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For the past fourteen years, the best dogs in the country travel to GEICO Stadium to compete tail to tail
in the ultimate game of the skill, wit and chew toys.
Between amazing plays, rule-breaking renegades, and dog on sleepy pups, Puppy Bowl XIV had it all.
But only one team came out on top of the dog pile.
So sit, stay put but don't roll over
because this Puppy Bowl XIV: Game day revisited.
Last year, the under dog Team Fluff left it all on the field
to break their two game losing streak with a massive victory.
This year, Team Ruff was all for pay back
as both team's competed for the prestigious chewy.com long barking trophy.
Tensions ran high as both teams waited with bated breaths and barks before the kickoff.
And they had to wait a while,
as surely the rescue sloth and assistant ref took her time entering the field for the coin toss.
But before that, Jokgu, the piano playing chicken, performed an excellent rendition of the national enthem.
No vow plays there, the cheer leading's crowd went wild when the game officially started.
Let the Puppy Bowl begin.
The game started slow as both teams chose more defensive toy base approaches.
as they sniff down the competitions.
But the action was at least soon enough when Team Ruff's Jennifer Pawrence, AKA J-PAW,
made the first touchdown on a wide open field.
by the second touchdown, after wrestling away a giraffe toy from Lunar.
Talk about neck and neck competition,
this made her an early contender for the title of most valuable pup
It wasn't long until Team Fluff got its head off the game,
when MVP contender Bear woke up from hibernation to score back to back touchdown to put Team Fluff back in the lead.
All these excitement got our social media correspondent Mip twitting up the snore.
As the pup leads to their catnaps, the fine feline artist and sometimes rebels Michael and Phill
took the stage for the kitty half-time show.
Clothes were out, these two performers try to outdo each other with music and dancing.
But their combined talents ended up to a perfect show.
Going to the fourth quarter, tails were waging and paws were dragging as our teams found themselves nose to nose
with Team Fluff in the lead by one point,
and Team Ruff hounding after those toys.
The mascots and cheerleaders watched with wide eyes,
unable to look away for even a moment
except for a few distractions.
Team Ruff fought back bit by bitsy with help of field goal by the adorable Kitsy.
With only a minute left in the game, these pups wear luxurious coats were at each other's throat
as they wrestle for glory.
In the game's final moment, Team Fluff's Kaleb Junior had a difficult decision.
Go for the end zone to win the game, or just sitten to chew the toy.
With seconds left, he score the game for a touchdown, resulting in a Team Fluff's victory
by the score 52 to 47.
Every competitor from big to small, gave it their all,
and lived up to their categories.
What will next year's puppy bowl bring?
and how are (do) three friends outdo themselves?
Only time will tell.
Util then, consider adopting your very own puppy by visiting animal planet.com/adopt
or your local shelter
Remember folks, adoption should always be your first choice.
See you next year.


毛小孩間的戰爭!重返狗寶寶盃 (Game Day Revisited: Puppy Bowl XIV)

4743 分類 收藏
Judy Huang 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 21 日    Judy Huang 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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