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Football season is in full swing and fans are all already looking forward to the Super Bowl.
But the big event animal lovers are gearing up for,
the furry showdown known as the Kitten Bowl.
Once again the cuttest kittens around were taken to the Gridiron,
and we chatted with the show's host for a sneak peek.
This year we've added some of the backstories of the rescues,
and in light of the recent natural disaster, hurricanes Irma and Harvey,
North Shore Animal League America went straight to the disaster sites and we were there,
and brought a lot of the cats and kittens back with us.
So a lot of the kittens that are playing are actual rescues from those disasters, which is pretty incredible.
I'm pretty certain that it's safe to say that over ten thousand lives have been saved.
They've been adopted because of Kitten Bowl.
And every year it is growing and growing.
And we just hope to just continue saving lives.
And that's what it's all about.
The fact that, you know, so many people tune in on Super Bowl Sunday to watch our Kitten Bowl
is really amazing to me.
So there's somebody who covers Super Bowl as well,
and somebody does Kitten Bowl on the same day.
It's a pretty cool thing I got it all covered.
North Shore Animal League is an amazing place.
So If you've never been there,
I tell everybody go there and see it.
And you'll see exactly for yourself what is going on there,
and the heart of gold that is there for the people who run these places.
And adoption has gone through the roof
because when people see kitties doing kitty things on a football field, everybody wants one.
Be sure to check out the Kitten Bowl when it comes to the Hallmark in early 2018!


超可愛的 2018 貓咪超級盃,背後卻有一段感人故事? (A Sneak Peek: The 2018 Kitten Bowl)

4341 分類 收藏
Carol Chen 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 20 日    Carol Chen 翻譯    jenny 審核
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