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I seek the master brewer, Harkuf.
I have no time. Speak to one of my overseers,if you must.
You misunderstand. I am a Medjay. Apollodorus sent me.
Apollodorus! Of course.
He sent me for the Scarab. the shadow that darken Sais.
Shh! Please! That is an evil name to speak aloud!
Apollodorus knows that people are suffering, In my position, many confide in me.
Trade is strangled, the soldiers run rampant, and the weight of Ptolemy Taxation crashes the breath from us.
Come with me. Let us retire where we have a roof overhead.
There are many terrible stories about this Scarab, I am sure Apollodorus told you.
Tales of mutilation, disappearances, and folk buried in the desert and left to die.
A horrendous fate, Trapped in the shimmering sand. Your mind and body pounded by the remorseless Sun.
Waiting for the final release into the Duat.
But these are only stories.
There are real villains in Sais... but the Scarad? If he exists it is not safe to speak of him.
The investigations of Harkuf's agents, concerns of the people. Sais is no different than Siwa.
Last man who asked questions about the Scarab was near beaten to death, with his tongue cut out.
Hmm. Who was he?
Old Ghupa... Father-in-law to the most powerful and in the region, Taharqa.
That boy, Kawab, is his grandson.
Hey, tired of winning?
I'm looking for your grandfather. Do you know where he went?
No. He left on the road to camp Pyrrhos. He should have been home by now.
I see if I can find him along the road.
Ghupa. I will get you out.
I think you will survive.
I know the Scarab took your tongue out. But we can help each other.
Harkuf told me that you are investigating the Scarab.
Help me and I can ensure he dies.
Are you alright? Is he hurt?
Banged up, bruised and thirsty.
The soldiers did not take kindly to him. But he will be alright.
Where's your father, Kawab? We must speak of this.
Father is away. on his great work,
Mother! Grandfather is hurt! Soldiers mistook him for a beggar again!
Father, what have you done this time?
He was searching for the Scarab.
He was searching for the Scarab. I hope he can help me. And in return I can protect your family.
The Scarab is nonsense. Everyone knows this
He wants you to read them.
It looks like the Scarab is summoning warriors to the city of Letopolis.
By the gods! That is where my husband is.
The city swallowed by the desert?
It is father's destiny to rebuild it!
We're going to join him soon. Right, Mother?
Yes. My husband Taharqa has been slaving there for months.
I'm sure he can help you. He knows everyone there.
If you go, tell him I can't wait to see him!
Of course I will, Kawab.
Master Taharqa? My name is Bayek, from Siwa.
I am indeed Taharqa, to haka grand planner of Sais and steward of Letopolis.
I met your family. Your wife sent me here. She said you might know about the one called the Scarab.
This is not the place to speak, for who knows who may overhear our words?
Come inside, and I will answer you.
Your son is very proud of your work. He misses you.
He'll be here soon. I dream of my son, and his sons following in my steps.
The world is made by great men dreaming big. What do you dream Bayek?
I do not have the luxury of dreams. Just finding the Scarab.
The Scarab preys upon the weak. He is no threat to me.
Are you're not afraid of the Scarab, Taharqa? It seems after what he did to your father-in-law...
What happens to poor Ghupa tears me.
Whatever my life's work, whatsoever I did to bring that down upon him...
I beg the gods forgive me.
Master Taharqa!
They're attacking the ruins again!
Bayek, come fight with me!
That keening is the voice of the (sandstorm).
The deserts dogs used the storm as a rallying cry.
These rivers use the sandstorm to mask their raids.
Stay close to me! Do not let these curs surround you!
I will not that you destroy my great work!
Over here! Drive those neket iadets back!
They pour out of storm!
These reavers fly on the wing of storm!
Your blood will water the soil of my home.
You face the greatest of Egypt!
Come, Medjay! Fight with me!
Quick, hunt them down!
Spears of Letopolis, rise up and defend your homes!
Medjay, show them the teeth of justice!
Bayek, dot not stray into the storm!
You expected to find our soft bellies, but instead you have found our iron teeth!
These reavers think themselves lions, they are but whipped curs!
Bayek, hunt them down!
Stay with me, Bayek!
Letopolis will stand against you, curs!
Die, you sons of dogs!
Bayek, you fell upon them like Sobek's teeth!
Bayek, ride with us! These desert dogs have crossed me for the last time.
And with your fierce iron I know we can end their threat.
I understand your thirst for blood, Taharqa, but these bandits are not my concern.
Tell me about the Scarab before you ride.
Is that not the badge of a Medjay that you wear?
These reavers are a threat to the good and innocence people of Letopolis.
Come with me, Bayek!
And once we have returned these curs to the desert they so love, then I will tell you the story you want to hear.
All right, I will join your cause for today.
Come, Bayek! Take up your iron and join us.
Brave, loyal servants of Letopolis.
We will root these reavers out of their holes, and spill their blood on the sand!
This task you put yourself to it seems impossible.
Only the gods can know that for sure, Bayek.
And if I do not reach for the stars, how will I know how close I can get?
Letopolis was a wonder once, before the desert overtook it.
I mean to show the world, to show the gods, that men can conquer anything if they put their minds to it.
Perhaps you have been sent by the gods to help me realize my vision. A strong arm, a keen eye.
We should restore the land to glory.
I have my own great work ahead of me.
We shall see if I cannot convince you.
My thanks to you, Bayek.
Before you arrived, I thought my dream was doomed to die.
you gave me the strength to hunt down these reavers.
Who are they?
Blood-fevered followers a Sekhmet, the Lady of Slaughter.
They wish nothing more than chaos and ruin.
Are they connected to the Scarab?
No, they think themselves Lions, but they are no more than carrion eaters. And now they will feed the scavengers!
I will bring this priest back to the city.
Meet me at my house. We will dine and I will tell you what you need to know.
I'm glad you made it safely, Maharet.
Ha, yes the gods blessed our passage.
We saw vultures and a hyena! And so much sand!
Ha ha ha, enough sand to fill a lifetime! That is why we need so many to help us with our great work.
And what do you promise them, Taharqa?
A parcel of land with a house to call their own. They must only help reclaim it from the desert.
That is all? Just dig up your house? Heh.
It is no simple task. We must all pitch in, to honor the gods.
People know his vision as a true one!
It is good to honor your father, Kawab.
To the savior of Letopolis!
Mmm, let us have some honeyed dates now, and... Are you alright Bayek?
Are you unwell?
May the gods be against you, Tahqrqa, in all that you do!
Senu... Aya... where are you my love?
Khemu... I am failing you... please don't... hate me.
Soon I will walk the outer darkness with the hidden one.
leading me into the Field of Reeds...
There now, good boy.
May the gods smile upon you.
Stripped of armor, weapons and coin. Where to begin?
Now, to hurry before the windy erases the tracks.
First, my steal Then the Scarab.
They should have stayed in the shadows.
Oh gods, smile upon my work so that my name might remain enduring in this template forever and ever.
Oh mother Nut, watch over me, so that I may be placed among the imperishable star and may never die.
Oh mother Nut, watch over me, so that I may be placed among the stars and never die.
oh gods, smile upon my work so that my name endure.
I see you now, out of the shadows.
Me? I do not hide the shadows.
I was in front of you the whole time.
Your eyes were too weak to see.
So... this is how a dreaming dies.
I could have built something to last an age!
And Ghupa could have sung stories of your accomplishment.
There are things I regret!
勞動者。我們都被更強大的力量所奴役者。根本無處可逃。There are things I regret! We all labor them for higher powers. We all in thrall to greater forces, There is no escape.
根本無處可逃。There is no escape.
I am but one in the order of Ancients.
This victory will bring you no peace!
It is not peace that I seek. it is not for my soul that I walk this path.
The order of Ancients will remember me as the bringer of waters and a builder of cities!
Or the desert will blow in... and scatter the dream of Letopolis like dust.
I'll cut you down! Like you did my father!
I thought you were our friend! I hate you!
Take care of him. Try to make him understand if you can.
You have brought blood and death to my house.
You were blind. but now you must open your eyes.
Your husband was the Scarab. He did this.
Your father was tortured and scarred by this man. As were so many others.
It is up to you to raise your boy into the light.
Out of the blood and shadows of his father's legacy.
I'm sorry. my son.
Good News, Layla!
Good News, Layla! Aya's is DNA has finished sequencing. You can synch with her memories now.
They're pretty fragmented. but you should be able to dip in for a little while.
I walk on your water.
Okay, weird.
Ha ha! Just like the Battle of Salamis, Captain! I have you trapped!
Here comes the Themistocles, And that is the game.
(Shit) Phoxidas, why are we delivering all this treasure?
We could retire to lesbos with this amount of gold!
What say you, desert rat?
If that chest doesn't make it to Pompey, this ship won't either.
We crawl through Hades to deliver it if we have to.
Fair enough! Back to work, you slack vlakos! Damastes, my trusted shield boy. get to it!
We've been hired to bribe Pompey, to save a Queen, and to win a kingdom.
The usual fare for us mercenaries.
Strike oars!
Steady now. Rocks and rubble ahead.
I'm not blind. I see these skerries.
You third voyage, and ready you bark like a command crew.
I enjoy watching spittle get caught in your beard Phoxidas.
Let's not be thrown into the sea. That's no death for such a hero as me!
A real hero could swim to save himself.
I see them. I'll not be sucked through a scupper for nothing.
Now you're just trying to impress me...
Sails on the horizon, there!
Those colors are not from Rome. What mess has this poxy Queen dragged us into?
Ptolemy's ships. Sent by the Order of Ancients, no doubt.
What business do they have with Pompey?
Pompey's armies will give Cleopatra the throne.
They mean to prevent the Alliance before it happens. We must hurry!
Poseidon's piss! The air is already choke with smoke.
The seas will steam near the volcano.
We should you keep our distance if we don't want to burn.
Is that Methana? She hasn't burst for hundreds of years.
Wouldn't surprise me if she burst now...
Ready yourselves! Let's show these traitors they chose the wrong Pharaoh!
A rain of fire! Order the the shields!
I see ship bearing down fast!
We've got these (assholes)! Target their rear wings.
They're full of oil! They'll burn like camel shit!
Call for ramming speed! Gut them like fish! Alalaaa!
Hah! That's the last of them down!
Yet still no sign of your faithless Roman.
Be careful with your jibes, captain.
Pompey is a needed ally, and no mean general.
We didn't sail all this way just to offend him with insults.
I am who I am. I do not change for kings or Queens.
I left my wife and kids behind for the same reason. No one sane accepts me.
I accept you. We accept you. Alalaaa!
These hundred nautai is enough acceptance for me.
It's hard to say goodbye to those who don't accept us, but it is also the only way.
Is it? Pompey will be at the appointed place, off Thera's coast, Sail on!
There, I see him! Pompey sails north.
Don't rush! There may be patrol ahead.
Are you ordering me away from a fight?
Hades' shit woman, of course not!
But I am not keen to die protecting a Roman, especially one who can afford his own protection.
You know you really should join this trireme. You'd fit right in.
Firebombs ready! Calls for them when we pull near!
Pompey is taking heavy fire! We must stop them!
Keep at the poxy bastards! We'll break them or take them down with us!
One more remains! That's was brave work. There might be more to you than royal courtesies.
Mind your tongue, old man! Or you'll discover I'm better at swordplay than sailing.
They're going down!
And that's the game! Well fought.
Now let's find this metrokoites.
I've never met a Roman general face to face before.
Don't worry Aya, I'll be on my best behavior.
Civil war in Egypt and a mercenary trireme comes to my aid?
In the midst of war with Caesar, I find it odd.
Who in Hades are you?
Well we could have let you die...
Pompeius Magnus. Greetings and friendship from queen Cleopatra.
Cleopatra offers gold to win my favor, once I've won Rome?
Is that what friendship means to your queen?
Whose face graces that coin? Do roman women receive the same honor?
An alliance with Cleopatra is a union of true power.
She wants more than an ally. She seeks a king.
A valuable friendship, indeed.
Agree. My fleet will soon be ready for Egypt.
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