products that help them do the same thing
...in the office. And that's what Evernote Business is all about.
One of the best things is that Evernote Business is not prescriptive...
in how you're supposed to use it. It doesn't impose a certain process on you
If you want to use it as a project management tool - you can.
If you want to use it as a document repository and sort of knowledge base - you can.
I started by creating a business notebook and put all the training documentation there;
all our sales collateral, anything that might be useful for a new employee to learn.
You can either share these resources with individuals or you can publish it
...to the library so anyone can access it at any given time.
We actually make notes inside the business notebooks
and they'll be immediately accessible to people when they need it.
One of the problems in the product development process is making sure
that all the teams in the company - not just your QA and engineering team
- that they actually know what's coming up.
And prior to Evernote Business we really managed this in -say- emails - in all kinds of different threads.
Evernote Business lets us consolidate all of the places we currently have information
even though the info might be stored kinda everywhere.
A lot of times we get questions to sales that are more technical than a sales rep might be able to answer
so they are able to reference a shared notebook that we have between the technical support team and sales team
and respond to the customer right away.
That really encourages and creates this openness and open culture within your company
to share ideas and put your work out there so other could benefit
from everything that you've done.
We use Evernote Business to discover info that we might not necessarily know
that we've been looking for.
One of the ways is through related notes.
If I created a note about XYZ, when you scroll down to bottom -those related notes.
So those are anything from other things that I created as well as things that are
in our business library.
It's a really quick and easy way to learn what other people may know
about something that you've trying to accomplish.
Being able to access knowledge that I need and I don't have in my own brain or my own Evernote
- it's something that I couldn't do without.
It saves your time, it saves your effort and it lets you do things just once
rather than having to repeat what others have already done.
Now I feel like Evernote is not only my external brain, it's the external brain of my entire company.
We've built Evernote to help individuals be smarter, more efficient, work better
and now we can bring that same thing to companies to help companies
be more focused to get things done - more efficiently.
Your Knowledge Makes Everyone Smarter


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3660 分類 收藏
Halu Hsieh 發佈於 2013 年 8 月 31 日
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